HSBC Car Insurance

HSBC Car Insurance

Introduction to HSBC AXA Car Insurance in UAE

HSBC customers in UAE can purchase AXA Motor Insurance to offer their car the care it deserves. AXA car insurance in Dubai, provided through HSBC, provides a lot more than just payment of insurance claim. It covers all the risks and troubles you may face on the road in a comprehensive manner.

If you purchase AXA car insurance in Dubai from HSBC online, you can avail 10% discount as well.

Why choose HSBC AXA Car Insurance Dubai?

This policy is presented by AXA Motor Insurance, a globally renowned insurance company and a popular name in insurance market UAE.

AXA car insurance in Dubai is supported by HSBC, which is one of largest multinational banks in the world. Not many car insurance companies in Dubai provide you with the flexibility to pick the most suitable car insurance which can cater to all your needs.

You can choose from three plans provided by AXA car insurance Dubai as per your requirements. You will find many useful features and other additional benefits which can offer you the best experience and the maximum cover to your vehicle against any potential risks.

Benefits and Features of HSBC Car Insurance UAE

We have simplified the benefits of AXA Car Insurance in Dubai for you:

  • Covers the car, the driver and the passengers
  • Coverage against damage arising due to storm, flood and other calamities
  • Tyre and battery replacement services (among others)
  • Car registration assistance
  • Car repairing with your authorized car dealer in UAE
  • You can hire a car and will be reimbursed up to AED 1,500
  • Special claim settlement team dedicated to assisting you throughout the claim process

Eligibility Criteria for HSBC AXA Car Insurance UAE

AXA Motor Insurance (supported by HSBC) can be purchased by:

  • Those who are existing customers of HSBC
  • People who are residents of the UAE
  • People with a valid driving license
  • People who are qualified to drive and have no criminal records
  • Only the vehicles registered in the UAE can be covered by Axa Car Insurance Dubai
  • People who have not been declined insurance earlier and have any special terms enforced in previous 5 years

AXA Car Insurance Dubai has Three Major Plans

  • Motor Prestige
  • Motor Perfect
  • Motor Select

HSBC AXA Car Insurance Plan at a Glance with Table

Coverage Provided by Axa Vehicle Insurance Dubai Motor Prestige Plan Motor Perfect Plan Motor Select Plan
Any loss or damage to the vehicle Covered Covered Covered
Fire and theft cover Covered Covered Covered
Storm, flood, riot and strike Covered Covered Covered
Legal Liability extended to include family members as Third Party Covered Covered Not Covered
Third-party bodily injuries Covered Covered Covered
Third-party property damage Up to AED 5 Million Up to AED 3.5 Million Up to AED 3.5 Million
Oman cover Covered Covered Covered
Off-road cover Covered Covered Not Covered
Personal injury cover Up to AED 20k Up to AED 20k Not Covered
Emergency medical expenses Up to AED 6,000 Up to AED 3,500 Not Covered
Personal belongings Up to AED 4,000 Up to AED 4,000 Not Covered
Repairs from Agency Covered for 5 years Up to 2 years. Can get an additional cover up to 5 years Not Covered
Guaranteed repairing work Covered Covered Covered
Return of invoice in case of total Loss 2 years from first registration 6 months from first registration Not Covered
Waiver of excess amount in case windscreen of the car is damaged Included If it is less than AED 5,000 Not included
Personal accident cover for the driver Optional up to AED 3.5 lakhs Optional up to AED 2 lakhs Optional up to AED 2 lakhs
Personal accident cover for passengers Optional up to AED 2 lakhs Optional up to AED 2 lakhs Optional up to AED 2 lakhs
Hired car benefit AED 1,500 Optional maximum for 7 days Optional maximum for 7 days
24-hour accident and car breakdown assistance Covered Covered Covered
Vehicle pick-up and delivery Covered Elective Elective
GCC cover Elective Elective Not Covered

HSBC AXA Car Insurance Inclusitions

  • Any Loss or Damage to the Insured Vehicle

Any loss or damage caused to your car/vehicle due to an incidental situation which is covered by Axa car insurance Dubai.

    • Third Party Cover for Bodily Injuries

Provides cover to any legal liabilities arising due to accidental death or injury caused to a third party. As per the clauses of third party car insurance Dubai, the company will pay the compensation on behalf of the insured person.

        • Third Party Cover for Property Damage

Provides cover against any legal liabilities arising due to accidental damage third party property. As per third party car insurance, the company will pay the compensation on behalf of the proposer.

        • Cover for Medical Expenses

A certain specified amount is reimbursed for medical treatment in case of any accidental injuries while using the insured car/vehicle.

        • Coverage for Personal Belongings

Any loss or damage to the personal belongings of the insured in the insured vehicle shall be covered.

        • Coverage Natural Calamities and Social Perils

The policy provides coverage against accidental loss or damage to the insured vehicle due to any natural or social calamities like flood, earthquake, storm, riots and strike.

        • Car Insurance Valid in Oman

If your car breaks down in the Sultanate of Oman then it shall also be covered under the plan.

        • Agency Repair

Any accidental damage caused to your car shall be repaired at the manufacturer's authorized dealers.

        • Provision to Hire Car and AXA Valet

During an accident, you can avail car hiring facility using AXA's valet service. The car will be delivered to your home or workplace and the car will be collected from you, once the repairs are done.

        • Roadside Assistance Service

If you have car insurance in Dubai, assistance will be provided within an hour in case of extensive breakdown and or an accident on road. It is offered around the year to an insured vehicle anywhere within the urban areas of Dubai & Abu Dhabi. AXA will compensate AED 150 as a part of the policy.

        • Personal Accident Cover for Driver

In case of any accidental injuries or death of the driver of the insured vehicle, Axa car insurance Dubai will compensate the same.

        • Personal Accident Cover for Passengers

In case of any accidental injuries or death of the passengers travelling in the insured vehicle, personal accident cover will be provided.

        • Insurance Cover in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)

As part of Axa car insurance in UAE, the coverage is provided to the insured vehicle is provided in all GCC countries. This is exclusive of third party liability cover which you can purchase at the border.

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