How to File a Medical Complaint in the UAE?

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People in the medical field are obliged professionally as well as morally to offer the right treatment to their patients. However, there are times when a medical negligence can occur. When there is medical malpractice or breach of duty on behalf of a healthcare professional a medical complaint can be filed to report the matter. Let’s understand how a medical complaint can be filed in the UAE and all relevant reasons you can file one for.

When Can I File a Medical Complaint in the UAE?

There are a number of reasons why a patient may feel the need to file a medical complaint. In each emirate, the health authorities have special portals for registering their complaints. In case of dissatisfaction towards the treatment given by a healthcare executive or in case of one or more of the following situations, one can file a medical complaint:

  1. There is damage to a patient’s organ/ organs due to the oversight of the hospital staff
  2. There has been a faulty treatment because of a faulty diagnosis
  3. There is wrong advice on the prescription
  4. The wrong body part has been removed
  5. During surgery, an instrument is left in the patient's body
  6. Negligence or recklessness by the practitioner
  7. There has been a failure in following professional and/ or medical standards and/ or guidelines  

The health authorities in the UAE give medical practitioner licenses to medical facilities and healthcare professionals. Depending on the emirate in which the complainant sought the treatment, a medical complaint may be filed. It should be ensured that the complaint clearly describes the issue as well as the people involved. The authorities also stress that the complainant must mention the kind of response that he/ she is seeking, in terms of an apology or compensation. 

How to File Medical Complaints in Dubai?

Residents, as well as tourists can lodge a medical complaint in Dubai. You can use the below mentioned platforms to file the complaint if the medical treatment was received at an authorised Dubai Health Authority, DHA, facility: 

  1. Via the DHA Website: A complaint can be registered at The webpage is well-illustrated and user-friendly. 
  2. Via email: A detailed email can be sent to to file your medical complaint
  3. Phone Call – Call at 800 342 (DHA) to lodge your complaints
  4. In-Person: File a complaint by visiting any DHA centre 
  5. Via Social Media: Send a text @DHA Dubai

While urgent medical complaints are handled within 1 working day, sensitive complaints can take 2 working days. A regular complaint is generally handled within 7 working days. 

How to File Medical Complaints in Abu Dhabi?
The Department of Health (DOH) handles all medical complaints in Abu Dhabi. To file a medical complaint, one can pick any of the following ways:

  • Visit This is a government platform and one needs to have a UAE PASS account in order to register the complaint.
    The UAE PASS is a digital signature including the biometric of the PASS holder. UAE PASS is used as an Identity Proof for a resident and helps in accessing government public services. 
  • TAMM Abu Dhabi can be contacted to fil medical complaint on the phone number +971-800-555.
  • A complaint can also be filed on the Medical Complaint Portal. While filing the complaint, all the required documents must also be uploaded. 

In Abu Dhabi, a medical complaint can take up to 9 months to be resolved. Once the result is out, the complainant is contacted via email.  

How to File Medical Complaints with MOHAP?
An individual can file a medical complaint if he/ she has any dissatisfaction towards a hospital, healthcare facility, or private clinic, provided it is licensed by the Ministry of Health and Prevention. The MOHAP oversees hospitals in Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, and Umm Al Quwain. The procedure to file the complaint is as follows:

  • Visit  and go to ‘Start Service’.
  • The complainant has to log in with the UAE Pass credentials or create a new account. 
  • The Medical Facility Complaint Form has to be filled in carefully.
  • Required documents are to be submitted.
  • The MOHAP will allocate a team to investigate the case.
  • The findings will be shared with the Medical Licensing Committee, which will then reach a decision.
  • Once the committee reaches a decision, the complainant will be notified.

Final Words

The most crucial thing when a patient/ family member sets out to file a medical complaint is that the complaint is filed with the right authority. It should also be ensured that the complainant has valid Emirates IDs, medical certificates, bills and receipts, and other documents that may be needed. The authorities also stress that the platform should only be used for medical issues. In case the complainant has behavioral, financial, or administrative complaints, the concerned officials should be contacted.

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