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The Department of Health - Abu Dhabi (DoH) is the authoritative body overlooking the healthcare industry in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi. It sets strategies for the healthcare industry and analyses the overall health conditions of UAE nationals and the residents of the Emirate as well as the medical facilities. 

DoH also creates programs to raise awareness about adopting healthy living standards in Abu Dhabi. Besides designing a framework, it also inspects the hospitals in case of regulation violations and enforces standards. 

The above plans and premiums are for AED 1,000,000 Sum insured for 1 Adult of 30 Years for Dubai city.

The key priority areas of the Department of Health Abu Dhabi are 

  • Ensuring that the population is healthy (both physically and mentally)
  • Creating a financially sustainable healthcare system
  • Ensuring regional care excellence
  • Creating a solid domestic healthcare team of professionals
  • Encouraging research and development in life sciences
  • Developing a digital healthcare environment
  • Governing the healthcare industry

This healthcare industry governing body currently regulates over 65 hospitals and more than 770 clinics in Abu Dhabi. The Department of Health Abu Dhabi offers services to both public and the healthcare professionals in the emirate. So if you are a healthcare professional, you can go through the following sections to understand what is a HAAD license and how you can apply for it to practice in the emirate. 

What is HAAD License?

To work in the healthcare industry in the UAE, all practitioners are required to have a professional license. The eligibility criteria, however, differ as per the profession. In Abu Dhabi, the Department of Health - Abu Dhabi (previously called Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD)) issues the license. The disciplines that need the license include

  1. Dentistry
  2. Pharmacy
  3. Physicians
  4. Nursing
  5. Allied health

This license is valid for 5 years from the license examination date. During the entire practice tenure, the health professional must ensure that the medical license remains valid and have it renewed at least 3 months before its expiry. To get this license, the professionals also need to provide a No Objection Certificate from their hospital. 

How to Get a Department of Health Abu Dhabi License?

To obtain a DoH License, you can complete the following procedures discussed in three stages.

Verification from Data Flow Company

You will have to undergo a verification process with the Data Flow first to obtain your DoH license. For this, keep the following aspects in mind –

  • All the necessary documents are to be submitted to the company online 
  • You will receive information about the fee that you would need to pay along with an application number for further process. Complete this payment to proceed.
  • The verification fee applicable here is AED 950

Once the process is concluded, you will receive the login credentials through the Department of Health - Abu Dhabi website. Log in to the account and provide the details in the licensing system section to complete the application form. The application process, however, will be completed when you provide the required documents like the DHA license, official dataflow certificate, and standing certificate. 

Registering for the Exam

To register for the Department of Health - Abu Dhabi license exam, you can –

  • Log in to the system
  • Select the e-licensing option
  • Under this tab, select the examination option
  • Select the exam date and confirm your booking 
  • Pay the examination fee using your credit card and take a printout of the exam ticket 

Note - Some professionals may be exempted from giving the DoH exam. Other than that, if you are a professional above the age of 60 years, you would be required to take the yearly Medical Fitness Examination from SEHA facilities. 

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Receiving the License

  • You will receive the exam result within 3 days on the website 
  • If you clear the exam and have an available sponsor, the license will be given to them 
  • The license will only be issued if you have a sponsor 
  • You would need to pay charges to receive the license directly at your address 

Note: You can give the exam only 3 times.

Documents Necessary to Obtain Department of Health Abu Dhabi License

The following are the documents necessary to obtain a DoH license in Abu Dhabi –

  • Filled out application form with your signature
  • A copy of your Passport
  • Recent passport-sized photographs against a white background
  • Education certificates
  • Experience letters and certificates
  • Nomination letter
  • Staff data clearance form
  • Malpractice insurance 
  • Current health professional license from an authorised body

It’s crucial to note that all these documents are to be translated into English before submission. 

Fees Required for Department of Health Abu Dhabi License

The following is a rundown of the license fees for different medical practices –

  1. Pharmacists - AED 300
  2. Physicians - AED 2,600
  3. Nurses - AED 300
  4. Tech - AED 300
  5. Pharmacist Tech - AED 150

Renewing Your DoH License

Medical professionals are required to renew their license every 5 years from the time of clearing their exam. The facilities sponsoring the professionals can make a request on their behalf to apply for license renewal. 

