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Travel insurance comes in various sizes and forms and brings numerous benefits. Finding the best one, then, may prove to be a bit confusing considering the number of options available in the market. Nevertheless, when you plan to buy travel insurance, you must look for two crucial details –  a simple claim process and a good claim settlement ratio.

RSA Insurance, one of the oldest providers in the UAE, provides extensive travel insurance plans to both UAE residents and expatriates. While the coverage provided by the RSA travel insurance plans is comprehensive and customisable, equally noteworthy is the RSA travel insurance claim procedure which is highly straightforward and convenient for customers.

The article below discusses the RSA travel insurance claim process in detail and provides insights into the types of claims, the required documents, and some tips for swift and smooth claim settlements.

Starting with the types of travel insurance claims –

Types of RSA Travel Insurance Claims in the UAE

There are primarily two types of RSA travel insurance claims in the UAE –

1. Direct Claims

Insured individuals generally make direct claims to receive medical treatment and emergency hospitalisation at an empanelled hospital (a hospital present in the provider’s network list). You can use the direct claims facility to avail of the cashless medical facilities of your RSA travel insurance plan.

With a direct claim, the insurance company pays the medical expenses directly to the hospital.

Here are a few simple steps to initiate a direct claim –

  • Contact the insurance provider directly from the network hospital and inform them about the incident
  • Submit a request for the direct claim and wait for approval
  • The insurance company will send the approval directly to the network hospital if the treatment is covered by your travel insurance plan

2. Reimbursement Claims

Reimbursement claims are claims filed within 14 days after an accident has occurred. Here, the insured individual has already paid bills and other expenses before making a claim for reimbursement from the insurance company. In order to get the reimbursement, the policyholder then has to provide all the necessary documents, including all the original receipts and bills.

Given below are the steps to avail of a reimbursement claim –

  • Contact the insurance company and submit the relevant documents
  • Upon verification, the insurer will initiate the claim per your travel insurance policy coverage and the benefits sub-limit

RSA Travel Insurance Claim Procedure

To submit an RSA travel insurance claim, you can use any of the several options discussed below:

  • Hotline Number:  The hotline number, which provides 24-hour worldwide medical emergency and travel emergency services, is +971-4-601-8777
  • Claims Assistance Service: For any RSA travel insurance claim support, you can contact +971-43029835 or +971-43029903
  • Online Process:  You can also raise a claim via the official RSA website. For this, simply visit the official website of RSA (, head to the ‘Make a Claim’ section, and upload the completed claim form, travel documents, and proof of claim.
  • Offline Process: If the policyholder wants to file a claim offline, they can visit any of the RSA branches across the UAE and get assistance from the customer support team
  • Email Address: Policyholders can also contact the RSA team via mail ( 

The following sub-sections discuss how you can file an RSA travel insurance claim depending on the case:

RSA Travel Insurance Claim for Medical Emergencies

  • Dial the emergency hotline number promptly. This number can be utilised in case of emergencies, such as hospitalisation, medical emergency evacuation, medical service provider referral, emergency medical repatriation, transportation of mortal remains, companion or compassionate visits, convalescence expenses, and delivery of emergency medicine.
  • If possible, contact the insurance provider before any hospital admission arrangements.

In case your medical expenses don’t require any emergency facility as described above, you should pay the expenses directly and contact the claim department within 14 days of your return from the journey.

RSA Travel Insurance Claim for Cancelling Your Trip or Cutting Your Trip Short

  • If the reason for your trip cancellation is listed in your policy document, contact the travel claims line department as soon as possible and inform them about the cancellation

RSA Travel Insurance Claim for Missed Departure and Connections

  • Contact the carrier or the airport's handling agent to check whether late arrival is possible or if any alternative travel arrangements can be made
  • If any of the previous options are not possible, keep all required documents available and raise the claim via the RSA official's website or claim-line number

RSA Travel Insurance Claim for Home Burglary Whilst Travelling

  • Contact the RSA claims hotline number and inform the insurance provider about the burglary
  • Notify the police or the relevant authority within 24 hours and obtain a written incident report

