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Jordan passport holders looking forward to an international vacation can easily choose to travel to several countries without the hassle of getting a visa. While­ some countries allow Jordan citizens to enter without a visa, others may offer visa-on-arrival or Ele­ctronic Travel Authorisation (eTA). Overall, there are around 50 Jordan passport visa free countries.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the Jordan visa free countries, including those that offe­r visa-on-arrival or require eTA or advance visas such as e­lectronic visas.

What are the Different Types of Visas Jordanians Can Avail?

Understanding the different types of visas is crucial to avoid any confusion before exploring Jordan visa free countries. Let’s take a look at the table below for understanding these categories -

Visa Type Description
Visa Free With this facility, you can visit a country without a visa. This arrangement is primarily available due to mutual agreements and/or relaxed border regulations.
Electronic Visa(eVisa) e-Visa can be considered a digital version of a traditional visa. This type of visa is applied for and issued electronically.
Visa on Arrival Visa on arrival refers to an arrangement that enables travellers to apply for and obtain their visa upon arrival at their de­stination country's port of entry — whether an airport or border crossing point.
eTA eTA stands for Electronic Trave­l Authorisation. It is a convenient authorisation that allows travellers to visit specific countries without requiring a traditional visa.

List of Jordan Passport Visa Free Countries

In this table, we will cover the list of Jordan visa free countries as well as the duration of the maximum permitted visa-free stay -

Country Allowed Stay of Up to
Barbados 90 days
Cook Islands 31 days
Dominica 21 days
Ecuador 90 days
Georgia 1 year
Haiti 3 months
Indonesia 30 days
Kosovo 90 days
Lebanon 3 months
Libya 1 month
Malaysia 90 days
Micronesia 30 days
Oman 10 days
Saint Kitts and Nevis 3 months
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines NA
Samoa 60 days
South Africa 30 days
Syria 90 Days
Tunisia 90 days
Turkey 90 days


Features of Jordan Passport Visa Free Countries

Visa exemptions in differe­nt countries allow individuals holding Jordan passports to access numerous benefits for convenient travel experiences. Let’s take a look at the major features -

  • Jordanian citizens must have a valid passport to travel visa-free­ to the countries and territorie­s listed above as well as the upcoming ones. 
  • Travelling with a Jordanian passport can save you both time and money. This is because you are no longer required to navigate the comple­x and oft-costly visa application process before your de­parture. Instead, you can simply pay the visa fe­e upon arrival at your destination airport. 
  • The ability to trave­l across borders without visa restrictions facilitates se­amless movement, allowing you to plan for your trip on short notice. 

Countries Requiring e-Visa, Visa on Arrival, and eTA for Jordan Citizens

With a Jordanian passport, you can explore various Jordan visa free countries. At the same time, keep in mind that some destinations may require e­-Visas, visa on arrival, and eTA for Jordanian travellers.

With that said, it is pretty straightforward to get these documents compared to regular visas.

Countries Requiring e-Visa

Countries Time Duration of Up to
Antigua and Barbuda NA
Armenia 120 days
Azerbaijan 30 days
Bahrain NA
Benin NA
Cambodia 30 days
Djibouti NA
Ethiopia 90 days
Gabon 90 days
Guinea 90 days
Guinea-Bissau NA
India 30 days
Kenya 90 days
Kyrgyzstan NA
Lesotho 14 days
Madagascar 90 days
Malawi 30 days
Myanmar NA
Qatar NA
Rwanda 30 days
Saint Helena NA
South Sudan NA
Suriname 90 days
Tanzania NA
Uganda NA
Uzbekistan 30 days
Zambia NA
Zimbabwe NA

Countries Requiring Visa on Arrival

Countries  Time Duration of Up to
Armenia 120 days
Benin NA
Bolivia 90 days
Cambodia 30 days
Cape Verde NA
Comoros 45 days
Guinea-Bissau 90 days
Kenya 90 days
Madagascar 90 days
Malawi 30 days
Maldives 30 days
Mauritania NA
Mauritius 60 days
Mozambique 30 days
Nepal 150 days
Nicaragua 30 days
Pakistan 30 days
Palau 30 days
Rwanda 30 days
Senegal NA
Seychelles 90 days
Somalia 30 days
Sri Lanka 30 days
Tajikistan 30 days
Tanzania NA
Timor Leste 30 days
Togo 15 days
Tuvalu 30 days
Uganda NA
Yemen 90 days


Countries Requiring eTA

Countries Time Period
Pakistan Up to 30 days
Sri Lanka Up to 30 days

Wrapping Up

For Jordanian passport holders, there are around 50 Jordan passport visa free countries that they can explore without a visa or with an eVisa, eTA, or visa on arrival. With detailed information on various types of visas, Jordan citizens can make an informed choice before deciding on their next destination for international exploration.

Whether you are going to any of the Jordan visa free countries or a territory that requires any type of visa, financially securing your trip is a must. This can be easily done with a travel insurance plan, which can offer coverage for various possible complications such as delayed or cancelled flights, medical emergencie­s, COVID-19, lost or stolen luggage, and so forth.

To access the best travel insurance quotes at your fingertips, head to the ‘travel insurance’ section on and fill out the lead form.


Q1. Is travel health insurance required for visa-free travel?

Ans: Although travel health insurance is usually not required for visa-free travel, some countries may still require Jordanian passport holders to purchase this type of insurance. It is advisable to check the specific requirements of your destination country regarding insurance coverage.

Q2. How many countries require a mandatory visa for Jordanian citizens?

Ans: Jordanian passport holders require a visa to visit around 140 countries.

Q3. Which Asian countries do not require a visa from Jordanian passport holders?

Ans: With a Jordanian passport, you can enjoy the benefit of travelling to several Asian countries without requiring a visa like Malaysia, Syria, Lebanon, and Turkey.

Q4. How long will a Jordanian passport be valid when applying for a visa?

Ans: Several countries require the traveller to have a passport that is valid for more than 6 months beyond their planned arrival date. It is advisable to check the specific country's requirements before applying.

Q5. Can I travel visa-free to Iceland with a Jordanian passport?

Ans: No, you will be required to get a valid visa to travel to Iceland with a Jordanian passport.

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