A Short Guide to Renew Your Car Registration in Dubai

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Car owners in Dubai have gotten a lot of relaxation and have been able to breathe easily ever since the car-related services have gone simpler such as the purchase of car insurance Dubai, the renewal of their car registration, etc.

Car registration in Dubai is one of the services that was overhauled by the initiative taken by the Dubai Government wherein they modified their services to move forward towards digitization and thereby, the ‘Smart City Initiative.’ In the past few years, along with roughly seven other services, the car registration in Dubai was shifted exclusively online by the Roads and Transport Authority or commonly known as RTA.

So, you know what that means, right? The renewal of your car registration is now going to be so much easier and quicker. Exciting, isn’t it?

Below are some steps to follow in order to renew your car registration without any hassle.

Settle Your Fines

First and foremost, you need to start by clearing off any pending traffic fines that you may be having. You can easily do this online by visiting the website of RTA or by downloading the RTA Dubai app from the store on your mobile phone.

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Get Your Vehicle Tested

Vehicles that are less than 3 years old are not required to be tested, however, if your car does not fit in this bracket, you can get it tested by simply visiting any of the RTA assigned testing facilities that are spread across the entire city. Some options are Shamil, Wasel, and Tasjeel centers. There is a certain testing fee that needs to be paid.

You can roughly account for about 30 minutes for the formalities to be completed. Once you pass the test, the results are uploaded to the database of RTA immediately and you can continue your car registration online.

If you are running out of time, you can even ring up the testing companies to find out about their premium paid services, in which they provide the collection, testing as well as the return of your vehicle.

Renew Your Car Registration Online

You can simply do this by visiting the online website of RTA or by downloading and accessing the RTA Dubai mobile app. You will be required to submit a valid proof of your car insurance Dubai and your UAE residency in order to take your application forward. After this, you will be required to search and choose your vehicle and pay up for the service fee.

Once you have successfully renewed, you will receive a digital copy of your registration card i.e., e-registration card in your email. You should always carry a copy of this e-registration card, along with your car insurance Dubai, especially while traveling outside the UAE borders.

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Say Bye To Plastic Registration Cards

With digitization in today’s age, it is time to say goodbye to your registration cards made out of plastic that were issued annually, and you had to go through the trouble of procuring them every year. Under the ‘My Vehicle’ initiative launched by the RTA, they have replaced these plastic cards with e-registration cards that have lifetime validity. Yes, you read it right! This digital proof of car registration will not have any expiry date unlike the plastic cards before.

However, bear in mind that you will still have to renew your car registration in Dubai every year and also take your vehicle for testing at the RTA service centers.

Also, Remember...

After your car registration has expired, you are provided with a flexible grace period of 30 days. Make sure that you renew your car registration before this grace period ends to avoid any sort of penalties coming your way. If you are caught with an expired registration, there is a heavy fine levied, and if the registration has expired more than 3 months ago, your car will also be retained for a period of 7 days.

Also, talking about fines, do not take your car for a ride on the roads unless you are holding a car insurance Dubai, as it is mandatory by law to hold a car insurance Dubai, otherwise, you are likely to face heavy penalties.

But, Wait...The Coronavirus Pandemic?

Before we end this thread, it is important to talk about these unstable times, and how we can safeguard ourselves from both the virus and the penalties.

Like we know, the Coronavirus (COVID-19), which started in Wuhan, China has led to the declaration of a Pandemic with its outbreak across International Borders. In today’s world, Dubai has been leading in its services being digitized, and this comes to help in such difficult times.

The RTA long before these unstable times managed to make the car registration renewal easier by shifting it online. However, there was still some physical activity to be carried out such as the testing of the car at RTA service centres. But, in this time of social distancing and self quarantine, how is one to go get the car tested?

The Dubai Government has never failed in its efforts to safeguard the people against any problems, and they have proved it yet again. To fight coronavirus and the unstable times, without the requirement of vehicle testing inspection, the entire process can be carried out with ease, all abiding by the idea of self-isolation.

You can simply log in to the RTA app to complete the registration process. The only document that you require is a valid car insurance Dubai, which is often sent by the provider to the RTA. Another thing you’d need to keep handy is your credit card to make the payments.

Just visit the RTA website or app, look for the option of ‘car vehicle registration’ and following the 4 steps below for the renewal process:

  1. Search for your vehicle
  2. Select the mode for delivery
  3. Confirm with the plate number and Emirate
  4. Make the payment using your card

So, in this time of Pandemic, save yourself from the panic.

Stay safe, follow all the sanitary measures;

Stay cautious, do not delay the renewal of your car registration;

Stay protected, always hold a car insurance Dubai.