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Planning your trip to another country can be very exciting. From the initial rush of getting ready for the trip to the final steps of going to the trip, everything, after you have decided to go on the trip, is thrilling. But the preparation for the whole saga can be a little overwhelming considering the travel formalities that you need to take care of. From your visa, passport to travel insurance, there is a whole list of things you need to do when planning a trip. Generally, travel insurance is not an obligation. However, in the case of the UAE, travel insurance is mandatory.  Getting the right travel insurance plan can be a little confusing and expensive too, whether it is for Dubai or any other country. If you’re looking for affordable travel insurance, there are certain tips to follow. Let’s crack the code to buy affordable travel medical insurance for Dubai.

How to Buy Cheap Travel Insurance for Your Trip to Dubai?

Buying an affordable travel insurance plan is an interesting blend of research and some tried and tested tricks. Given below are the top 5 things you can do to make sure that you have bought affordable yet comprehensive travel health insurance for Dubai:

Buy Early, as Early as You Can

The earlier you buy your travel insurance plan, the better deals you may get. Along with getting better deals and options on the prices, you also get the benefit of getting your trip covered from the very beginning. The thing with travel medical insurance for Dubai is that it covers most reasons for trip cancellation, curtailment or postponement. This means that the later you buy your travel insurance, the lesser coverage you will have. Many travel insurance companies also offer special discounts for people who buy insurance as early. So, make sure that you do not delay the buying decision a little too much.

Do Not Buy Travel Insurance Without Comparing

Comparison is the key to buying good travel insurance for Dubai. The more you compare, the better understanding you will have of the benefits that different travel insurance companies offer. The insurance prices in the UAE are regulated by the authorities that keep the prices afloat on an optimal level. However, that does not mean that you will not find a plan that is cheaper than the others. A price difference still exists and you can take advantage of that simply by comparing the plans and benefits.

Consider Buying Your Travel Insurance Online for Dubai

Online marketplaces are a great way to buy your travel insurance in Dubai. Almost all insurance companies around the world now have a digital platform that holds not only complete information about the travel insurance plans that they offer but also a complete and secure platform for buying travel insurance online for Dubai. Most travel insurance providers also offer special discounts to people who buy their plans online rather than offline. So, find a secure platform, whether on the provider’s website or the aggregator’s website and then buy your plans online.

Try Not to Buy Travel Insurance with Airline Tickets

Many airlines offer their customers travel insurance packages. However, attractive they may seem, these combo deals ultimately end up being more expensive because these plans are highly priced and offer fewer benefits. Buying your health insurance plan with your air tickets may sound convenient but it is not affordable. Consider skipping this idea and search for your travel health insurance for Dubai separately before you go in and buy the flight tickets.

Get in Touch with an Expert

If this is your first time buying travel insurance, then a financial expert can be of great help to you. They can not only suggest you the best plan according to your needs but also inform you about the current trends, requirements and discounts going on at the time. If you buy your travel health insurance plan from an insurance aggregator, you will have the access to their in-house financial experts. Make sure that you take a bit of advice and find out about any of the exclusive discounts that are running at the moment.

Why Would You Need Travel Insurance in Dubai?

Many travelers ponder upon the requirement of travel insurance when traveling. Often regarded as something optional, travel insurance is an important part of every. Given below are some of the reasons that make it important to have a travel insurance plan:

Mandated by the Law

The first and the most important reason to get a travel health insurance plan for your trip to Dubai is that it is mandated by the law. You can not get a tourist or visitor visa if you do not have valid travel medical insurance for Dubai. So, no matter what you plan to do, buying a travel insurance plan when you are going to Dubai is one of the most important things to do among your preparation rituals.

Easy Access to Quality Healthcare

Quality healthcare services never come cheap and the same is the case in Dubai. If you are traveling out of your country and happen to encounter a medical emergency, your travel health insurance plan in Dubai can help you cover the cost of all emergency medical treatment. Without a travel medical insurance plan to cover your treatment expenses, your trip will turn out to be a lot more expensive than you anticipated, even in the worst possible scenario. So, it is always a good idea to have a travel medical insurance plan in Dubai when you are traveling.

May Come in Handy Adventure Sports

Almost every travel health insurance for Dubai comes with an option to add cover for adventure sports. This way, if you get injured when involved in an adventurous activity in Dubai, your treatment expenses will be covered. On top of that, this cover may also involve protection for your adventure sports, etc. Make sure that you check the contents of such covers. They come under different names as well.  

Helping Hand with Unforeseen Emergencies

It’s not just medical emergencies that may tie your hands behind your back when you are out visiting another country. Non-medical emergencies can be equally daunting and maybe more so. Your travel health insurance plan for Dubai not only helps in handling most of the non-medical emergencies but also arranges for emergency evacuation back to your home country. In short, your travel health insurance in Dubai is not limited to just medical benefits. Personal liabilities, lost baggage, and other personal items, and many other things are covered by travel insurance plans.

Brings Peace of Mind

Above all, the top benefit of buying travel medical insurance for Dubai is that you can enjoy your vacation with peace of mind. You won’t have to constantly worry about losing money on activities you booked but can not enjoy because of an unknown natural disaster stuck, getting your flights canceled or having your luggage stolen. Even if any of these things happen, you will have your travel medical insurance in Dubai to fall back on.


Finding affordable travel medical insurance for Dubai can seem confusing at first, considering all the steps involved in the process. However, with the right kind of platform and guidance, buying travel health insurance for Dubai can be very easy. Moreover, now you are aware that it is not only mandatory but also extremely beneficial to have a proper travel insurance plan when you visit the UAE. Just make sure that you follow the 5 insider tips mentioned and make sure the plan is a comprehensive one to cover all your needs when abroad.

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