Check Covid Test Results Online in Abu Dhabi

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The Department of Health (DoH) - Abu Dhabi regulates the healthcare industry and services in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi and ensures the availability of excellent facilities for the general public. This extends to COVID-19 testing as well, with the Department of Health (DoH) providing adequate services to get COVID-19 testing done and find out the results online from the comfort of your home as well. 

Let’s find out more about how to check COVID-19 test results online in Abu Dhabi.

How to Check COVID-19 Test Results Online in Abu Dhabi?

The UAE's official application for COVID-19 results is called Alhosn. It was developed indigenously, with its software being produced utilising artificial intelligence (AI) technology that has been successfully used in other countries.

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How to Use the Alhosn App?

The Alhosn app can be easily used if you are wondering how to check COVID-19 test results online in Abu Dhabi. It gives you access to test results and alerts you if you came in direct contact with individuals who tested COVID-19 positive. In addition, Alhosn also assists in identifying and allowing persons free from COVID-19, to enter public areas and work environments through a health colour coding system. 

You can easily use the app by following these steps - 

  • Download the app from the relevant app store as per your device.
  • Login after registering yourself using your Emirates ID and confirming the OTP (one-time password).
  • Add details about yourself and your family.

You can now start using Alhosn.

How Does Alhosn Work?

Alhosn app, as mentioned earlier, allows you to check your COVID-19 test results and whether you recently came in contact with an individual diagnosed with the disease. This app generates a unique QR code and uses a colour-coding method.

You can easily find out the results based on the colours - 

  • Grey - Currently, no test results are available for you.
  • Green - You've had a test and are in good health.
  • Red - Your most recent test was positive, and you should consult your local health authority for assistance.

Although it’s not compulsory to download the Alhosn app in the UAE, it must be noted that the app's effectiveness primarily relies on its widespread use to ensure that everyone is protected. Simply put, everyone will be safer as more people utilise the app.

How Alhosn Can Protect Me?

As we saw in detail earlier, the Alhosn application can easily help you find out your COVID-19 test results and stay aware of your surroundings. Using this app, you can easily monitor your health conditions on the go. By adding your family members, you can have a clear understanding of their health condition as well, which allows you to take steps in a timely manner to protect their health. Moreover, as this app allows you to detect whether you came in close contact with a COVID-19-positive person, you can practise general precautions and contribute to the measures taken to curb its spread.

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Wrapping Up

Although several restrictions related to COVID-19 have been lifted, its testing is ongoing in the country. In case you got yourself tested and are wondering how to check Covid test results online in Abu Dhabi, you can now easily do so by using online platforms for the same. With applications like ‘Alhosn’, you can easily find the results for yourself and your family by simply using your mobile phone. 

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