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The above plans and premiums are for AED 1,000,000 Sum insured for 1 Adult of 30 Years for Dubai city.

Sukoon Insurance is proud to announce the e-launch of their robust NRI health insurance plan on This comprehensive plan provides more than just basic coverage, including maternity and dental services, making it an ideal choice for those seeking complete medical protection.

Dive in below for your first peek of this exclusive product and discover even more of what it has to offer!

Who can Purchase this Health Insurance Plan?

This is an NRI health insurance product specially designed for Non-Resident Indians residing in the UAE. It offers the Indian diaspora medical coverage in the UAE and back home as well.

What does it Offer?

Let us look at features, benefits and additional covers offered by Sukoon NRI health insurance. 

Benefits of Sukoon NRI Health Insurance

NRIs can have the following benefits with this exclusive Sukoon Insurance product –

  1. Free yearly health check-ups in India.
  2. Cashless claims in India within the network
  3. Shifting the insurance plan to India when the insured moves back. 
  4. An annual limit of AED 1 million.
  5. The plan offers worldwide coverage to the insured individual.
  6. There are a plethora of network options available, including –
    • Gold
    • Silver Classic
    • Silver Premium
    • Emerald
    • Green
    • Silk Road (with outpatient services restricted to the clinics)
    • Pearl

Features of Sukoon NRI Health Insurance

The major features and coverages available in the exclusive NRI health insurance plan are-

In-patient Services

  • Hospital Accommodation – Private Room
  • Companion Accompanying a Beneficiary below the Age of 16 years – Up to AED 100 per night
  • Coverage for Intensive Care Unit and Treatment for Coronary Artery Disease 
  • Coverage for Using Medical Equipment like Heart and Lung Support Systems
  • Coverage for Organ Transplantation (excluding the charges associated with the donor)
  • Coverage for Ambulance Services (only in case of medical emergencies; to be followed by hospitalisation)
  • Coverage for Repatriation of Mortal Remains to the Country of Origin – Up to AED 7,500

Outpatient Services

  1. Coverage for Physician Consultation – Subjected to 20% Co-payment for every Consultation up to AED 50 
  2. No Co-payment on Follow-up Consultation within 7 days for the Same Treatment with the Same Physician
  3. Coverage for Diagnostics (like X-ray, CT-scan, endoscopy, MRI, and ultrasound) – 
    • Option 1 – Covered with 0% Co-payment per invoice
    • Option 2 – Covered with 10% Co-payment per invoice
    • Option 3 – Covered with 20% Co-payment per invoice
  4. Coverage for Prescribed Medicines and Drugs (up to Annual Benefit Limit) –
    • Option 1 – Covered with 0% Co-payment per invoice
    • Option 2 – Covered with 10% Co-payment per invoice
    • Option 3 – Covered with 20% Co-payment per invoice
  5. Coverage for Physiotherapy (subjected to prior approval) – Subjected to 20% Co-payment per Invoice| Coverage for up to 15 Sessions per Member per Year

Additional Benefits

Maternity Benefits 

  1. Coverage for Both Inpatient (requires prior approval) and Outpatient Services 
    • Pre- and Post-natal Treatments
    • Normal Delivery – Covered up to a Sublimit of AED 10,000
    • Medically Required C-section and Maternity Related Complications – Covered up to a Sublimit of AED 15,000
    • Any Medical Emergency Expenses associated with Maternity get Covered up to a Sublimit of AED 150,000
    • 10% Co-payment on all Maternity Treatments (inpatient and outpatient)
    • Outpatient Maternity Expenses – Covered up to the Annual Limit
    • Coverage for the following Screening Tests as per DHA Antenatal Care Protocol –
    -FBC and Platelets
    -Rubella Serology
    -Hepatitis C 
    -Fasting Blood Sugar, Random Blood Sugar or HBA1C
    -Blood Group, Antibodies, and Rhesus Status
    -MSU and Urinalysis
    -GTT (if high risk)
    -Ultrasonography: up to 3 Scans
  2. Coverage for Alternative Medication (Osteopathy, Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, and Herbal Treatments) – Reimbursement of up to AED 1,600
  3. Coverage for Children as per the MOH Guidelines

Dental Benefits

20% Co-payment applicable for up to AED 3,500 

Other Salient Covers

  • Coverage for Day Care Treatment. 
  • Coverage for Outpatient Surgery.
  • Coverage for Emergency Mental Health Treatments.
  • Coverage for Infant Born in and outside UAE – Covered from the Date of Birth for the first 30 days up to the Mother’s Annual Benefit Limit.
  • Coverage for Emergency Dental Treatment in case of Accidental Damage to the Teeth.
  • Coverage for Preventive Services for Members over the Age of 18 years – Diabetic Screening (includes fasting blood sugar and HBA1C tests once in a policy year for eligible members).
  • Coverage for Cancer Treatments (screening healthcare services, treatment only for members registered under Patient Support Program) – as per DHA’s terms, conditions, and exclusions.
  • Coverage for Hepatitis C (screening healthcare services, investigation, and treatment associated with viral Hepatitis and its complications only for members registered under Patient Support Program) – as per DHA’s terms, conditions, and exclusions.
  • Coverage for Hearing and Vision Aids, and Vision Correction Surgeries and Laser – Only in case of a Medical Emergency.

Criteria for Pre-Existing, Chronic Conditions

  • All pre-existing medical conditions must be declared in the medical application form and would be subjected to medical underwriting.
  • Covered up to the sublimit of AED 150,000.
  • No waiting period for pre-existing medical conditions in case a policy continuity proof is provided.
  • 6 months waiting period if applying for the NRI health insurance plan for the first time.
  • No coverage for undeclared pre-existing medical conditions during the policy period.

NRI Health Insurance Claim Settlement Terms

For Elective Treatment 

  1. Free Access (within the network) - Within the UAE - Covered; Outside UAE the - Covered up to 100% of the UAE Applicable Network Rates
  2. Reimbursement (Non-Network) - In Southeast Asia
    • 100% of the actual covered cost 
    • Reimbursement Elsewhere within Territorial Scope of Cover – 80% of Actual Covered Cost

For Emergency Treatment 

  • Free Access (within the network) – 100% of the Actual Covered Cost
  • Reimbursement (Non-network) – 1005 of the Actual Covered Cost

To Conclude

The Sukoon NRI health insurance plan is an exclusive, comprehensive health insurance policy designed for the Indian diaspora. With an annual limit of AED 1 million, this plan is available exclusively via and includes free health check-ups in India. One of the best features of this plan is its flexibility, allowing you to switch to an Indian policy if you return to India from the UAE.

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