Living in Dubai - An Expat’s Guide to Healthcare

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The above plans and premiums are for AED 1,000,000 Sum insured for 1 Adult of 30 Years for Dubai city.

Part of one of the 7 federal emirates in the Gulf country i.e., the UAE, Dubai is largely known and regarded for its healthcare services as it has some of the best services and facilities all across the globe. Therefore, it is highly recommended for expats that are planning to relocate to Dubai to obtain proper health insurance as the costs involved with healthcare services can be quite expensive.

Public Healthcare

The public healthcare services in Dubai, UAE generally tend to meet extremely high standards and the public healthcare system in the emirates is pretty advanced. The Dubai Health Authority or commonly known as DHA was established in the year of 2007 to oversee the private as well as the public healthcare services in this particular emirate.

For Expats That Do Not Have Health Insurance

For the expats who do not hold any health insurance policy, the alternative best option is to apply for a health card that is issued by the UAE’s Ministry of Health or MOH. This will allow you to receive the care you require at a public facility in the emirate’s region. While emergency care is required it will be given regardless of whether the one seeking it is a UAE national or an expat.

But, it is not easy every time for the foreign nationals to seek regular or scheduled care at the public service facility. Those with access to private health insurance Dubai are expected to have access to the care of the private facilities in the region and may find themselves to be turned away from the public facilities completely.

Is It Compulsory To Hold International Health Insurance in Dubai?

One important thing to bear in mind is that UAE has been with time making it mandatory for the expatriates to buy and hold their own health insurance policy, so there may be a day when the foreign nationals are no longer in the position where they can take advantage of the public healthcare facilities in the UAE.

Given the structure being changed for the country’s as well as Dubai’s healthcare segment and the beneficiaries that can avail the services, it is essential for one to conduct thorough research, along with a detailed comparison of the various health insurance policies that are suitable for a place like Dubai as per your needs and requirements. It is important for you to invest in a good expat health insurance plan in order to ensure that you receive the kind of healthcare services that you want.

Private Healthcare Services

While the emirate has a well-established as well as a constantly growing public healthcare system, the Gulf country is also promoting private healthcare services along with private health insurance in order to achieve improvement in both the public and the private services. Dubai has proved to be the leader when it comes to this plan, and it has a growing network of hospitals and clinics in the private sector.

DHCC or Dubai Healthcare City

Among the various private services that are coming up across this city, DHCC, or Dubai Healthcare City, is one of the well-known leaders. It offers private healthcare that is advanced to the international standard and it also provides healthcare training.

They are known to currently oversee more than ten private services facilities, some of these facilities are known to have ties to other hospitals that are renowned internationally. These service facilities provide coverage involving a wide range of specialties along with having some of the best services for care in the emirate, and even the world.

Private Consultation Services

The fee charged at the private consultation facilities can be quite costly for someone that is not holding a private health insurance plan. An initial visit can cost a lot, without even involving any tests or examinations. On top of this, the post-clinic private consultations are generally higher than the regular consultations.

Prescriptions in Dubai

It is vital to be well aware that some of the prescription medicines and the over-the-counter medicines are not permitted in the UAE as per the Ministry of Health. If you are someone who requires a particular medicine and is unsure whether the same is permitted for consumption in the UAE, it is best to directly contact the Ministry of Health and check if the medicine you need is on the controlled list.

Health Insurance in Dubai

If you are in midst of getting prepared to relocating to this emirate in the Gulf country, it is vital for you to have a proper health insurance policy so that you are certain that you and your family members have sufficient coverage. The costs of accessing the healthcare services at the private facilities can really add up, especially if there is an emergency. It can also be quite tough for the expats to access the standard public services.

You should be certain that your needs and requirements are met at best with your health insurance. You should opt for a policy only after a thorough comparison.

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