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The importance of owning car insurance is often discussed. However, equally essential is the information regarding its renewal. In accordance with UAE traffic laws, it is mandatory to renew your car insurance every year. With each insurance policy having an expiry date, you will need to renew it within the specified period to avoid loss of coverage and penalties.

All these aspects apply to AXA car insurance as well. AXA car insurance is among the most popular car insurance options in the UAE, with excellent services provided at affordable prices (now via GIG Gulf). Due to this, completing AXA car insurance renewal is quite easy. One can easily take the online route and perform AXA car insurance renewal within minutes.

Continue reading below to find out more about AXA car insurance renewal and all the key factors related to car insurance renewal in the UAE.

AXA Car Insurance Renewal Online 

For AXA car insurance renewal, you can follow the listed steps below:

Step 1

On the official website of AXA (or GIG) in the UAE, visit the ‘Car’ section and select the ‘Renew Your Policy’ option

Step 2

Enter your previous policy number and other details to proceed

Step 3

Confirm the details and pay the renewal fee via debit/credit card or net banking

Step 4

The policyholder will receive the mail with the attached Renewal policy document.

Documents Required for Renewal of Car Insurance Policy

The documentation required for the renewal of a car insurance policy from the same provider is minimal. However, if you are renewing your policy from a different insurance provider, you may be required to submit relatively more documents. 

The following is the list of general documents that may be required at the time of renewing AXA car insurance plan:

  • Passport Copy
  • UAE Visa copy
  • No-claim discount certificate (if applicable)
  • Car registration Details (Mulkiya)
  • UAE driving licence
  • Current Policy Number (if you go with the same insurance provider)
insurer your car

Pros and Cons of Car Insurance Renewal from the Same Insurance Provider

Selecting a car insurance plan means choosing your insurer as well. Whether one opts to renew their car insurance with the same provider or with a new provider, a few benefits and disadvantages would be present in both.

To understand the nuances occurring in each case, the following section will compare the pros and cons of choosing a new insurance provider and sticking with the same provider.

Benefits of Staying with the Same Insurance Company

  • Building a Trustworthy Relationship

Having a car insurance plan with a particular insurance company for a long time can help you build a trusted relationship. As a result, you will be better acquainted with details regarding know how to raise claims, the applicable turnaround time, and the services offered by the insurer.

  • Renewals are Easy

If you already have an insurance policy with an insurance company, renewing it becomes quite easy. You can renew the plan immediately by visiting your insurance company's website or downloading their app. Going for a new insurance provider, however, can mean the added hassle of verification of all your details.

  • Access to Potential Discounts and Rewards

When you have had a long relationship with an insurance company, you may also get the opportunity to negotiate a few discounts or avail exclusive offers and make your insurance plan more cost-efficient.

Disadvantages of Staying with the Same Insurance Company

  • Higher Premiums Possible

As mentioned earlier, some insurance companies may offer discounts on renewing their plans for a long time. At the same time, it must be noted that several insurance providers offer special discounts to attract new customers. Thus, if you are not able to secure lower prices even while continuing your plan for a long, you stand to lose the opportunity of getting the same plan at lower prices.

  • Compromise on Coverage and Costs

Continuing your car insurance plan with the same provider is an acceptable solution if you are satisfied with the coverage and the quality of offered services. However, in case this is not the scenario and you’d like to get better coverage at lower prices, renewing your plan with the existing provider due to more convenience can backfire – you will continue paying high premiums for lesser services even when you can explore and get the same deal at lower prices.

Check out the following section to find out the common queries raised with respect to AXA car insurance in the UAE.

insurer your car


  1. How do we renew expired car insurance by AXA?

You can visit the official AXA (or GIG) website and submit your inquiry through the ‘contact us’ page. You can also visit one of their offline offices or branches and request a renewal of your car insurance.

  1. How can we submit the claim related to AXA car insurance?

You can submit your claim on the official website by visiting the site and selecting the option for making claims. Once you submit the required details, your claim will be submitted online.

  1. Can we directly get the quote from the AXA website?

Yes, you can find the option to ‘Retrieve a Quote’ on the home page of the official website. You can then fill up the relevant details to get the quote. You can, however, also visit our website, i.e., policybazaar.ae, and get the best car insurance quotes.

  1. What is the grace period of AXA car insurance renewal process?

The grace period refers to the extra time provided for the renewal of the insurance policy. No penalties and fines can be imposed during this period, with the coverage also generally continuing in this period. In the UAE, the grace period for renewing a car insurance policy is of 30 days.

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