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Travelling is a great way to learn about new cultures, foods, and histories and get familiar with the way that the rest of the world lives. It allows you to push yourself outside of your comfort zone and collect new rewarding experiences that turn into amazing life stories for many. Now that the threat of the pandemic is taking the backseat, several countries are opening up their border for tourists again. One such popular tourist destination is Italy. Travelling overseas from the UAE will require you to gather some important things, line-up the required documents and find proper travel insurance for Italy as well. Travel insurance is essential for visiting Italy regardless of your purpose of visit. This article will cover everything you need to know about Italy travel insurance and how you can get it in the UAE. 

Italy Travel Insurance

The travel authorities of Italy mandate every visitor to have travel proper insurance for visiting and staying in Italy. This obligation aims to minimise or eliminate the overwhelming distress and financial load in case of mishaps during travels. To enjoy your trip to the fullest, you must have travel insurance good enough to cover damages and losses caused by most perils and misfortunes. Travel insurance gives you security against several types of damages and losses like change or cancellation of flight, loss of luggage, emergency medical expenses on the trip, etc.

Do I Need Travel Insurance for Italy?

It is mandatory for every tourist visiting Italy to have a proper travel insurance plan regardless of the purpose of their visit. Since Italy is a Schengen country, you will be required to purchase a Schengen travel insurance plan to enter as a visitor. Schengen travel insurance requirements come with a few pre-specified requirements as well. Your Schengen travel insurance for Italy must come with an assured sum of at least 30,000 Euros for emergency medical expenses. The plan must be valid across all Schengen countries including Italy. Make sure that the plan you select fulfils all these requirements.

Features of Travel Insurance Plans for Italy

Let’s look at some basic features and benefits that travel insurance plans for Italy cover:

1. Coverage for medical expenses

From emergency medical expenses to dental care and repatriation, your travel insurance for Italy will offer several medical benefits as a part of the package. Following are all the benefits covered in the travel health insurance part of the plan:

  • Emergency Medical Expenses - Any expense made for treating an emergency medical situation is covered.
  • Repatriation of Remains - In case of the demise of the insured during the trip, the mortal remains are sent back to their home country at the expense of the insurance company.
  • Dental Treatment - Dental treatment and services required in case of an emergency are covered.
  • Funeral Expenses - The funeral expenses are covered by the insurance provider if the insured meets their demise during the trip.
  • Hospital Cash Benefits - The room charges and other hospital stay expenses are covered by the insurance provider through hospital cash benefits.
  • Critical Care Monitoring - The charges for critical care monitoring, during the trip, may also be covered by the insurance company in some plans.

2. Covid 19 coverage

The covid-19 cover of your travel insurance plan will cover hospital stay costs, quarantine costs, medicines costs and expenses for RT-PCR tests if you are tested positive for Covid-19.

3. Accident coverage

Some travel insurance plans may cover injuries and losses caused by accidents that happen overseas when you are on your trip. Let’s see what this coverage includes:

  • Death Due to Accident - If an accident leads to the demise of the insured, compensation is paid to their dependents or family members as per the coverage of the plan.
  • Disability Due to an Accident - Any permanent partial disability or total temporary disability is also compensated for.
  • Dismemberment Due to Accident - If an accident causes dismemberment of the insured individual, the insurance company provides due compensation.

4. Travel Inconvenience Benefits

The trip inconvenience benefits of travel insurance for Italy cover everything from flights to baggage and the overall trip. Let’s see what these benefits have in store for you:

  • Hijack - Hijack cover of your travel insurance cover offers compensation for flight hijacking. 
  • Loss of baggage - Baggage cover of your travel insurance plan offers compensation for the baggage you lose during your trip.
  • Flight Cancellation or Missed Connection Flight - Flight cancellation due to unforeseen reasons or because of the fault of the airline. If a delay in your initial flight leads to missed connection flight, your travel plan compensates for it as well.
  • Delayed Flights - Your travel insurance covers you for the time you spend waiting for your delayed flight. 
  • Baggage Delay - If your checked-in baggage is delayed and you have to wait for it at the airport or somewhere else, your insurance company reimburses you for the inconvenience. 
  • Personal Liability - Any accidental third-party liabilities caused during the trip are covered by your travel plan. 
  • Loss of Passport - If you happen to lose your passport during the trip, your plan covers the cost of getting a new one before your return. Some policies also cover the loss of other travel documents.
  • Trip Cancellation and Curtailment - If you have to cancel your trip due to unforeseen reasons, your travel insurance plan will cover the trip expenses of all non-refundable bookings. If you have to cut your trip short due to some unforeseen reason, your plan will cover the remaining expenses as well. Trip curtailment is covered if more than 50% of your trip is remaining.

5. Additional Security-Related Covers

There are a few additional covers you can hope to enjoy with your travel insurance plans.

Let’s see what they are:

  1. Credit Card Fraud
  2. Mugging
  3. Loss of valuables and precious belongings like jewellery
  4. Lost money and personal documents

Types of Travel Insurance for Italy

Having travel insurance is essential, it is even more important to choose the right plan as per your trip requirements. Several things can pact the type of travel insurance you should choose including duration of the trip, travel companions, length of the trip, destination etc.