Follow the steps given below to apply for license renewal –

  • Fill out the renewal application form on the DoH website
  • Provide the documents required by the health authority
  • Make the required payment in the Health Professional Licensing section
  • Once all these steps are completed, you will receive the renewed license through a courier 

Documents That Are Mandatory for Health Department Abu Dhabi License Renewal

Provide the following documents to renew the DoH license –

  1. A recent passport-sized photograph against a white backdrop
  2. A copy of the Passport
  3. DataFlow report
  4. Malpractice insurance
  5. Family book (applicable only for UAE professionals)
  6. Emirates ID
  7. Continuous medical education certificates

Note - If the license is not renewed within 6 months of expiry, it will be cancelled as per the law. Additionally, applicants need to pay a penalty if they don’t apply for renewal before the license is about to expire. 

How to Change Your DHA License to Health Department Abu Dhabi License?

You can convert your DHA license to a DoH license only if you have been working under the DHA license for at least 6 months. To change your DHA license to a DoH license, you should also have a good standing certificate from the DHA account. You can avail of this certificate within 15 days of application for a fee of AED 520. 

To convert your DHA certificate to a Department of Health - Abu Dhabi license, follow these steps –

  • Create an account in the DataFlow section of DoH
  • Fill out the application form and provide the specified documents 
  • To proceed further, make sure you obtain the DataFlow report. You can find the file in your DHA account under the primary source verification (PSV) section. 
  • Make the payments as directed in the DoH DataFlow mail sent to you
  • Send your PSV report to DataFlow via mail
  • You will receive a mail containing the credentials to log in to the health department Abu Dhabi website 

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Reissue of Department of Health - Abu Dhabi License

You can have your health department Abu Dhabi license reissued if you need to change your personal details or link name and nationality, or if you have misplaced your original DoH license. 

Here’s how you can get your license reissued –

  • Log in to your e-license account
  • Click on the ‘e-licensing’ tab then select the health professional licensing option
  • Provide the license number
  • Click on the “License Re-issuance” tab
  • Submit the form 

A fee of AED 100 will be charged to reissue the Department of Health - Abu Dhabi license. 

Cancellation of Health Department Abu Dhabi License

You can cancel the DoH license in case you don’t wish to work for the healthcare industry in Abu Dhabi. The process for this includes the following steps –

  • Log in to the e-licensing website
  • Click on the “Healthcare Professional Licensing” tab
  • Provide the license number and select the cancellation icon 
  • After examining all the details once, confirm your choice to make the cancellation 

To cancel your DoH license, you will be required to pay a fee of AED 100.


  • The Department of Health (DoH) can be considered in charge of the healthcare industry in Abu Dhabi. The DoH currently oversees more than 770 clinics and 65 hospitals in Abu Dhabi. 
  • Both the general public and health professionals in the emirate can receive services from the Department of Health Abu Dhabi.
  • Every practitioner in the UAE needs a professional license to work in the healthcare industry. From the date of the license examination, this license will be considered valid for 5 years. 
  • It is necessary for a health practitioner to ensure that their medical license is still in good standing throughout the practice period. 
  • The license must be renewed at least 3 months before the expiry date.
  • To obtain your DoH license, you would need to obtain your DataFlow verification report and apply for an exam date at the health department Abu Dhabi website. If you clear your exam, you will receive the license either through your sponsor or directly at your home. 
  • To get your DoH license you should provide documents like your current health license (if any), malpractice insurance, educational certificates, experience letters, a photocopy of valid Passport, nomination letter, and more. 
  • Every 5 years after passing their exam, medical practitioners are required to renew their licenses. The organisations that sponsor such professionals may submit an application for license renewal on their behalf.
  • The license will be revoked if it is not updated within 6 months of expiry. 
  • If the license is not renewed before it is set to expire, the applicants will also have to pay a penalty fee.
  • You can change your DHA license to a DoH license only if you have been using the former for at least 6 months. For this, you will also need proof of good standing from the DHA account. 
  • To change your DHA license to a DoH license, a fee of AED 520 will be applicable.
  • If you have to update your name and nationality or if you lose your original DoH license, you can reprint your license through the health department of Abu Dhabi. The Department of Health - Abu Dhabi license renewal fee is AED 100.
  • If you decide to discontinue working in Abu Dhabi's healthcare industry, you can revoke your DoH license. It should be noted that a fee of AED 100 will be applied for the termination of your DoH license.

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