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Validity, renewals, expired policies and re-activated plans are a big part of owning a car insurance plan anywhere in the world. Tracking the validity period of your car insurance plan is important but also tricky since the validity period is 13 months instead of 12. Like most people, you must also be wondering about the unique validity period of car insurance plans in the UAE. Where most general insurance plans are valid for 12 months, car insurance plans are the only ones with a 13-month-long tenure. These 13 months combine 12 months of the insurance plan tenure and a 1-month-long grace period for car insurance renewal. Let’s cover all you need to understand about the grace period, car insurance renewals and why these are the only plans with a grace period.

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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

What Is the Reason Behind the Validity Being 13 Months?

Even though most insurance providers issue a notification for the policyholders when their coverage is about to expire, people still often miss the deadline. And as you may have guessed, dealing with an expired car insurance plan can be quite a hassle. On top of that, having a valid car insurance plan at all times is mandatory for all vehicles. This is why car insurance plans come with a special grace period, as recommended by the authorities. Most mandatory general insurance plans come with a grace period clause since missing out on car insurance renewal can cost you. Once the tenure of your car insurance plan ends and the grace period begins, the insurance provider sends you a reminder to renew the coverage. 

When Should You Renew Your Car Insurance Coverage?

The ideal thing to do is to renew the insurance coverage right after the tenure ends and the grace period begins. Many policyholders tend to wait till the end of the grace period. But that often leads to pitfalls. Car insurance renewals are often seamless and quick. But insurance providers advise policyholders to get their car inspected before, it can take a few extra days. If the car fails the inspection or a problem is found, the policyholder is asked to get the said problem or damage fixed and go through the inspection again. In light of this, if you wait till the very last moment to renew your car insurance plan, you may end up in a pickle. 

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How Can You Renew Your Car Insurance?

Renewing your car insurance plan is fairly easy. You can complete your car insurance renewal online in a few simple steps. Log in to the car insurance renewal portal of Policybazaar UAE or the provider’s renewal portal using your policy number and credentials. Enter the policy details and your personal details. Choose the IDV of your car, the type of coverage you want after renewal and add-ons, if any. Verify all the plan details and personal details. Upload the required documents for verification. Finally, examine the premium amount and make payment to complete the car insurance renewal process. If your provider requires you to undergo a vehicle inspection, book an appointment. The results come the same day of the inspection mostly. They stay valid for the next 24 hours. Upload the result on the car insurance renewal portal if it is all clear. Make the final payment quickly and seal the deal. 

Given below is a list of documents you will need to renew your car insurance plan:

  • Your passport - original and a copy
  • Your valid UAE driving license with a copy
  • A copy of your resident’s visa
  • Emirates ID
  • Car registration details – Mulkiya
  • No Claim Bonus certificate, if applicable 
  • Make, model and other details about the car

What If You Are Not Able to Renew Insurance Before Grace Period Ends?

Unfortunately, your car insurance plan will expire if you are unable to renew it in time before the grace period ends. Once your plan expires after you miss car insurance renewal, you will have to buy the coverage again. No claim bonus lapses if you are not able to reactivate your expired car insurance plan within the next 90 days. As evident, you cannot drive your car in the UAE with expired car insurance. The penalty for driving without a valid car insurance plan is AED 500 and four black points on your driving license. Your car may also get seized for up to 7 days. Not to mention, if you meet an accident without a valid car insurance plan, you may end up with a hefty financial burden. 


The grace period applied to car insurance and other general insurance plans is to make the car insurance renewal process a bit easier for the policyholders. Even though you have the privilege of extra 30 days to renew your car insurance plan, do not wait until the end to do so. Keep an active track of your insurance plan tenure and be ready to renew it with your re-evaluated car insurance needs. Research new discounts and added benefits beforehand so that you do not have to spend time on it later. Complete your car insurance policy renewal online responsibly to keep yourself protected from hefty repair expenses.

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