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Lexus is a luxury car brand manufactured by the makers of Toyota. The brand has some of the finest and most performance-driven Sedan and SUV cars in its collection. Its Sedan series includes CT, ES, IS, GS, and LS, while the SUV series comprises NX. GX. RX, and LX. In the UAE, this brand sells over 14 car models and its automobiles are vouched for their exceptional craftsmanship and out-of-the-world driving experience. more

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*Above mentioned prices are for Lexus ES-Series Premiere 3.5L, 2020 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Lexus ES-Series Premiere 3.5L, 2020 model.

If you are a proud owner of a Lexus car, you should make sure that you have Lexus comprehensive car insurance – both to fulfil legal requirements and safeguard your finances. Go through this article to understand the most important aspects to consider when purchasing Lexus car insurance like the top plans and their inclusions and exclusions, the add-on covers, the claim process, and so forth.  

Premium Rates for Top Lexus Car Insurance Plans in the UAE

Let’s start by having a look at the top Lexus car insurance plans in the UAE for the top car models –


Provider Name

Plan Name

Plan Premium

Dubai National Insurance

Comprehensive (Premium Agency)

AED 1,607

Salama Insurance  

Comprehensive (Agency)

AED 2,436

Noor Takaful - Watania

Comprehensive (Mumtaz Agency)

AED 2,520

GIG Gulf (Previously AXA)

Third-Party Only

AED 460

Tokio Marine

Third-Party Only

AED 525


Provider Name

Plan Name

Plan Premium

Alliance Insurance

Comprehensive (Agency)

AED 2,174

Al Sagr

Comprehensive (Garage)

AED 3,043

Aman Insurance

Comprehensive (Standard Agency)

AED 3,260

GIG Gulf (Previously AXA)

Third-Party Only

AED 725

Adamjee Insurance

Third-Party Only

AED 606


Provider Name

Plan Name

Plan Premium

Al Sagr Insurance

Comprehensive (Garage)

AED 1,575

Oriental Insurance

Comprehensive (Agency)

AED 1,890

Dubai National Insurance

Comprehensive (Premium Agency)

AED 2,053

Aman Insurance

Comprehensive (Standard Agency)

AED 2,415

Noor Takaful - Watania

Comprehensive (Mumtaz Agency)

AED 2,730

Types of Lexus Car Insurance

Lexus car insurance policies can be broadly categorised across two types – comprehensive and third-party insurance –based on the kind of coverage they offer, their scope, and the duration of the car insurance plan.

  • Lexus Comprehensive Car Insurance – This type of car insurance is framed to financially protect you from third-party liability claims as well as the damages incurred by your own car and the injuries sustained by the driver. While the extent of the cover depends on the insurance plan, some of the most common covers are related to damages resulting from fire, accidents, natural disasters, theft, accidents, and more.
  • Lexus Third-Party Insurance – This plan financially covers you and pays off all third-party claims if you are at fault in case of an accident. Third-party car insurance is mandatory in the UAE and is one of the basic vehicle protection plans.

Note: Damage to your own vehicle is not covered under this insurance.

Why Buy Lexus Car Insurance Policy?

The following are the reasons to purchase Lexus car insurance –

  • Lexus comprehensive car insurance commonly referred to as full coverage auto insurance pays for damage to both your automobile and any other vehicles involved in an accident. One of the numerous ways to safeguard your vehicle in the UAE is with comprehensive auto insurance, as this kind of coverage offers a defence against all accidents, theft, and other perils.
  • A complete plan provides protection from all-natural disasters, including sandstorms and other events
  • With Lexus motor insurance, you can include add-ons and avail of coverage customised as per your needs
  • Buying at least a third-party liability insurance is mandatory as per UAE laws, although you can always go for comprehensive coverage to have complete financial cover for your car
  • With Lexus car insurance, you can protect your savings from depletion (considering the car repair costs) as the insurance provider can provide cover for the repair  

Inclusions of Lexus Car Insurance Plans

The following are some of the common inclusions for Lexus car insurance plans in the UAE –

  • Third-party Liability
  • Emergency Medical Expenses
  • Loss of Personal Possession
  • Fire and Theft Cover
  • Lock Replacement
  • Ambulance Service
  • No-Claim Discount Protection
  • Valet Parking Theft Cover
  • Riots, manmade disasters, or strikes
  • Personal injury
  • Emergency repair expenses

