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Getting a glimpse of the American way of life is in every traveller’s bucket list. An incredibly diverse country, the United States of America attracts visitors from all over the globe throughout the year. From historical monuments to space centres, art galleries and war museums, several U.S cities are popular tourist destinations. If you are planning a trip to this fascinating country, there are a few important things that you must keep in mind while designing your travel plans. One of these must-do tasks is getting proper travel insurance. This article will provide all important information about getting travel insurance online for travelling to USA from UAE.

USA Travel insurance

Being involved in an accident or a mishap of some sort can soil all the vacation fun you are having during your trip. Missing a flight, losing your luggage, misplacing some important documents, falling ill or getting injured are some of the most common troubles you may face while travelling. The best way to keep your financial interests protected in event of an unforeseen incident is to get a proper travel insurance policy. Safeguarding your financial interests and that of your loved ones’ is effortless when you have a good travel insurance plan protecting your interests.

Do I Need Travel Insurance for USA?

It is not mandatory for UAE passport holders to get travel insurance when visiting the USA for 90 days or less since it is included in the visa-free travel list of the USA. Travel insurance may not be required if you have a passport of another country included in this list. Travel insurance is mandatory if you visit the UAE on a long-term visa. However, healthcare costs in the USA are quite high. Not having a proper travel insurance plan may lead to high out-of-pocket expenses in case of medical emergency. In addition to that, being involved in a mishap in a foreign country without a defined first point of contact can be quite troublesome. This is why, it is recommended to get a travel plan even when it isn’t mandatory by law. It offers multiple benefits like loss of passport or baggage cover, Covid-19 cover, emergency medical treatment cover, etc. So, when you plan your trip to the USA, do not forget to get a good travel plan with 360-degree protection.

Features and Benefits of Travel Insurance USA

Stated below are some of the common features and benefits that you can get with most travel insurance plans:

1. Trip Inconvenience Benefits

If your flight gets delayed/cancelled or if you have to cut the trip short or cancel it, the insurance company compensates for the inconvenience caused and additional expenses of travelling/accommodation.

This benefit includes the following covers-

  • Trip Cancellation - Trip cancellation is the only pre-departure benefit. If your trip gets cancelled due to unforeseen reasons such as illness, injury, weather conditions, etc. the insurer will reimburse all pre-booked non-refundable expenses. 
  • Flight Delay - Reimbursement is offered if the flight gets delayed and causes inconvenience. The insured can raise a claim either by contacting their insurance provider or on their official website. The due amount is transferred to the chosen bank account by the policyholder.
  • Missed Departure - In case of a missed flight due to an unforeseen unavoidable reason, compensation is provided for the ticket price to the insured once the claim is raised with the insurance provider.
  • Hijack Cover - Compensation is offered if the flight of the insured was hijacked. A certain sub-limit may be applicable on this benefit in terms of hours spent in the hijacked plane. 
  • Trip Curtailment Cover - Trip curtailment is explained as the event when a traveller has to end their trip because of unforeseen reasons like natural calamities, death of a family member/insured, loss of employment, unfavourable weather conditions, etc. In such a situation, the pre-booked, non-refundable unused expenses are compensated by the insurance provider. Trip curtailment benefits generally comes into effect only if more than 50% of the trip was remaining.

2. Medical Benefits

The cost of emergency medical treatment is also covered by travel insurance in UAE. Check out the benefits covered-

  • Covid-19 Coverage - Emergency medical treatment required due to Covid-19 will be covered. This includes costs for RT-PCR tests, medicines taken and quarantine expenses. Most plans include Covid-19 cover as a basic benefit. Some plans may have it as an add-on benefit.
  • Emergency Medical Expenses - Travel insurance providers the required financial assistance to get proper emergency medical treatment in cases of injuries or illnesses.
  • Repatriation of Remains - In case of the death of the insured, the insurance company bears the expenses of sending the mortal remains back home.
  • Hospital Cash Benefits - The travel insurance company covers the admissible daycare expenses if you have to stay admitted to get emergency treatment.
  • Critical Care Monitoring - In case an insured has to go through critical care, monitoring, and other related expenses are covered by the insurance provider.
  • Funeral Cover - The insurance provider also covers the cost of the funeral in case of the unfortunate demise of the insured.

3. Coverage for Accidents

Personal accident cover is also provided by travel insurance plan. It covers the insured against any injury or loss caused due to an accident while on the trip. The expenses of the medical treatment or funeral in case of death are covered.

  • Baggage-Related Benefits - In case the baggage gets delayed or lost, reasonable compensation is provided to help the insured replace the lost items to use during the trip.