There are different types of Schengen travel insurance you can get for your Italy tour:

  • Single-Trip Travel Insurance for Italy - If you are visiting Italy for purposes like short-term business, tourism or short-term training purposes, you can get a single-visit visit travel insurance plan. These plans expire once your trip ends and cannot be renewed. You can add vacation days to your plan if your trip happens to get extended. 
  • Annual Multiple Trip Travel Insurance for Italy - This type of travel insurance is mainly for individuals who plan to visit Italy regularly multiple times. The annual multi-trip travel insurance is valid for one year and can be renewed. It covers all trips you wait during the tenure of the plan. This insurance type is best fitted for business people and professionals who may have to go to Italy for business meetings and conferences multiple times.
  • Student travel insurance for Italy - Italy is a highly popular destination for students and professionals in training. Students moving to Italy for studying must get a special student travel insurance plan. These travel insurance plans are specifically designed to cover all needs of students who travel to Italy.
  • Senior citizen travel insurance for Italy - Most individual travel insurance plans are only available for travellers aged below 65-70 years. Specially curated plans are offered to senior citizens who travel to Italy. These plans are more suited to the unique needs of senior travellers.
  • Individual travel insurance for Italy - Individual travel insurance plans are highly suited for people who are going on solo trips or travelling alone for work-related purposes.
  • Family travel insurance for Italy - A family travel insurance plan covers your minor children and spouse along with yourself. All members of your family covered under this insurance receive the similar benefits as that of the policyholder. Children older than 30 days can be included in your family travel insurance policy.

Italy Visa Requirements

As a UAE national, if you want to visit and stay in Italy for a short duration, you will not require a visa. However, a visa will be required as per your purpose of your visit if you are a UAE resident. Some other countries are also added to the visa-free entry list in Italy. If you have citizenship in any of these countries, you will not require a short-stay visa. You will anyway need a valid passport for your visit. Please note that your passport should be valid for three months after the end date of your trip.

Documents Required to Get Italy Visa

You must submit the following documents to get a visa for Italy:

  • Appropriately filled out Visa application form
  • Valid passport with more than 3 month's validity beyond the trip dates, and it should not be older than 10 years
  • 2 passport-size photos
  • An international health or travel insurance covering emergency medical expenses in Italy and Schengen Area
  • Proof of financial ability to sponsor your trip
  • Polio vaccination certificate if you have recently travelled to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Nigeria, Somalia, or Congo and stayed for more than four weeks

Undoubtedly, Italy was the foundation for the renaissance and several liberal arts in the mid-century. But, there is so much to Italy that can bewitch you— from art-filled museums to breathtaking lakes, from captivating architecture to relishing food, and more. Let's take a look at some of the cities of Italy you must visit on your trip to Italy: 

1. Rome

Rome, the country's capital, should always be on your list when travelling in Italy. The city is the hotspot for tourists worldwide and is known for its amazing food and exquisite Roman architecture.

2. The Almafi Coast

Picturesque houses on mountain cliffs that gently brushes against the sea are the high point of this coast. Charming and bright-coloured houses and hotel cabins along the long coastline make it a treat for the eyes.

3. Lake Como

Lake Como is perfect for someone who enjoys the coasts and the sun. You get sunny and comfy weather besides this lake that is tucked beautifully between lofty mountains. There are plenty of luxury hotels and villas near the coast, so you can enjoy the waters during the day and relax at the hotels at night.

4. Naples

If you are visiting Italy, you can't miss visiting Naples, the birthplace of pizza. You can go sightseeing in the city and try authentic Italian delicacies. Besides mouth-watering food, the city also has traces of Roman and Greek architecture.

5. Venice

A city built on water (or on 117 islands, to be more precise), Venice is enchanting filled with dreamy buildings and water canals. It is recommended to visit here at least once if you are in Italy. The slow boat ride across the city is a worthwhile experience.

Best time to visit Italy 

The ideal time to visit Italy is in Spring and Fall. The comfy and pleasant weather of both these seasons is best for tourists travelling in Italy as well as other Schengen countries.

How to Get Travel Insurance Online for Travelling to Italy from UAE?

You can purchase your travel insurance for Italy using both online and offline methods. The easiest way to purchase your travel insurance plan is via You can follow the below-given steps to get your travel insurance for Italy with Policybazaar:

  • Visit, the official website of Policybazaar UAE.
  • On the home page, click the travel insurance option under "general insurance"
  • Open the lead form available on this page and choose the option "travel outside UAE".
  • Now choose the type of travel insurance you want "single-visit" or "multiple visits"
  • Select your trip date and duration, then select the country you want to travel to, for example, Italy
  • Enter travellers' details like age and gender; then fill in your name and email id
  • Submit the lead form to get travel insurance quotes for your trip 
  • You can now analyse and choose a plan that fits your needs the best
  • Now fill out the application form, pay the premium online and complete the procedure.


Q1. Do I need a Covid test to enter Italy?

Ans: From June 2022, you need not have a green pass to enter Italy – a covid vaccination or recovery certificate. You also need not quarantine when you reach Italy as per the current guidelines.

Q2. Is Italian healthcare free for tourists?

Ans: No, it is not free of cost. However, medical facilities in Italy are quite affordable and easily available for tourists and visitors in the country.

Q3. Is travel health insurance mandatory for Italy?

Ans: Yes, travel insurance is mandatory for all short-stay and long-stay visitors coming to Italy. It is not mandatory for UAE nationals to get travel insurance for short stays in Italy but highly recommended.

Q4. Will travel insurance cover flight cancellation due to Covid?

Ans: Flight cancellations and trip cancellations due to unforeseen illnesses are covered by travel insurance plans.

Q5. What is the minimum required for a Schengen travel insurance plan for Italy?

Ans: Your Schengen travel insurance plans must have an emergency medical sum of at least 30,000 Euros and must be valid across all Schengen countries.

Q6. How can I purchase my travel insurance for an Italy visa?

Ans: You can use our website to purchase your Italy travel insurance plan with ease. You can also use the provider’s website as an alternative for the same.

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