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Find the right Car Insurance plan

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WATANIA Car Insurance

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‘Keeping you on the move & protecting you from the unexpected!’

With this tagline, WATANIA was founded in the year 2011. It is a joint initiative of Aldar Properties, Abu Dhabi National Energy Company, Abu Dhabi National Islamic Finance, and Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company. However, the shareholding structure changed in August 2014

Car Takaful is crafted to keep you moving and to safeguard you against the unexpected events. Car damage may cause you inconvenience and, to provide peace of mind to its customers, WATANIA has its Claims process very efficient, simple, trustworthy and user friendly.

What does WATANIA Car Takaful offer?

It offers two kinds of Car Takaful to suit your requirements and budget. They are described below:

Comprehensive Car Takaful:

Comprehensive Car Takaful, as the name suggests, offers a complete coverage against any unintentional/accidental damage to your car, its spare parts and accessories. Any liability towards a third party, whether property damage or bodily injury/death, caused due to your driver’s or your negligence is also covered under this policy. All three packages mentioned below cover the insured against third party liabilities.


Other than covering third-party liabilities, the scheme also indemnifies you against any accidental damage or loss to your own vehicle by providing repairs for the many damages mentioned in the policy documents. The repair work can be undertaken at a premium garage or at a dealer’s agency. Under the Comprehensive Agency Repair package, the Insurance Company also provides round-the-clock roadside assistance service, emergency medical expenses, and cover against any malicious act of damage.

Premium Garage:

Under Comprehensive Premium Garage cover, any accidental loss or damage to your car will be repaired/reimbursed. The repairs will take place at a premium, Watania-nominated garage. A third-party cover will be offered but no other premium service would be on the table.


You can go for an affordable, pocket-friendly option as well. Comprehensive Garage Repair covers you against any legal liability in case of an accidental injury or death of the third-party and accidental damage or loss to a third-party’ property or vehicle. Moreover, this scheme also covers you against any accidental damage or loss to your own vehicle; however, your car is repaired in the multiple skilled workshop without any added benefits.

Third Party Insurance:

Third Party Insurance Libialty is towards Third Party’s property,death/permanent disablity or bodily injury.

Add-on-Covers in Watania Car Insurance

  • Geographical Scope (including Orange Card)
  • Personal Belongings (covered in Oman)
  • Lock Replacement

Watania: Claim Philosophy

It is the claim which proves the worth of your Insurance. It is at the time of claim when the Insurance provider is expected to fulfil its responsibility towards it’s customers. At Watania, claims are not considered to be a liability but as an opportunity to assist the customers at the time of their need.

Watania: The Claims Process

While reporting a claim, you’re required to submit a few important documents which are as follows:

  • Original copy of the Police Report
  • A copy of your registration card
  • A copy of the Policy or policy number
  • ID proof (Passport copy/Emirates ID) as a proof of age of the driver
  • A copy of your driving license

You can claim your motor takaful by sending an e-mail to claims@watania[dot]ae.

Watania Car Insurance FAQs

Q1. What is Comprehensive Car Insurance in Dubai?

Ans: A Comprehensive Car Takaful is the plan that covers your car completely.The insured is covered against all losses and damages, including third-party liability.

Q2. What is Third Party Liability (TPL) Insurance?

Ans: Third-party Liability Insurance is the bear minium level of cover which is mandatory according to UAE Laws. Third Party libialty is designed to cover third party for their property,death/permanent disablity or bodily injury.

Q3. Important Factors for Evaluating Insurance Premium

Ans: Your car insurance premium is computed from your car’s value. A small percent (2-6%) of the value will be computed as the premium. If your car has had accidents, it would be accounted for in the premium. If your vehicle has had no accident, a no-claims discount will be offered while renewing the policy.