Add-on Covers for Lexus Car Insurance Plans

Here are the key add-on covers for Lexus car insurance policy –

  • Towing Assistance – In case your car breaks down or is involved in a road accident, you are provided with towing assistance to the nearest garage
  • Flat Tyre Assistance – The insurance provider helps you in getting the tyre fixed or replaced without charging any labour fee
  • Off-Road Cover – The policyholder’s car is compensated for in case it breaks down in the middle of rough terrain
  • Windscreen Damage Cover
  • GCC Cover or Oman Extension – This is an essential add-on for car owners in the UAE who frequently travel to the mentioned neighbouring countries
  • Dead Battery and Refuelling – Under this cover, you are provided with assistance to jump-start the engine so that your car can be taken to the nearest garage for repair. You are also offered additional fuel in case your car runs out of it.
  • Natural Calamity Cover
  • Extraction and Removal – In case your insured car fails to start because of an accident, you can get crane assistance and get it lifted from the scene of the accident
  • Unlocking Ignition Key
  • Personal Accident Cover
  • Child Car Seat Replacement

Exclusions for Lexus Car Insurance Plans

Listed below are some general exclusions under Lexus motor insurance –

  • Normal damage incurred by the car owing to normal wear and tear
  • Intentional damage done to the car by the driver
  • Voluntary negligence done on the part of the driver or the owner
  • Damages incurred by the car under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Excessive usage of the car
  • Loss or damage incurred by the car in case of war or a warlike situation
  • Using the car for unlawful activities and ending up damaging it
  • Driving without a valid driving licence
  • Consequential damages incurred by the car
  • Overloading (if your car is overloaded when the accident happened you will not be able to file a claim)
  • Filing claim after three years – most insurance providers in the UAE don’t accept claims filed after three years from the date of the incident
  • Providing false information when filling up the insurance application form

How to Buy Lexus Insurance Plan Online?

If you have already placed a pre-order for a Lexus car, you should promptly insure it to enjoy penalty-free driving in the United Arab Emirates. From, you can easily obtain a suitable Lexus auto insurance plan. You can select from a variety of auto insurance policies from the top insurance providers in the UAE through our website. You

Here are the benefits you can enjoy if you choose to purchase Lexus motor insurance from –

  • The best yet affordable insurance plans from several providers in the emirates
  • 24-by-7 customer support in case you are confused about the right policy for you
  • Assistance from a team of insurance advisors via phone and e-mail
  • After-sales service
  • Offers on car insurance plans
  • Platform to thoroughly compare the plans and select the best one for yourself

You can always visit our quotes page to figure out the plan that suits you the best. For that, you would need to visit the ‘car insurance’ section on Policybazaar UAE and provide the specified information in the lead form.

To purchase Lexus car insurance, you should be ready with the following documents –

  • Car registration details
  • Engine number and chassis number
  • Driving licence
  • Emirates ID
  • Valid passport copy
  • Name and information about other drivers
  • A resident visa copy

If you are stuck during the insurance purchasing process, you can connect with our customer care even via WhatsApp.

Lexus Car Insurance Claim Procedure

The Lexus car insurance claim procedure may differ depending on the type of incident – theft or accidental damage. The process for the two is discussed in detail below –

Accidental Damage Claim

  • Connect with the police and the insurance provider simultaneously and inform them about the incident. Get a copy of the police report of the incident.
  • Inform the insurance provider and commence the claim filing procedure. Submit the copy of the police report while filing a claim along with other documents.
  • Take your vehicle to the nearest authorised agency or network garage (you can even seek roadside assistance if required)
  • Visit the provider’s website and fill in the claim form. Attach all the necessary documents and graphic proof of the accident. Once done, submit the form. You can even submit the form at the agency or authorised garage where you plan to get the car repaired.
  • Once you submit the form, the insurance provider will evaluate the claim and send the approval to the garage.
  • At the garage, the claim inspector will examine the damages your car has incurred and create and repair expense sheet.
  • The garage will then begin the repairs once you pay the outstanding car insurance excess. The remaining repair cost will be covered by your insurance provider.

