Why is Medical Test Important While Buying a Health Cover?

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Well, it is the year 2020 and you might still be wondering whether or not you should go for a medical examination before you go onto buying a health insurance policy. If I am not wrong, you might be feeling a bit baffled. But, there is no need to worry!

Many policy seekers out there believe that a health insurance plan without any pre-medical examination is much better when compared to a plan that requires one. However, the truth is otherwise. With numerous regulations being imposed with years passing, nothing can beat the importance that a pre-medical test holds.

This is why you should not underestimate a pre-medical examination while seeking a health plan. In this thread, we will go through what medical tests are exactly and why are they essential for you.

Medical Check-up Before Opting For Health Insurance

A pre-medical check-up or test is a medical examination that the health insurance uae providers request the policy seekers to undertake before providing them coverage. This test is required in order to assess the eligibility of an individual.

This test involves a thorough and detailed health examination of the policy seeker and it further helps in making the procedure for claims easier and also helps in the policy providers in offering the seekers with reduced rates of premiums.

However, not all insurance providers ask for this test, and in most cases, it is only required for applicants that are aged above the benchmark set by the insurance company.

Why Is Medical Examination Important For You?

The medical check-up before opting for a health insurance policy is essential as it helps in setting a benchmark. The insurance provider can then measure the health of the applicant against the benchmark. These tests also play a major role in bringing light to any medical conditions or illnesses that may be occurring in the applicant, and this helps in the insurance companies in providing the most suitable coverage option for the policy seeker.

Below mentioned are some reasons which make a medical test necessary before you go onto buying a health insurance plan.

Ease in Claim Settlement

The medical tests conducted allows you to be updated regarding your health and also acts as a reference point for the insurance providers. It helps in carrying out a smooth claim process.

For instance, in the absence of a medical check-up, there may be disputes that arise during claim settlement. These disputes can be caused due to the insured either concealing or misrepresenting the ailments. And if the company can prove this concealment of the pre-existing condition, the claim can be rejected.

Therefore, it is important to undergo a medical test before opting for a health insurance policy.

Reduces Premium Charges

A pre-medical examination also means that you can avail of potentially lower premiums. The health insurance provider decides the premium charges on your policy based on the perception of the risk involved in insuring you.

When you undergo a test, it is easier for the insurance provider to determine the risk involved in your present health and the pricing is done in a fairer manner.

Besides that, when you do not undergo a test, the insurance provider can base the premium charges on the diseases that you might not even be suffering from.

Let’s assume that Mr. X has a normal sugar level and he is out there seeking a health plan without undergoing any medical tests. It is possible that the insurance provider sets the premium on his coverage policy to apply to an individual with borderline sugar.  In such a scenario, Mr. X will be paying premium charges that are higher.

The reason behind this happening is that the insurance provider assumes the possibility of an ailment such as sugar, etc. in the policy seeker as per his or her age, thereby causing a hike in the premium charges.

With a pre-medical examination, Mr. X can prove to the health insurance provider that he is a candidate carrying a lower risk.

Sufficient Coverage

A policy that is taken up without any medical coverage usually offers insufficient coverage. Regardless of the fact if you are below or above the age of 30 years with great health, the coverage amount is not very high.

Holding such a low-value plan in most cases will not be sufficient to feed your financial needs in case of a medical emergency.

Additionally, if you are diagnosed in your medical report with any existing medical conditions, you will be aware of the waiting period involved and the exclusions that are related to the condition. Though the premium charges might be slightly higher, it is for your good. Bearing higher charges and getting enough cover is better than ending up with a rejected claim altogether.

Discounts and Rewards

Even if you are certain that you are healthy, it can be a good idea to opt for an examination in order to get the best health insurance policy at discounted premiums. Many health insurance companies offer discounts and rewards to the policy seekers that pass the medical examination well. This will ensure that you get maximum coverage at minimum premium charges.

Reduced Stress

This may sound slightly odd to you. But, it is true that you do not have to worry about any ill-health with a medical examination. The reason behind this is that the responsibility of being aware of any pre-existing condition is carried forward to the insurer. Therefore, you no longer have to think about the disease.

Also, without a medical examination, you do not know the condition of your health and you are at the risk of it being worsened every minute.

Wrapping It Up!

After a thorough consideration of the benefits of opting for a medical examination for your health insurance coverage, we can conclude that these tests are essential before one goes onto getting insured. It may seem like some trouble in the beginning, but it is not!

The insurance provider that asks for a medical test before issuing a policy is more customer-friendly when it comes to making a claim. So, it is best to undergo a test before opting for coverage!

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