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Daman Health Insurance also is known as the National Health Insurance company is a leading insurance provider that provides a wide array of insurance solutions all across the UAE. The company was established in the year 2006 and since then has managed to maintain a decent position in the highly competitive UAE insurance market. As of now, it is one of the biggest market players particularly in the health insurance segment providing comprehensive health insurance services and solutions to almost 3 million customers in the UAE. 

The above plans and premiums are for AED 1,000,000 Sum insured for 1 Adult of 30 Years for Dubai city.

The structural assembly of Daman health insurance is similar to that of a public joint-stock company as approximately 80% of the total shares of the company are owned by the government of Abu Dhabi and the remaining 20% are owned by Munich Re. The national health insurance company aka Daman health insurance is known for its budget-friendly innovative health insurance products that are designed and developed with the objective of providing affordable insurance solutions to each and every resident in the UAE. 

If you are a migrant who has recently moved to the UAE or Emirati looking forward to protecting your loved ones against the strokes of uncertainties on the trail of life you’ve reached the right place. In this blog, we will discuss the features and benefits of Daman Health insurance along with various other contributing factors that affect the pricing and coverage of health insurance plans in the UAE. So, stay tuned! 

Top Daman Insurance Plans in UAE

Here are the Plans offered by Daman Health Insurance in Dubai, UAE:

Plan Name Annual benefit limit (AED) Healthcare providers Price
Smart Chrome 1,60,000 464
Smart Silver 3,00,000 1902
Smart Gold 25,00,000 1971
Premier DNE 2,00,00,000 2156

Features and Benefits: Explained

The features and benefits of Daman Health Insurance Plans are as follows- 

1. Comprehensive Coverage

The first and foremost benefit offered by Daman Health insurance is comprehensive coverage. As mentioned earlier the company is known for its innovative lineup of health insurance solutions that provide diverse comprehensive coverage so as to protect themselves against medical emergencies.  

We all know that modern-day lifestyle and stress levels have led to an exponential rise in life-threatening ailments which can be prevented by small changes in day-to-day life. However, even after taking all the preventive measures, one gets diagnosed with any such ailments it is vital to be financially prepared to combat these illnesses. The best way to prepare yourself is by opting for a comprehensive health insurance plan that will safeguard you and your loved ones against any such unexpected scenario.  

With this health insurance, the policyholder gets a wide range of Daman insurance network hospitals that allow covered members to seek quality health care services without worrying about cash payments.  

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2. Best in Class-services

According to most of the insurance experts, there are various factors that are to be kept in consideration while purchasing a health insurance plan apart from coverage and premium. One of the major factors that fall under this category is the quality of services offered by the provider. Daman health insurance has a decent track record amongst other health insurance UAE providers which makes it the right choice if you are looking forward to getting a Mediclaim policy in the emirates.  

The company offers easy to operate online service for its clients making it extremely easy for policyholders to access their services under the health plan. A lot of users are concerned and come up with a common question i.e., how to renew Daman Health insurance online. The answer is simple you can simply visit the website login into your account and click on the renew option on the portal to renew your existing Daman health insurance policy in the UAE.  

3. Worldwide Coverage

One of the major benefits offered by Daman health insurance plans is worldwide coverage. It is a well-known fact that almost 80% of the total Emirati population comprises expatriates who have migrated from their native country to the UAE in search of a better lifestyle, employment opportunities. Considering the number of expats in the UAE the company has come up with the feature of worldwide coverage that enhances the protection quotient offered by health plans. 

If you are an expatriate residing in the emirates and looking forward to getting a health plan that comes at an affordable price and offers worldwide coverage, Daman health insurance is the right choice for you.  

4. Large Network of Partnered Hospitals

Most of the health insurance plans these days provide the feature of cashless hospitalization which requires a contract with hospitals and the medical institutions that are fall under the contract are known as partnered hospitals. One of the primary factors making Daman health insurance the ideal choice for you and your loved ones is the huge network of partnered hospitals. The large network of partnered hospitals allows policyholders to seek cashless services quickly without worrying about managing cash.  

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Daman essential 5 benefits plan

The top five plans based on the popularity amongst buyers and services offered by Daman health insurance are as follows- 

Name of the Plan Coverage
Enhanced Silver SG with dental AED 1,000,000
Care Bronze DNE without dental AED 250,000
Care Chrome DNE with dental AED 160,000
Care Chrome DNE without dental AED 160,000
Care Platinum DNE without dental AED 5,000,000

In a Nutshell

With all the features mentioned in the blog, it is quite clear and evident that Daman health insurance is one of the best health insurance providers in the UAE that offers affordable and reliable solutions for people from all classes of society.Daman Insurance is known for its quality customer service, customers can reach service helpline via contact number +971 2418 4888. In order to ensure that you and your loved ones are secure against the common ailments make sure you get the right health plan in the Emirates.

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