What Does Your Emirates ID Number Really Mean?

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The Emirates ID is a part of the identity of a person who is legally staying in the UAE. The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship issues this ID card for all the citizens of UAE. Moreover, having this identity card is mandatory for all the citizens of this country.

The Emirates ID number is issued for every citizen of the UAE after they apply for the same, and it can’t be modified at any time in the future.

How to Check Emirates ID Status

What does the Emirates ID Number look like?

The Emirates ID number consists of 15 digits, and it is exclusive to you as it is for all other citizens of UAE. However, there is a 4-digit part that can match with others since your birth date, month, and year can be the same as another individual.

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Other features of the Emirates ID card and the Emirates ID number 

  • The Emirates ID number is unique to a person and allocated for life.
  • In case a person has to change the date of birth, the Emirates ID number issued to them will not be changed.
  • In case of a resident cancelling his residence visa for leaving UAE, their Emirates ID number will not be cancelled under any circumstances. The same number will be reissued on their return.
  • Remember, this ID number and the card number on the right are two separate things and should not be confused with each other.

It is illegal to keep one’s Emirates ID card in UAE without any valid reason. Companies aren’t allowed to refuse to give back this card to their employees, customers or visitors. They can only use the card details for any company registration protocol.

Abu Dhabi Police Fine Check On Emirates ID

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