Does Health Insurance Cover Dental Implants?

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The decision to get a smile correction by aligning those pearl whites can be a bit complicated considering the nuances of the subject. Dental implants are the sure-shot way to replace your missing or decayed teeth and help you get your confidence back. However, it can be hard to decide whether you are ready to get implants at any point. A lot of factors contribute to deciding if you should get an implant at all and the kind of expenses the procedure will attract. So people tend to look at their health insurance plans to consider their options. But does health insurance cover dental implants? If yes then, what are the best health insurance in the UAE to get dental implant cover? Can you get the complete cost covered by the insurance provider? Several important questions can take permanent residence in your mind at a time like this. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about dental implants and health insurance in UAE.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are artificial teeth that are used to replace your loose or decaying teeth. The implants are placed in the jaw permanently using surgical tools after removing the lose or decaying original teeth of the patient. Since the implant is inserted in the jawbone directly, it infuses and combines with the bone over time making the replacement permanent. Once the implant has been infused with the bone and the gum has healed, a cap or crown is placed on top of it to secure it and complete the dental implant procedure. This whole process can take up to 6 months to get completed.

When are Dental Implants Required?

Dental implants are only required when you are facing a potentially permanent loss of a tooth or multiple teeth. Implants are only considered an option when the extraction of the natural tooth is not optional anymore since healing options are not working. Here is a list of reasons for which you may have to get your natural teeth extracted and get implants:

  • An untreatable severe teeth infection is decaying the tooth exponentially.
  • An injury or trauma that results in a loose or broken tooth.
  • One of the periodontal diseases which is beyond treatment now.
  • Severe cavities resulting in tooth decay.

Who can get dental implants?

Even when you need a dental implant, there are few health-related conditions that you need to fulfill before the periodontal specialist gives you a green light for the surgery. following are the criteria you need to meet:

  • You must have a loose or decaying tooth
  • Strong enough jawbone to withstand the implant surgery as well as the healing process
  • No overall health issues
  • No current oral health problems apart from the tooth in consideration

Periodontal specialists conduct a complete checkup and only suggest implants when they are sure that they will improve your overall oral health and solve at least a few issues you have been having.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost in Dubai?

Getting dental implants can cost you anything between AED 6000 to AED 13000. The price can differ as per the clinic that you choose, the doctor, the services offered in your implant package, the material used to make implants and other few factors. The prices vary about 2.4 times only in Dubai and the same is the case in other Emirates.

Does health insurance cover dental implants?

Your basic health insurance plan will not cover the cost of dental implants. However, if you have a dental cover added to your basic health insurance plan, you can get your dental implant procedure covered by your insurance provider. The more comprehensive health insurance in the UAE available in the UAE include dental benefits as one of the many basic benefits. Depending on the sub-limits of your health insurance plan, your provider may cover the complete cost of the surgery. You will have to carefully read the terms and conditions of your plan in order to find out what the insurance covers and it doesn’t. You may also go ahead and have a word with the provider itself.

Do I Need Separate Dental Insurance for Implants?

You do not generally need to buy a separate plan or dental coverage to get your implants covered. If your health insurance in the UAE offers dental benefits, implants will most probably be a part of it. If there is no dental cover whatsoever in your health insurance plan, you can consider buying a separate rider. This whole arrangement is high consequential though. It all depends on the benefits that your basic health insurance plan is providing. If both the basic plan and the rider do not include dental implants as a covered benefit, you may want to re-evaluate your health insurance arrangements and find a separate dental insurance plan for yourself.

What are some insurance providers who cover dental implants?

From AXA to Aetna, ADNIC and MetLife, there are several providers and network operators that cover dental implants as a covered benefit in their health insurance plans. Although, you will have to check the individual plans offered by each of these providers to find out which one actually has dental benefits in it.  The same goes in the case of partial or complete coverage. If you have separate dental and health insurance plans, you may even be able to combine their coverage and get additional benefits. Having two health insurance plans for the same illness or procedure often mean that one plan can act as the primary one and the other as the secondary one. If your primary plan fails to cover a part of your expenses, the secondary plan steps in and covers the rest of the amount as per the sub-limits.

Can Dental Implants be A Medically Necessary Procedure?

Dental implants are generally regarded as an optional procedure however, there are several scenarios where doctors can categorize them as medically necessary. If the loose or decaying tooth is hampering your overall oral health and can not be treated with medicines, dental implants become necessary. Other conditions can make getting implants medically necessary such as mouth cancer, severe trauma, and jaw injuries. Some insurance providers may cover your dental implant costs only when they are deemed medically necessary so it is best to confirm the terms and conditions beforehand.

Things to Figure Out Before Getting Dental Implants

Finding the answers to a few questions before proceeding with dental implants can turn out to be incredibly helpful. It may not only save you cost but also time and energy. Given below are a few things you should ponder upon:

Is There an Alternative Available?

See there is an alternative to dental implants for your ailment that will cost you less. If you get implants and then submit reimbursement for them without checking the alternatives, the insurance company may reject it. Providers conduct their own research and when they determine that there was a cheaper alternate procedure you could have opted for instead, your claim may get denied.

Is There a Limitation on Doctors or Clinics to Choose From?

Most health insurances in the UAE come with a pre-decided list of network hospitals and doctors. Figure out the clinics and doctors that you can choose from, take notes about each, compare and then choose. Most health insurances in the UAE do not cover treatments taken from out-of-network hospitals and clinics. So, make sure that you know all about you’re your plan network hospitals and doctors.

Can You Get Treated Outside of network?

Now, a few exceptional health insurances in the UAE offering dental benefits can cover you even when you get treated outside the network. Read the policy wordings, talk to the agent or the customer support executives to get a firm grip on the terms and conditions of your health insurance in the UAE. If your insurance plan covers out-of-network hospitals and treatments, you can go ahead and get treated from anywhere you like.

Are There Any Specific Services or Costs Not Covered by Your Provider?

Get a fair idea of the limit that the dental benefit comes with. There is a fair chance that your health insurance in the UAE will not cover all the services related to dental implants, for example, doctor visits and re-consultation after the procedure. Make sure that you know what and how much the insurance provider will cover and what will go out of your own pocket.

Is There a Direct Billing Option or Do You Have to Get Reimbursement?

Many health insurance providers offer the option of direct billing in case of a dental procedure while others only offer reimbursements. If direct billing is available in your health insurance in the UAE, you will need a pre-approval before you can begin the procedure. If you only have the option to get a reimbursement, make sure that you are crystal clear about the terms of your plan – network hospitals, clinics, hygiene, and other related standards, treating doctors, and all other elements should be made clear before go and have the procedure done.


Does medical insurance cover dental implants? Yes, it does in most cases. However, terms and conditions are going to apply in almost all these cases. As long you are aware of the costs that the insurance company will bear for you and the costs that you will bear, getting dental implants with health insurance in the UAE is very easy. Just make sure that you have a very good understanding of all the terms and conduct thorough research before choosing a doctor. Dental implants can help people a great, not only physically but also emotionally, by bringing back their confidence but are expensive. So, make sure that you get into the surgery fully prepared with health insurance in the UAE.

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