4. Additional Benefits

The following additional benefits are also included in most travel insurance plans for the USA:

  • Loss of Passport - If you lose your passport during your trip, your insurance provider covers the expenses of getting a temporary replacement and the new passport.
  • Personal liability coverage - If you cause any unintentional damage to a third party during your trip, the insurance provider pays the compensation on your behalf. However, in case of a third-party liability caused due to illegal activities, the insurance provider will not be responsible for any aid.
  • Credit Card Fraud - Compensation will be paid according to the applicable terms and conditions if you suffer any credit card fraud while travelling.
  • Mugging - The insurance company will provide you compensation for any stolen items or money if you are mugged or robbed during your trip. The coverage depends on the kind of policy you have opted for. 

Travel Insurance USA: Types

Check out the different types of travel insurance USA available in the UAE for your next trip -

1. Based on Trip Frequency and Duration

Following are the two types of travel insurance plans based on the frequency of your visit to the USA-

  • Single-Trip Travel Insurance - Single-Trip insurance, as the name suggests, is meant for just one trip. This means the insurance is valid from the start of the trip to its end. These insurance plans are non-renewable and may come with 30 -180 vacation days. You can choose the number of vacation days as per your trip duration. More vacation days can be purchased later on if your trip gets extended.
  • Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance - Many people have to make frequent visits to the USA for different purposes, be it for business or to meet family. For such trips, you can get annual multi-trip annual travel insurance. It is a good choice for frequent flyers as it covers all trips taken during the tenure of the plan and hence saves you from buying separate insurance plans for all your trips.

2. Based on the Types of Travellers

Following are the three types of travel insurance plans based on the types of travellers-

  • Individual Travel Insurance Plans - These insurance plans only cover one individual which makes it ideal for solo travellers.. Enjoy travel medical insurance USA, baggage loss cover, flight cover and all other basic benefits of travel insurance plans with these covers. Individual travel insurance plans are available as both single-trip and annual multi-trip travel plans. 
  • Family Travel Insurance Plans - As the name suggests, family travel plans are designed to cover the whole family under a single travel insurance coverage. Apart from the policyholder, spouses and children can be added as insured members under a family travel plan. Children older than 30 days and younger than 18 years can be included as members of a family travel insurance plan.   
  • Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Plans - People over the age of 65 years planning to travel to the USA can be covered under a senior citizen travel insurance plan. These plans offer all basic benefits that other types of travel plan come with. 

3. Based On the Purpose of the Visit

Following are the two special types of travel insurance plans available as per the purpose of your visit-

  • Student Travel Insurance USA - Student travel insurance plans are designed especially for students aged from 16 to 35 years. A student travel insurance provides benefits like emergency medical treatment cover, baggage cover, flight cover, trip inconvenience cover apart from some student-special benefits. Special benefits of student travel insurance plans include sponsor potection, financial support through cash allowance, personal liability coverage, study interruption cover, etc. 
  • Business Travel Insurance -  A business travel insurance plans is made to cover work trips and offers special benefits to meet the unique requirements of such travellers. Apart from the basic benefits, you can hope to enjoy special covers like gadget protection cover, business associate replacement cover, etc.

USA Visa Requirements

One of the most important things to do when planning for the USA is to get a Visa. Make sure you have the following documents with you To get the Visa without any hassle -

  • A duly filled US Visa application form
  • Origin and valid Emirati Passport with two blank pages
  • Past 6 months’ bank statement to show that you can appropriately fund your USA trip
  • Passport size photographs not older than 3 months (with white background)
  • Trade license copy
  • NOC (No Objection Certificate) from your organisation that must mention your designation, date of joining the job, salary (in case of work-related trips)
  • Invitation of visit.

You need to submit all the documents mentioned above at a nearby USA visa application centre/ consulate/ embassy and pay the visa application fee to get your approval and allotment process started. The application fee can be paid using a credit or debit card. The Embassy of the USA will then conduct a visa interview. Your visa application may take up to 14 days to get processed. You may visit the embassy/consulate/visa centre to get your visa stamped once it has been processed and approved.

