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When you think about going on with your everyday life seamlessly, certain services will pop up in your mind that need renewal at regular intervals to keep enjoying their benefits. One such example is health insurance.

Like any other insurance plan, renewing health insurance policies from time to time is imperative. It helps you enjoy its coverage throughout your tenure and manage any medical emergencies without hiccups.

How to renew a health insurance plan?

There are two primary ways to renew medical insurance plans, online and offline.

Online method

In the case of the online method, you need to visit the official website of your insurance provider and enter all the details of your policy. After that, the insurance company will send you the policy premium quotations, and then you can make a decision based on that. Once you select the policy renewal option you prefer, you can pay the premium amount and receive the policy information through your registered contact number and email address.

Offline method

Besides online, you can renew your health insurance offline. For that, you can now get in touch with the executives of the insurance provider and compete for the due process and make the premium payment. After that, you will receive your policy papers once the application is through.

However, before you go ahead with this process, you need to keep a few points in mind to make an informed decision.

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Things to remember before renewing health insurance 

If you are renewing an existing policy, here are some points you should keep in mind:

Assess the renewal terms

Usually, your insurance provider will notify you to renew your health insurance 45 days before the due date. Go through the details like- sum assured, number of claims made, no-claim bonus etc. If you find any discrepancy, contact your agent at the earliest. 

Evaluate your needs

Considering the rising costs in healthcare, your existing medical insurance might not be able to provide you with sufficient coverage. Therefore, evaluating your present circumstance and future requirements is essential before deciding the sum to insure. You can add a rider to your primary policy or remove any unnecessary options.

Check other options

If you are unhappy with your current insurance provider because of lesser benefits or higher premiums, you can always renew your health insurance dubai plan with another policy provider. This is known as health insurance portability. In UAE, during portability, you do not miss out on the benefits like the no-claim bonus that you have earned by not claiming the previous policy tenure.

Tips for health insurance renewal

Here are some quick tips from Policybazaar for the health insurance renewal process: 

Renew your policy before its expiry

In UAE, a 15 to 30-day grace period will be provided if you fail to renew your policy on time. After that, your policy will lapse. So, it is best to renew your policy before its due date to avoid any unnecessary hassle.

Read the policy details thoroughly

Go through the terms and conditions carefully, including- the renewal clause, exclusions, and how to claim your policy. Moreover, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask and get clarification. Once you are comfortable, then only move ahead with the process.

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Provide all details

While buying a new policy or renewing an existing one, you must provide all details of your medical history and current ailments to avoid any inconvenience while making a claim. 

Seeing yourself and your loved ones in good health feels amazing. But the future is unpredictable. So, if you don't want to feel financially helpless in a medical exigency, renewing health insurance is an investment that pays off plenty.

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