RSA Travel Insurance Claim for Travel Delay

  • Before submitting a claim, make sure your delay doesn’t exceed the time specified in the policy schedule
  • If the delay is exceeded, the claim will be null and void
  • If not, contact the travel claims line and know about the procedure

RSA Travel Insurance Claim for Hijack

  • As soon as you become aware of the accident and find the opportunity, contact the 24-hour worldwide emergency hotline for assistance
  • Report details of the incident to the police or other relevant authority within 24 hours and get an incident report

RSA Travel Insurance Claim for Personal Accident and Death Benefits

  • Dial the 24-hour worldwide emergency hotline and inform the insurance provider
  • Keep all the required proof documents in hand to fast-track the claim process

RSA Travel Insurance Claim for Personal Belonging and Baggage Loss & Damage

  • The insured individual should report the loss or damage to the carrier as early as possible
  • In accordance with the carrier’s condition of carriage, provide written notice of your claim to the carrier
  • Reach out to the travel claim insurance department afterwards

RSA Travel Insurance Claim for Personal Baggage Delay

  • The first step is to inform the carrier about the baggage delay
  • Within the stipulated time frame, give written notice of the claim to the carrier
  • To report personal baggage delays, contact the RSA travel hotline for assistance

RSA Travel Insurance Claim for Lost, Stolen Travel Documents, Damaged Passport and Credit Card (Including Credit Card Fraud)

  • Report the details of the incident to the police or the concerned financial institutions (in case of credit card or debit card fraud) within 24 hours.
  • Obtain a written incident report
  • Reach out to the travel-claims line

RSA Travel Insurance Claim for Legal Expenses and Personal Liability

  • Dial the 24-hour worldwide emergency hotline number
  • It is advisable not to commit or promise anything to the third party without the written consent of the RSA
  • Forward the claim letter, summons, or writ to the insurance provider as soon as you receive it

RSA Travel Insurance Claim for Golf/Cruise/Winter Sports/Terrorism

  • These are the add-ons mentioned in your policy (valid if the policyholder has opted for them) 
  • Contact the RSA travel claims line for guidance related to these optional covers

Documentation Required as per RSA Travel Insurance Claims

When you make an RSA travel insurance claim, you would be asked to provide a few documents based on your case and the type of claim you plan to file – 

Some standard documents required for all types of RSA travel insurance claims:

  • Policyholder’s travel insurance policy document
  • Identity proof – this can include the Emirates ID, residence visa, or passport
  • A valid copy of travel and flight tickets

The other case-specific documents are discussed below –

1. For Medical Emergencies

  • Medical reports of the diagnosis and procedure done for the treatment by the treating facility
  • Medical bills and invoices for medical services taken with the proof of receipts or accounts of other medical expenses incurred that are covered under the policy

2. For Cancelling Your Trip or Cutting Your Trip Short

  • Medical certificate from the treating facility or medical practitioner if the reason is medical
  • Death certificate (if relevant)
  • Cancellation certificate from the travel agency, carrier, or another provider
  • A letter from the relevant authority confirming that the policyholder has cancelled or curtailed the trip due to jury service, testimony in court, flooding, burglary, or redundancy

3. For Missed Departures and Connections

  • Evidence of vehicle breakdown if the vehicle you were travelling in to the airport broke down
  • Proof of the accident if the insured individual was involved in an accident
  • Evidence from the transportation provider if public transport broke down or failed

4. For Travel Delay

  • Receipts of your travel tickets
  • Property Irregularity Report issued by the carrier or agent specifying the actual departure date and time, the reason for the delay, and the duration of the delay

5. For Home Burglary Whilst Travelling

  • The written report issued by the police confirming the incident
  • Ownership documents or tenancy contract to prove that the property belongs to you
  • Provide the receipts or estimate of the items stolen from your property

6. For Hijack

  • Official letter issued by the relevant authority mentioning the length of the hijack

7. For Personal Accident and Death Benefits

  • Submit the medical report issued by the medical practitioner or hospital
  • Receipts of medical bills and payment invoices
  • Disability report from the treating facility
  • Valid police report in case of road accident
  • Original death certificate in case of death of the policyholder

