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While short trips are mostly fun, one can also plan out a long trip of up to 90 days as per their schedule and planning. So if you are planning a long trip soon, you must consider taking a 90-day travel insurance plan to get your entire trip covered. Buying this type of insurance will cover you against any mishap that may occur during the travel period.

To gain valuable insights into what is 90-day travel insurance, its classifications, benefits, as well as the top options available for travel insurance over 90 days, continue reading the article below.

What is 90 Day Travel Insurance?

A 90-day travel insurance policy is a type of travel insurance plan that you can avail of when planning a trip or vacation that may last for up to the specified number of days. This type of travel insurance is available for both frequent and non-frequent travellers.

Types of Plans Under Travel Insurance for 90 Days

The following are the types of plans that can be considered 90 day travel insurance plans –

Single Trip Insurance – A 90 day travel insurance policy can be covered under single-trip insurance. As a type of insurance that lasts till the day you return to the UAE, it is ideal for those who travel once or twice a year. You can opt for appropriate individual travel insurance, family travel insurance, or group travel insurance as per your requirement here. Under this plan, you can get coverages related to inconveniences in adventure activities, emergency medical expenses, loss of luggage, and more. Moreover, you can also get covered for situations such as trip cancellations and flight delays.

Annual Multi-Trip Insurance – If you are a frequent traveller, getting multi-trip travel insurance 90 days plan would be perfect for you. Travel insurance for more than 90 days can cover you for all the trips taken by you throughout the year. Moreover, it also provides you with the option to select the number of days you might travel for.

This is a suitable type of travel insurance for business personnel as well as individuals going for multiple long solo or family vacations. Buying multi-trip travel insurance 90 days is usually more affordable compared to the overall cost of getting single-trip insurance for each trip. Moreover, it is more convenient as you don’t have to get yourself insured each time you go on a trip.

Benefits of 90 Day Travel Insurance

Availing of a 90 day travel insurance policy in the UAE can provide you with immense benefits like the following –

  • If you have plans to travel for a longer duration at a go, a 90 day travel insurance policy can provide you coverage for the specified duration at highly affordable rates
  • You have plenty of options with the same as you can opt either for single-trip travel insurance (if travelling once a year) or choose a multi-annual trip (if travelling more than twice a year)
  • You can easily access emergency medical treatment on your trip
  • You can feel assured of successfully managing your trip even with the loss of baggage or documents as travel insurance can provide you with compensation for the same

What is Included in 90 Day Travel Insurance?

Here are the key inclusions of most 90 day travel insurance plans –

  • Trip Cancellation and Curtailment: Before or during your trip, you may face an urgent situation like a medical emergency for you or any of your family members. Similarly, the possibility of flight cancellation and similar scenarios is always present. Both these cases can lead to curtailment or cancellation of your trip. With a 90 travel insurance plan, however, you won’t have to face any significant losses as it will reimburse the non-refundable amount for your flight and hotel bookings.
  • Emergency Medical Expenses: During your entire travel period, 90 day travel insurance will cover you against any medical emergency and your medical expenses like hospital-related bills, transportation for care, and treatment.
  • Loss of Personal Belongings: If any of your personal possessions like a bag, passport, luggage, or visa get stolen or lost, 90 day travel insurance will provide you coverage to recover these items or arrange replacements.
  • Personal Accident Cover: In case the policyholder meets with an accident during the trip, they will be covered for the incurred injuries.
  • Personal Liability Cover: Your 90 day travel insurance plan will come in handy if you incur any third-party liabilities on your trip, as it can compensate the third party and cover legal fees as well.
  • Delayed Departure: A travel insurance plan can provide cover when your flight gets delayed due to technical fault, bad weather, or any other reason.
  • COVID-19 Coverage: With the pandemic still affecting people across the world, a travel insurance plan can prove beneficial as most such plans have COVID-19 coverage to provide you with medical assistance in case you are infected with the disease.

What is Excluded from 90 Day Travel Insurance?

Besides inclusions, it is necessary to look into the policy details before making the final purchase as specific types of coverage may not be available with the respective provider. While the exclusions vary for each provider, here is a list of standard exclusions for 90 day travel insurance –

  • Coverage against pre-existing health issues
  • Claims brought on by visiting a place that had previously been advised against, whether due to epidemics or terrorism threats
  • Damages or liabilities incurred while under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • High-risk sports and adventures (like winter sports and sea sports)
  • Claims made due to a failure in getting the required vaccinations and immunisations prior to your trip

Add-On Plans Covered Under 90 Day Travel Insurance

You can include the following add-ons in your travel insurance for 90 days to make the plan more comprehensive –

  • Luxury Possession Loss Cover - While travel insurance does not provide coverage for the loss of expensive items like jewellery, it can provide coverage for the loss of expensive possessions with the inclusion of this add-on.
  • Coverage for Electrical Products and Gadgets - Generally, the basic 90 day travel insurance plans don’t include coverage for electronics and gadgets. In case you are travelling with any of this equipment, you can have an add-on to get coverage for the same at a small additional fee.
  • Emergency dental coverage - Some travel insurance plans include coverage for dental emergencies as a standard benefit, while others require you to purchase it as an add-on.
  • Adventure Sports Coverage - With an adventure sports add-on, your travel insurance plan will also cover the costs of medical treatment or any other such expense incurred while pursuing activities like scuba diving and skiing.

How to File a Claim for Your 90 Day Travel Insurance?

Here is how you can file a claim for your 90 day travel insurance for different types of damages and losses –

  • Claim for Stolen or Theft of Personal Belongings – Immediately call the police and have a report filed for the loss/theft. You can then inform your insurance provider and let them know about the loss incurred. Fill out the claim form and submit it along with all the necessary documents. Once your claim is verified and approved, you will receive the reimbursement.
  • Claim for Emergency Medical Expenses – Get in touch with your insurance company and inform them about the need for emergency medical assistance. Visit a nearby healthcare centre (present in the network list) and intimate them about your insurance. Once your insurance details are verified, your treatment will start. In most cases, you won’t be required to pay for your medical expenses as the insurance company will do the needful.
  • Claims for Travel Inconvenience – You can make a claim for trip cancellations, flight curtailments, and delays. In these cases, you would need to obtain the claim form, fill it up, and submit it the relevant paperwork (tickets for flights, confirmations for hotel reservations, and more).

Irrespective of the type of damage or loss, it is always advised to initiate the 90 day travel insurance claim as soon as the mishap is noted. For this, you must make sure to carry all the related documents like hotel booking receipts, flight tickets, medical bills, and others. Similarly, you must ensure to keep your insurance paper and passport handy.

Process of Purchasing a 90 Day Travel Insurance Policy

Now that you are aware of the benefits of having a 90 travel insurance policy, getting one for yourself is quite easy. You can simply visit and find the most suitable plan for your 90 day travel insurance. All you need to do is open the official website of Policybazaar UAE and move to the ‘Travel Insurance’ section. In the lead form present on the page, you can fill in the required details and get relevant travel insurance quotes. You can get a plan that suits your requirements the most by comparing the available ones.

Getting your trip secured with a 90 day travel insurance from offers you the following benefits:

  • You get a wide range of 90 day travel insurance policies (from the best insurance providers in the UAE) to choose from
  • Our user-friendly interface allows visitors to easily navigate through the website and compare the best plans in one place
  • Our customer support team is available to provide you with assistance 24*7
  • Exclusive offers and discounts across the year make the plans available at the most affordable prices

Policybazaar UAE – Helping you navigate the wilderness of the insurance world!

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