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The above plans and premiums are for AED 1,000,000 Sum insured for 1 Adult of 30 Years for Dubai city.

DNI, or Dubai National Insurance & Reinsurance Co, is a Public Shareholding Company that operates in the United Arab Emirates by Federal Law 6 of 2007. It was one of the first insurance firms to be listed on the Dubai Financial Market (DFM). It has been in business since 1991 and has a substantial number of public stockholders from all over the country.

DNI offers a range of insurance solutions, from personal lines to commercial lines, including Property, Liability, Accident, Engineering, Motor, Life, and Medical, as well as customised lines of insurance to fit the demands of the market backed by top international reinsurers like Swiss Re, SCOR, and Munich Re. The company has over 30 years of expertise in the UAE insurance industry.

DNI currently has different health insurance plans to meet all your requirements. So, if you are in the market for such insurance plans, learn about the DNI health insurance features and benefits in detail and then decide.

Features and Benefits of DNI Health Insurance

The features and benefits of DNI Health Insurance plans in the UAE are as follows-

DHA essential benefits 

There are certain criteria under Dubai Health Authority (DHA) mandatory medical insurance scheme allocated for Dubai residents. These are the basic coverage policies mandated by the government to ensure the fair distribution of insurance benefits among the policyholders. DNI Health Insurance offers a basic plan that includes the government-mandated policy requirements to provide budget health insurance benefits. 

The coverage of the Essential Benefits Plan by DNI Health Insurance provides vital and high-quality healthcare services to employees, and non-working dependents, including elderly parents, children, and domestic workers. This is a plan that proudly claims to offer the most basic coverage but is customisable under the Employee or Dependent section. This plan has allowed people from several financial backgrounds to enjoy the benefits and services of health insurance policies.

International assistance

Taking the DNI health insurance features and benefits allows you to travel freely within the UAE and overseas without worrying about medical assistance or insurance claims. DNI Health Insurance plans offer the facility of international medical assistance, which allows customers to access a large number of healthcare services in case of medical emergencies worldwide except in the USA and Canada.

This feature is extremely beneficial for customers who tend to travel frequently for work and other purposes. DNI Health Insurance plans cover each member up to a sum insured of AED 1.5 million, provide emergency coverage worldwide, excluding USA & Canada, and direct billing is available in-home countries.

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Medi-claim settlement

DNI Health Insurance offers 100 percent direct billing within the network after copay. The reimbursement basis is only 80% of the actual cost, or the UCR as per UAE network tariffs for the same or similar treatment, whichever is less for the area of coverage as per Territorial Scope, or outside the network, with or without prior approval of the ceding company.

Reimbursement in Emergency Cases is 100 percent applicable after the co-pay. Emergency treatment must be notified within 24 hours if treatment was received within the UAE.

Cashless hospitalisation and reimbursement

One of the prominent DNI health insurance features and benefits is that it is intended and developed to provide its clients with comprehensive healthcare solutions. Suppose the policyholder or any of his or her family members is diagnosed with a disease or meets an accident that demands immediate hospitalisation. In that case, the insurance provider offers cashless hospitalisation and treatment to give appropriate care as soon as possible. The Insurer also covers hospital accommodation and related services.

However, suppose the customer pays for the ill person's medical treatment at the hospital. In that case, the DNI Health Insurance policy includes a reimbursement mechanism through which customers can subsequently recoup their treatment fees. The insurance also covers pre- and post-hospitalisation charges, easing the financial load on clients. Various therapies, such as physiotherapy and chemotherapy, are also covered under the policy.

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Maternity benefit

DNI Health Insurance offers extensive maternity services with prior approval from the insurance company. In the event of any emergency condition, the medically necessary expenses will be covered up to the annual aggregate limit and need to be notified within 24 hours of the emergency. The policy also offers newborn coverage for 30 days from birth and BCG, Hepatitis B and neonatal screening tests.


As mentioned before, DNI is one of the biggest companies in the market regarding health insurance plans offered at affordable prices to meet different customers' needs. The DNI Health Insurance offers a policy with a premium as low as AED 535 per person.


Health insurance, in today's modern lifestyle, is a must investment; hence, choosing your health insurance carefully is extremely important. A few DNI health insurance features and benefits include the simplicity with which insurance plans can be easily compared, the large range of coverage available, and transparency. A great insurance business is that one that keeps every promise they make while maintaining operations and plan conditions as transparent as possible. The ability to customise and provide 24-hour customer service also contributes to Dubai National Insurance & Reinsurance Co's goodwill, making it the first option for most clients. 

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