8. For Personal Belonging and Baggage Loss & Damage

  • Obtain the Property Irregularity Report regarding damaged or lost baggage
  • Provide a copy of travel tickets and baggage tag receipts
  • Evidence of purchase for lost, damaged, or stolen items
  • Police report copy for all other losses

9. For Personal Baggage Delay

  • Submit the invoices of essential purchases you make while your baggage is delayed
  • Baggage tag receipts
  • Obtain written confirmation from the carrier stating the period for which you were without your baggage

10. For Lost, Stolen Travel Documents, Damaged Passports, and Credit Cards (Including Credit Card Fraud)

  • Confirmation (in writing) concerning the loss or damage from the Police or relevant authority
  • Confirmation in writing issued by the credit card or debit card lending institution
  • Obtain a letter from the consular representative stating the following – 
    • Date of loss of documents
    • Date of notification of loss
    • The date on which the duplicate copies of documents were obtained by the insured
  • Credit or debit card statement showing the fraudulent transactions in case of credit or debit card fraud

11. For Legal Expenses and Personal Liability

  • Incident report with details of the parties involved in the incident
  • Documents stating the extent of damage or injury caused to the property

12. For Golf/Cruise/Winter Sports/Terrorism

  • Documentation related to the specific cover

This can include property irregularity reports, police reports, invoices and receipts, an official letter from the relevant authority stating the closure length, cause of the accident, baggage receipts, and ticket receipts

Essential Things to Remember While Filing RSA Travel Insurance Claim

Keep in mind the following things while submitting an RSA travel insurance claim –

  • The claim form is one of the mandatory documents for submitting an RSA travel insurance claim. Whether you are submitting a claim online or online, you must take a print of the RSA travel insurance claim form from the official website under the ‘Make a Claim’ section.
  • For travel policies, mention the policy number from your policy schedule or the certificate issued to each member while contacting the customer support team
  • Specially equipped air ambulances are available for critical patients in case of medical emergencies under all RSA travel insurance plans
  • It is advisable to share all the relevant details and information that has led to your claim submission. This can help the provider better understand the situation and fast-track the claim approval process.
  • Before submitting the documents, have a look at the list of required documents and check the maximum limit for each benefit to avoid denied claims

How to Dispute the RSA Travel Insurance Claim in Case of Denials?

The following steps comprise the disputes and complaints procedures of RSA travel insurance claims –

  • Step1: If you are unsatisfied with the resolution or concerned about any aspect of the RSA service, you can email and inform them about the issue. The provider will investigate the matter, keep you updated with the complaint process, acknowledge the complaint within 24 hours, and address your problems within 48 hours.
  • Step2: If unsatisfied with the resolution, the policyholder can move their complaint to the RSA Senior Complaints Manager. You can mail your complaint to to notify them about your concern. In this case, the authorities will re-conduct the investigation and send you a final response letter to conclude the complaint.
  • Step3: You can seek assistance from the UAE insurance regulator if you haven't received the required written response within 8 weeks from the date you sent the complaint.


Q1. What to do if I have a medical emergency abroad?

Awn: RSA provides round-the-clock services worldwide for any assistance concerning medical emergencies. You can dial +971-4-601-8777 and inform the company about the help you need.

Q2. How long does the RSA travel insurance claim process take?

Ans: RSA generally responds within 24 hours, provided the insured submits all the required documents and details correctly.

Q3. How will I receive the payment for my RSA travel insurance claim?

Ans: The RSA customer support team will contact you to arrange a bank transfer or to collect the check once your claim has been settled.

Q4. Can I claim under my travel insurance for a trip cancelled due to the risk of terrorism?

Ans: No, the travel insurance policy does not cover the cancellation of the trip on the grounds of terrorism or war.

Q5. Can I contact Policybazaar UAE for RSA travel insurance claim assistance?

Ans: Yes, you can connect with the Policybazaar UAE customer support team which can guide you with respect to the RSA travel insurance claim process.

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