Best Tips to Buy Travel Insurance in 2024


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Trips and vacations are perfect getaways to get re-energised and refreshed. They can also prove enriching, as exploring diverse places allows you to enjoy different cultures and traditions. However, the possibility of facing any misfortune is present even when you are on a journey. As mishaps like accident, death, or loss of valuables during a trip can happen irrespective of the probability, individuals must prepare themselves to face the situation. 
One of the easiest and most comprehensive ways to insure yourself while on a journey is to obtain a travel insurance policy. And while you may find various plans regarding the same in the country, you can make an informed choice by going through the top travel insurance tips for 2023 first. Discussed below are all the major aspects related to travel insurance in UAE.

What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance comes in handy when any adverse situation emerges during your travel period. It covers all emergency situations related to health or monetary losses and reimburses the amount to ease your financial burden. Whether it is a medical emergency or baggage loss, the policy plan covers it all. It should be noted that a travel insurance policy can cover both family and individuals as per your selected plan. 

If you wish to financially secure your next trip, it is crucial to understand a few travel insurance facts. 

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Travel Insurance Facts to Remember

A travel insurance plan supports you financially when a mishap takes place during your journey. Whether you are travelling within the country or abroad, you can always avail of travel insurance provided you have a plan that has coverage for each category specifically. 

While purchasing travel insurance is not a herculean task, selecting one from the variety of options can prove challenging. Thus, it is highly advisable to select a plan only after taking an in-depth look into each plan and making appropriate comparisons. 

Take a note of the following factors when you opt to buy a travel insurance plan in the UAE.

Prioritise Travel Insurance Plan

This is the first travel insurance advice one must follow. Your entire travel plan decides the type of travel insurance you need to secure your trip. Consequently, once you design an itinerary for your trip, you should immediately start searching for the best travel insurance plan that matches it. 

While the insurance prices may be regulated, the cost might still vary for each company and plan. Thus, after you shortlist all the plan coverages, compare their prices and offered benefits before making the final selection. 

Purchase Immediately After the Booking

As mentioned earlier, the type of travel insurance most suitable for you will depend on your travel schedule. However, it is essential to choose your travel insurance policy prior to trip booking. As you may find it difficult to search for plans once your travel date starts approaching, you must ideally buy the travel insurance plan near the time of purchasing your tickets for the trip. 

Verify Your Credit Cards Travel Benefits

Credit cards in the UAE offer great benefits and advantages with purchases. However, some credit cards from the leading providers in the UAE include travel insurance as part of the additional benefits. Consequently, you should make sure to check the features of your credit card before choosing a travel insurance plan. 

Check for COVID-19 Coverage in Travel Insurance Plan 

Insurance companies have introduced COVID-19 coverage since the outbreak of the pandemic. Nevertheless, you should first verify which providers incorporate COVID-19 benefits into their travel insurance plans. For this, you can visit the website of each insurance company and read the travel insurance guide. 

Other than that, it is recommended to also verify if the country or state you are travelling to has some COVID-19 restrictions. Most nations currently require proof regarding an individual’s second dose of vaccination. In case an individual has not taken the doses, the concerned airport authority either asks for an on-spot RT- PCR test or quarantine for a few days.

Inspect the Travel Insurance Claim Process

As you will be far from your home on travel, collecting the required documents and information for making an insurance claim can be stressful if you face any adverse situation. Consequently, you should be aware of the entire procedure for making a claim with the travel insurance policy. You can, for instance, verify if your insurance provider has an app for smartphones that can ensure a quick claim settlement process. 

In-Depth Comparison

While the rates for the top travel insurance plans policy as well as offered benefits may appear almost the same, you must still extensively compare them to get the best deal. With travel insurance plans ranging from low to high prices as well as the scope of coverage, even the apparently minor details can have a significant impact. 

Another factor comes in the form of special offers, with several companies providing rewards and discounts on their travel insurance policies. Ultimately, one should thoroughly compare the plans in terms of rates, offered benefits, offers (if any), and other factors to get the most suitable travel insurance plan possible. 

How to Buy a Travel Insurance Plan?

While selecting apt travel insurance may be difficult due to the sheer variety of available plans, the further procedure is quite straightforward. You can visit and explore all the top travel insurance plans in the UAE under the category ‘travel insurance’. Once you select a plan, simply provide the details and documents requested on the page to complete the application process from your end. 

Another option here is to go to the insurance provider’s official website. You can locate the travel insurance section on the site and follow the specified instructions to purchase a suitable travel insurance plan. You can also visit the nearest branch of your preferred insurance provider and consult a representative for the same. Complete all the required paperwork and submit them with the required documents to complete the process.

In all the options discussed above, you will be contacted by the bank if your application is approved for the next steps.

Key Takeaways

Risks are always involved while travelling. With proper travel insurance, we can be assured of financially securing ourselves with adequate protection. However, purchasing a travel insurance policy can be confusing at times as insurance companies offer multiple plans with varying prices. The next time you plan to buy travel insurance, follow the above-mentioned travel insurance guide to wisely choose a coverage plan. Additionally, you can also refer to to compare and select the best travel insurance policy.

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Does travel insurance include medical services for pre-existing health issues?

No, insurance companies generally don’t provide coverage for pre-existing illnesses under travel insurance.

Is buying a travel insurance policy required if your credit card already covers travel insurance benefits?

Although several credit cards provide travel insurance as an additional benefit, they might not include every plan that you are looking for. Thus, you should buy a travel insurance policy if you find the one provided by the credit card insufficient.

Do all insurance companies have COVID-19 coverage in their travel insurance plans?

With the ongoing pandemic, most insurance firms have included COVID-19 coverage as part of travel insurance. However, a few of them may not provide such a facility unless specifically requested in the form of an add-on. You should first verify this specific coverage before deciding to buy an insurance policy.

Is a stay extension due to a natural calamity covered under travel insurance?

The coverage for stay extension owing to a natural calamity depends on the travel insurance plan of your selection. It is one of the essential travel insurance tips to keep in mind as you may be required to extend your stay at times due to some uninvited situations.

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