Documents Required to Travel from UAE To USA

Given below is a check list of the travel documents that you must carry when travelling to the USA:

  • Emirates ID
  • USA Visa
  • Valid passport
  • Medical certificate stating you fit for travelling
  • Proof of address
  • Details of your journey, including tour dates

The second largest country in the world, there is so much you can see and explore in the USA. Make sure you check out the following destination when you visit the U.S.:

  • New York - The big apple, New York City, is the heart of the USA. This ultimate tourist destination attracts hoards to travellers every year. The unparalleled beauty of this city is quite visible in its amazing streets, Chrysler Building, Central Park, Empire State Building, Times Square, Broadway, and the famous Statue of Liberty. Take a walk, shop around, go sightseeing, capture beautiful memories and gather an experience of a lifetime when you visit New Youk.
  • San Francisco - Yet another popular city in the USA is San Francisco. It lies on the west coast of the country and serves as a great vacation destination for every age group, including couples, families, and solo tours as well. The beautiful streets, dining outdoors, and tourist sites are the reasons for this city. You can go for a cruise ride on San Francisco Bay, visit Golden Gate Bridge, shop on the busy streets, etc.
  • Las Vegas - Las Vegas is one of the most popular tourist spot among both foreign visitors and USA residents. This desert city is full of glittery lights, resorts, and dancing fountains. You can hope to visit the Death Valley National Park, Hoover Dam, and several other unique tourist places.
  • The Grand Canyon - If you have Las Vegas or Phoenix visit on your list, you must also go and visit to The Grand Canyon. It is a day’s tour from Las Vegas and Phoenix. The south rim of the Canyon is open throughout the year for visitors. Exploring the natural scenic beauty of the Grand Canyon can serve as a refresher from the busy life of the city.
  • Waikiki - If you are someone who loves beaches, Waikiki is a great tourist spot for you to explore. Waikiki is located on the Hawaiian Islands of Oahu. This is a golden sand beach where you can surfboard and explore the waves, take a sunbath, play some beach games and have a laid back yet enjoyable day. Do not miss out on a street walk where you can explore a multitude of beautiful shops selling eccentric local finds.
  • Washington D.C. - Being the US Capital, Washington D.C is one of the most popular cities across the globe and undoubtedly one of the must-visit place for all tourists. White House, Capitol Building, Smithsonian museums, etc. are some of the many spots you can explore here. The scenery is exceptional post-evening. The glittery lights and the soothing vibe are perfect for a peaceful evening outing.

Best time to Visit USA

The most suitable time for travelling to the USA is between March to May (spring) or September to October (Autumn). The weather is mild and cold breeze fills the air. You would be able to make the most out of your tour within these months. If you wish to enjoy the classic American Christmas and new year’s celebrations, paying a visit in winters might be fruitful.

How to Get Travel Insurance Online for Travelling to the USA from UAE?

Buying USA travel insurance online is a simple process when is your insurance partner. All you need to do is go to the travel insurance section of our website and fill out the lead form available there. You will need details like number of passengers, duration of the trip, your destination etc. You will get quotes from different insurers once you submit this lead form. Choose the plan that best suits your needs and proceed to purchase it. Fill out the application forma and make an online payment to complete the purchase of your travel insurance plan.

Why Buy from

Purchasing your USA travel insurance plan from can reap you several benefits some of which are provided below:

  • We have a partnership with the top travel insurance providers in the UAE. This means that you can find all top travel plans in the emirates in a single place.
  • You can easily compare plans and conduct research thanks to our easy-to-use platform. Choose your top pick and draw easy comparisons to find the best option for your trip.
  • Our customers enjoy special discounted insurance rates for the top travel plans available in the UAE.
  • We have an in-house team of experts that can help you in finding the best suitable plan for your travel requirements and get the most value out of your money.
  • Our 24x7 customer service department is available to provide real-time solutions for all your insurance related troubles and questions.


Q1. In how many days can I get my US visa approved?

Awn: It takes around 14 days to get the visa approved by the US Embassy. It may up to 45 days for the visa to get processed and approved in some rare cases

Q2. Will I get Covid-19 coverage under the USA Travel insurance?

Ans: Yes, most the travel insurance providers in the UAE provide cover for Covid-19 medical and quarantine expenses.

Q3. What coverage do I get with travel insurance?

Ans: Following are the major benefits offered by most travel insurance plans in the UAE-

  1. Covid-19 cover
  2. Emergency medical treatment cover
  3. Travel inconvenience cover
  4. Cover against lost or delayed baggage 
  5. Cover against cancelled or delayed flights
Q4. Can I include some add-ons to my travel insurance policy?

Ans: Yes, a policyholder can choose to extend the policy coverage by purchasing add-ons, like-

  1. Gadget protection cover
  2. Adventure sports cover
  3. Terrorism cover
  4. Rental car insurance cover
  5. Cruise cover
Q5. What is the best travel insurance USA if I am travelling solo?

Ans: Individual travel insurance is the best product for people who are travelling solo. Depending on your travel frequency, you may choose either a single-trip or multi-trip insurance plan.

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