Theft Claims

  • Connect with the police and report the theft. If only the car accessories have been stolen, create a list of the items and submit it to the police. Obtain a copy of the police report for yourself as well.
  • Once through, connect with the insurance provider and inform them about the incident. Start the claim process for theft.
  • Fill in the claim form and affix all the necessary documents. Provide the list of the stolen items or accessories (if applicable) and submit the form either online or at the provider’s branch office.
  • The police will begin the search for the lost car or accessories. In case the car and/or the accessories remain untraceable, you will be provided with a certificate stating the same.
  • After you submit this certificate as a claim document, the insurance provider will initiate the claim settlement process

Documents Required for Lexus Car Insurance Claims

The following documents would be required to file an accidental damage claim in the UAE –

  • A police report
  • Car modification certificate (if any)
  • Driving licence of all the involved drivers
  • A duly filled insurance claim form by the Lexus car insurance policyholder
  • Car registration certificate and number

To file a theft claim on your Lexus car insurance policy, you would need to provide the following documents –

  • Driving licence
  • Original police report
  • Copy of car registration certificate and other associated documents
  • Car insurance documents
  • A filled in car theft claim application form
  • Record of where the car keys were at the time of the theft
  • List and details of people who have access to the car
  • List of accessories stolen from the car (if applicable)

How to Renew Lexus Car Insurance Plans?

When your Lexus car insurance expires, you should renew it within the grace period (of a month) provided by the insurance company. The following factors should be taken into account while renewing your Lexus car insurance in the UAE -

  • Continuing with the same provider – While it may appear straightforward to renew the current policy, there is a possibility that you may not be getting the best coverage that could satisfy your requirements. To compare the best plans, it is crucial to browse a third-party aggregator portal like Policybazaar UAE.
  • Documents required –The following is a general list of documents that the policy providers in the UAE expect you to have at the time of renewing your Lexus car insurance –
  • Car registration number and certificate
  • A copy of valid passport
  • UAE visa copy or resident visa
  • No-claim discount certificate
  • Valid UAE driving licence

You would not need to present the above-mentioned documents if you renew your Lexus car insurance with the current insurer. To have the renewal done, you can simply give them the credentials for your current coverage.

  • Continuing the policy with the same features – When renewing your Lexus motor insurance, you should study the features of the insurance plan you wish to purchase. You could also consider including a few extra elements that could strengthen your policy. For this, you can choose the add-ons that would best meet your needs.
  • Renew the car insurance on time – You should renew the existing Lexus car insurance plan in the 13th month of the car insurance. It is crucial to renew the insurance on time to be able to renew the vehicle registration and drive with the coverage of insurance.
  • Calculating the premium - The Lexus car insurance premium calculation requires –
  1. Brand, model, and the price of the car
  2. The driving history
  3. Driver’s current age
  4. History of traffic violation
  5. Insurance claim history

The premium you would need to pay depends on the aforementioned factors.

You can renew your Lexus motor insurance offline or online whichever is more convenient for you. In order to make an online renewal request, you can go to the provider's website and complete the renewal process on the website itself. Make sure to renew your insurance on time to avoid an AED 500 fine and four strikes on your licence for driving without insurance (as well as possible confiscation of the car for at least seven days).

Car Insurance for Luxury Car in UAE

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What does Lexus car insurance cover?

Ans: The following are some of the key inclusions provided by Lexus car insurance in the UAE –

  • Third-party liability cover
  • Ambulance cover
  • Damage to own vehicle
  • Fire and theft cover
  • Loss of personal possession

Q2. From where can you purchase Lexus car insurance policy?

Ans: You can purchase car insurance from any of the leading insurance providers in the UAE. However, it is recommended to purchase your new Lexus car insurance policy from Policybazaar UAE to explore the best plans in one place and make a purchase at affordable prices.

Q3. Is Lexus comprehensive insurance compulsory in the UAE?

Ans: Comprehensive car insurance is not mandatory in the UAE. However, third-party insurance is mandatory in the UAE.

Q4. Can you cancel your Lexus motor insurance in the UAE?

Ans: You can cancel your car insurance policy at any time you want. All you need to do is approach the insurance provider and submit a cancellation request. However, keep in mind that the refund, if any, would be done as per the guidelines of your insurance provider.

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