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A combination of extreme sports and travel is a great way to spend a holiday. With the right extreme sports travel insurance, you can enjoy the enthralling activities without any worries.

In most cases, a standard travel insurance policy only covers low-risk activities. For individuals involved in activities like sky diving or rock climbing, a different level of coverage is required. So if you are an adrenaline junkie and enjoy participating in extreme sports while on vacation, extreme sports travel insurance is for you.

The definition of the term 'extreme' can refer to various activities involving varying degrees of risk, while its definition varies as per the insurance provider. To determine which type of coverage you will need, the benefits of extreme sports travel insurance as well as exclusions, and how to find the best extreme sports travel insurance for your needs, keep on reading the article below.

What is Extreme Sports Travel Insurance?

Extreme sports collectively refer to adventurous and high-risk sports. Extreme sports travel insurance in UAE is explicitly designed to provide coverage to UAE residents travelling specifically with the motive of engaging in extreme sports.

As mentioned earlier, standard travel insurance plans in the UAE generally don’t cover extreme sports. Consequently, extreme sports travel insurance becomes an excellent option for short-term coverage for individuals planning to experience the thrill of extreme adventures and sports.

Each insurance company has its own definition of adventure sports. However, a few activities are generally included in all the plans.

The following is a quick round-up of what extreme sports travel insurance might cover -

  • Bungee jumping
  • Hang gliding
  • Sky diving
  • White water rafting
  • Rock climbing
  • Horse riding
  • Banana boat ride
  • Swimming with dolphins
  • Tubing

It’s worth noting that some insurance companies offer extreme sports coverage as an add-on. In such instances, if you plan on participating in extreme sports overseas, you can add the extreme sports or hazardous sports add-on to your basic travel insurance package and be secured against adversity.

Inclusions of Extreme Sports Travel Insurance

Although extreme sports travel insurance coverage varies as per the insurance provider, you will find generally find the following inclusions –

  • Trip Cancellation/Curtailment – The policyholder will receive suitable compensation if they cancel or cut short their trip due to sickness, injuries, accidents, death, or the illness or injury of a travelling companion or family member.
  • Emergency Medical Expenses – In case the insured individual requires treatment for any medical emergency during their trip, an extreme sports travel insurance plan can help them receive the treatment at any of the network hospitals in a seamless way.
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation – The insurance provider can arrange for the policyholder’s evacuation to the nearest suitable medical facility or even back home if their situation is critical.
  • Repatriation of Mortal Remains – If an individual covered under extreme sports travel insurance passes away during the journey, their insurance provider can cover the cost of transporting their mortal remains back home.
  • Dental – A few insurance providers also provide coverage for dental expenses in case a dental emergency emerges on a trip.
  • Emergency Family Travel – If the insured individual gets hospitalised on their trip, their insurance company can cover the cost of tickets of a close relative to come and stay with them.
  • Loss of Travel Documents – With this cover, you can get compensated in case your travel documents are lost, stolen, or damaged.
  • Delayed Personal Possessions – This can cover your personal possessions (excluding valuables) if they are stolen or lost for more than six hours after landing at your destination.
  • Personal Possessions – Extreme sports travel insurance can provide coverage for your personal belongings if they are delayed for more than 12 hours on the outward journey.
  • Personal Total Disability – An extreme sports travel insurance policy can provide compensation if the policyholder is permanently and completely disabled on the trip.
  • Missed or Delayed Departure – As a policyholder, you will be covered if there is a delay in your flight due to bad weather or any other such reason. Similarly, if your departure is delayed by more than 6 hours, you can expect compensation from your insurance provider.
  • Personal Liability – This included coverage for any costs arising from your legal responsibility for bodily injuries, loss, or damage caused to third-party individuals or property during your journey.
  • Flight Overbooking – A few extreme sports travel insurance plans can cover a hotel stay and a meal if you are unable to board your flight due to overbooking within 6 hours of the original departure time.
  • Loss of Sight or a Limb – If the insured individual suffers a loss of sight in one or both eyes or loss of limbs (like hands and feet) during their journey, they can get easily get coverage for the same from their insurance provider.
  • Credit Card Fraud – With a couple of extreme sports travel insurance plans, you can expect coverage against credit card fraud as well.

Exclusions of Extreme Sports Travel Insurance

Here are the major exclusions of extreme sports travel insurance policies are –

  • Damages or injuries caused due to war, act of a foreign enemy, civil war, or military force
  • Injury caused under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Taking part in a sports activity not covered or listed under extreme sports travel insurance
  • Damages or injuries incurred or caused due to any illegal activity
  • Terrorism-related injuries or damages (unless you have purchased a specific add-on for the same)
  • Deliberately inflicted injuries to the self

When Should You Opt for Extreme Sports Travel Insurance?

Extreme sports travel insurance, as stated earlier, is designed to safeguard people who enjoy adrenaline-pumping adventure sports. If you plan to participate in extreme sports on your vacation, it is highly recommended to get an extreme sports travel insurance plan for the same.

Generally, you can purchase travel insurance plans right up to the time of boarding the flight. However, to get the best deal without rushing through any process, it is advisable to get the extreme sports travel insurance plan right after you confirm your bookings for transportation and hotel accommodation.

How to Apply for Extreme Sports Travel Insurance?

You can apply for extreme sports travel insurance online or offline as per your preferences. In case you opt for the former mode of application, you would need to visit the official websites of your preferred insurance providers. Once you access all the details related to the plans (inclusions, key features, exclusions, and more), you can compare them and select one for your journey as per your requirements. You can then apply for your chosen plan and make the payment to get your plan.

Another way to get extreme sports travel insurance is the offline route, although this could be more tedious compared to the online mode. Here, you would need to visit a branch of your insurance provider and request an executive to initiate the process. You can then fill up the form, attach the required documents, and submit them to the concerned personnel at the branch. You will then have your travel insurance plan as soon as you complete the fee payment.

Before Taking Off

If you plan to take part in extreme sports on your next adventure, extreme sports travel insurance is something that should be on your list of necessary things for your journey. With this type of travel insurance, you can have adequate coverage in case you face any injuries, loss of luggage, third-party liabilities, and more on your journey.

If you already have travel insurance and your provider offers the option of an extreme sports cover add-on, you can also opt for adding hazardous or extreme sports coverage as an add-on. Simply put, with extreme sports travel insurance, you can discover new places and experience new adventures without any worries about your finances.

Feel free to reach out to us in case you face any difficulty in getting or understanding extreme sports travel insurance.

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