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The above plans and premiums are for AED 150,000 Sum insured for 1 Adult of 21 Years for Dubai city.

Al Hilal Life is one of the most renowned insurance companies offering several Takaful health insurance plans in the UAE. The reason for such a name comes from the insurance company understanding the needs of its target audience, which allows it to provide them access to the best medical care facilities. 

With Al Hilal Life, you will find simple packaged solutions for individuals, families, and corporate entities. If you wish to know why you should choose Al Hilal for a health insurance plan, or are interested in the detailed features and benefits of insurance plans offered by this company, read below.

Why Choose Al Hilal Takaful Health Insurance?

While you may find multiple reasons for choosing Al Hilal Takaful Health Insurance Company to purchase a health insurance plan, here are some of the major ones.

  1. Variety of Plans: Al Hilal Takaful Health Insurance offers a wide range of health insurance packages that allow you to make a choice based on your financial and medical preferences. The types of insurance plans provided here include personal accident cover, critical illness plans, family protection plans -- all along with several useful add-ons. You can always include your preferred add-ons in the chosen health insurance plan at the time of purchase.
  2. Affordable Insurance Rates: If high coverage at reasonable insurances rates is what you seek, Al Hilal Takaful Medical Insurance is where you can end your search. The best part? With Al Hilal Takaful Health Insurance, you get to choose your preferred payment plan for monthly, half-yearly, or yearly premium payments. 
  3. Sharia-Compliant Plans: Al Hilal Takaful Health Insurance offers Shariah-compliant insurance plans based on Islamic law and principles. 
  4. Minimal Documentation: Based on the type of insurance plan chosen by you, Al Hilal Takaful Medical Insurance coverage offers insurance services while requiring minimal documents.
  5. Hassle-Free Claims Process: Al Hilal Takaful Medical Insurance Company offers a hassle-free claim process, which is especially useful when you require compensation urgently. You can easily get the claim approved by providing the right set of documents that include diagnosis reports, prescription, discharge summary, medical bills, and others as mentioned in the claims form.

Features and Benefits of Al Hilal Takaful Health Insurance 

Following are a few key features of the Al Hilal Takaful health insurance program.

  1. Expert Medical Guidance: Al Hilal Takaful Health Insurance plans provide you with access to quality healthcare services based on your medical condition. These health insurance plans ensure that you get a free second opinion and expert medical advice from more than one qualified physician. 
  2. Variety of Packages: The insurer offers various customised health insurance plans that you can choose from as per your medical needs. The insurance plans are classified into four types of packages: Diamond, Platinum, Gold, and Silver, ranging from Basic to Enhanced insurance coverage benefits.
  3. Local/Regional/International Plans: Al Hilal Takaful Health Insurance offers a variety of location-wise and coverage-based health insurance plans. You can simply choose your preferred insurance plan based on your coverage needs.
  4. Worldwide Emergency Assistance Services: Al Hilal Takaful Medical Insurance coverage offers worldwide emergency assistance services to help policyholders get quality treatment whenever and wherever required. No matter where you are, you can simply call the customer support helpdesk of the insurer to get the contact details of the nearest medical care centre.
  5. Useful Add-Ons: Al Hilal Takaful Health Insurance Company offers multiple helpful add-ons that policyholders can add to their insurance policies to extend the coverage. The add-ons include critical illness cover, optical benefits, dental cover, etc.
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The Bottom Line

Al Hilal Life offers the best personalised services to help you create your own insurance plan by adding suitable add-ons based on your medical requirements. You can visit our website to check the available add-ons and add them to enhance the coverage benefits. We are happy to help, so don’t think twice before calling us if you need further assistance.

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