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Modern lifestyle has forced a sedentary existence upon all of us. Due to lack of proper exercise, lifestyle diseases are rapidly tightening their hold on one and all. As a result, keeping fit amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life has gained importance. People are slowly becoming aware of the need for proper food and exercise in daily life. They are becoming cautious about their health and wish to ace the healthy way of life. Gyms, aerobics classes, Zumba, and even dance has gained a lot of popularity among the masses in the last few years. However, in the sea of the many fitness options available in the market, there is one age-old trend that has not lost its appeal. Yoga, an ancient practice of finding harmony between the mind, body, and nature, has a huge number of followers even today. 

Yoga is a form of exercise that connects the human body with the mind and the spirit. Practicing yoga is the easiest way to achieve all-round fitness while also relieving stress and gaining inner peace alongside good health and immunity. However, the numerous advantages of practicing yoga do not end there. One little- known pro of doing yoga is that it can help reduce the cost of health insurance UAE. Intrigued to know how? Read along to know how yoga not only helps an individual in procuring a healthy lifestyle but also helps in reducing the premium cost of their medical insurance: 

The above plans and premiums are for AED 1,000,000 Sum insured for 1 Adult of 30 Years for Dubai city.

Pay Lesser Premiums for Health Insurance by Staying Fit:

Incorporating yoga in your everyday life enables an individual to gain all the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. This enables one to stay physically fit. Since most insurance providers arrive at premium rates on the basis of the insurance buyer’s fitness status, one automatically gets the advantage of lower premiums as opposed to an unhealthy individual. A healthy person is categorized under ‘Healthy Lives,’ which is a low risk category of people. Leading a healthy life makes one less prone to falling ill thus reducing the chances of them making a claim on their insurance. As a result such individuals get the benefit of paying lower premiums.

On the contrary, someone who falls under the high risk category has to pay higher premiums. If the health risk is high, it might even lead to the rejection of insurance application. Additionally, health insurance companies in UAE even give special discounts to non-smokers, or give them comparatively lower rates. Hence, by leading a healthy life and keeping fit, one can save up a lot on their premiums. 

Get higher Medical Insurance Coverage:

Practicing yoga everyday does great wonders for a person’s immunity, thus improving the overall health status of the person. This enables them to get a much more comprehensive coverage with minimum exclusions. If you are healthy, you will not require to claim your health insurance policy. As a consequence you will be able to earn the No Claim Bonus or NCB each claim free year. The NCB is provided either as an increment in the total sum insured or as a discount on the premium rates for the next year. This NCB bonus can be anywhere between 10 percent to 50 or even a 100 percent in some cases. As a result, yoga is not only good for your health, but it is also great for your bank account. Keeping fit keeps you away from diseases but at the same time it allows you to get sufficient health cover at economical premium rates. 

Get Wellness Discounts on your Health Insurance Plans:

The insurance industry is extremely competitive, as a result, many insurance providers have come up with innovative products to attract more customers. One such product is the wellness program. This wellness program is offered in addition to some of the health insurance UAE plans. Insurers offer discounts to individuals who are able to meet the pre-decided wellness criteria under this scheme. Certain yoga techniques help in striking a balance between the mind and body, keeping stress at bay while at the same time letting an individual stay fit. This way if you do not have a medical history and you are able to meet the pre-defined wellness criteria, you can avail special discounts on your premium.

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The aim of this scheme is to get fewer claims on their policies, thus saving huge sums for the insurer. Healthier individuals help insurers cut cost, getting a wellness discount on their Medical insurance in return. For instance, some insurance companies encourage their policy holders to stay active by walking 10,000 steps each day and getting a discount on policy renewal or getting reward points. 


Reduces Risk of Critical Illness:

In this fast paced world where there is so much cut- throat competition, we are all forced to work extensively. Sitting at our desks for long hours can wreck havoc on our health. On top of that, the lack of exercise and unhealthy eating habits add to the increased incidence of life threatening diseases in our lives. These critical diseases like cancer, organ failures, strokes etc not only leave an individual physically and emotionally distraught, but they can also have a drastic impact on them financially. 

Medical expenses are skyrocketing with each passing year, as a result the healthcare costs are becoming too much to bear. The cost of medical treatment can easily burn a hole in one’s pocket. As a result, insurance advisors suggest that every one should get a critical health insurance cover.

Despite getting a health cover, one must not throw caution to the wind. It is best to stay fit with the aid of yoga. Regularly practicing yoga can keep any of these critical diseases away from you, thus preventing you from having to claim you insurance. But more importantly, it can save you from having to go through a difficult ordeal in dealing with these diseases. At the same time it will save up a lot of money that one has to spend on medical expenses. 

The Bottom Line

Yoga therefore, not only rejuvenates your mind and body, but it is also the key to leading a healthy life. It is hence a good idea to strike a friendship with this ancient practice of asanas. It nurtures the entire human body and also encourages you to be a better human being. Staying physically and mentally fit has the power to keep the diseases away thus earning you a health insurance in Dubai & UAE at affordable prices. So, start practicing today, to secure your tomorrow!

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