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With the entire world witnessing one of the worst pandemics in the history of mankind, health insurance premiums have risen substantially all across the globe especially in the UAE. According to leading health care surveyors, it was predicted that prices of health insurance in UAE will tend to rise by a minimum of 15% in the coming years. However, the Health Insurance Cost in the UAE surpassed the predicted number due to the COVID-19 pandemic as more and more people started purchasing Mediclaim policies to safeguard themselves and their loved ones against the wrath of this deadly pathogen. 

The above plans and premiums are for AED 1,000,000 Sum insured for 1 Adult of 30 Years for Dubai city.

UAE has always been known as the land of opportunities and luxury. People from different countries and nationalities migrate to Emirates like Dubai and Abu Dhabi in search of better job and remuneration opportunities. Migrants not just from Asia but all continents move to UAE to experience the Arabian culture and lifestyle. 

Whether you are a working professional or a business owner in the UAE, it is mandatory for all migrants and citizens to get a valid health insurance plan. If you are looking forward to getting a health insurance plan in the UAE, but are concerned about the rising prices of the premium you’ve landed at the right place. In this thread, we’ve come up with some of the tested and proven tips that will help you to cut down on your health insurance premium costs in the UAE.  

Impact of Rising Health Insurance Cost

Before we dive deep into the nuances of reducing health insurance premium costs, we need to take a thorough look at the various impacts of the rising costs of premiums in the UAE. First off, the majority of people that migrate to the UAE are sponsored by an Emirati company that takes care of all the pre-requisites of moving to the country. This includes visa, documentation, along health insurance requirements. 

The major impact of the sudden rise in the health insurance cost is that companies sponsoring migrants have reduced the health insurance coverage. As a result of this cut down in health insurance coverage more and more employees are demotivated and have start looking for alternatives where they would receive better coverage and other auxiliary facilities.  

Apart from employees looking for other options another common observation in such situations is a drop in productivity due to a lack of motivation and interest in work. This not only affects the employee on an individual level but also impacts the overall organizational output and revenue.  

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Health Insurance Training

Initially, as an employer, the first step you can take to cut down on the health insurance premium prices is educating your employees about the appropriate usage and implications of Mediclaim policies in the UAE. Typically, health insurance providers calculate the premium of Mediclaim policies by taking into account the number of claims that have been submitted. 

By educating your employees to make judicious use of health insurance plans you can cut down on the expenses of health insurance premiums along with teaching your peers to make better use of these plans in the UAE.  

As an employer, you should take a close look at the number of claims that have been submitted by your employees in the last twelve months to get a clearer picture of the amount that you’ll have to pay. This thorough analysis will help you to identify patterns and trends that will act as tools to cut down on the overall health insurance premiums. Furthermore, this information not only helps you to cut down on the overall expenses but also educates your employees to make better use of life insurance as a tool.  

You can start by simply organizing small training and workshops with different teams encompassing interactive Q and A sessions that will help employees to get a better understanding of the services offered by health insurance plans. Another effective way would be training employees during the onboard induction process about health insurance and related services.  

Key Pointers that must be covered in the Health Insurance Training - 

1. Financial Impact of Mediclaim Insurance Policies

 Employees getting health insurance facilities from their employers should understand that an increase in usage leads often results in increased prices of health insurance premiums. Furthermore, an important point to be kept in consideration here is that the health status of the employees has an impact on the overall output of the organization. On the other hand, it also impacts the co-payment made by the employees of the company.  

In order to make things easier and simpler numerous business owners are investing extensively in technological developments to improve the process of claim management and processing. This not only makes the entire process easier and user-friendly but also makes it easier to maintain records. Employees should be encouraged to make use of their health insurance plans cautiously and inquiring their doctors about the coverage of procedures and medications under health insurance is the right choice.  

2. Eat Right and Workout Regularly

Apart from focusing on making cautious use of health insurance plans, employers should lay emphasis on educating and motivating their employees to switch to a better lifestyle by eating the right type of food and working out regularly. When employees of your organization will be healthier the total number of claims filed will be reduced substantially which in turn will reduce your payable health insurance premium. A better lifestyle will improve the life expectancy of your employees thereby increasing the revenue and output of your organization that will help to spend less and earns more.  

3. Assess and then Get Tested

Under most, health insurance plans, doctors and practitioners recommend diagnostic tests and examinations that are unnecessary and written with the objective of shooting up the revenue. The best part to avoid such situations is to thoroughly assess your medical conditions and seek alternate advice to ensure that you need those medical tests. If the other doctor or practitioner recommends the same tests then you might get them done. However, if you find them unnecessary you can skip them to save on the premium.  

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4. Visit your General Physician

Under your health insurance plan, you will get a dedicated doctor as a consultant. However, as mentioned earlier in order to get a second genuine opinion you can consult your general physician which will make sure that the recommendations made by the dedicated doctor are not just for making money. The best part is that a second opinion will help you to get a better idea of your health condition which will reduce the chances of error.  

5. Go for Generic Drugs

The pharmaceutical industry has been one of the fastest-growing industries. The price difference in medications is mind-boggling. The concept of generic medications has made it possible to opt for the right medicines at affordable prices. The prices and quality are government regulated which makes it the right choice for people looking forward to cutting down on the health insurance premiums.  

In a Nutshell

Health insurance plans are an absolute must in order to protect yourself and your loved ones against the strokes of uncertainties on the trail of life. Go for the right plan which not only fits your budget but also offers the right services to you and your family members. 

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