Can I have two Health Insurance Plans in the UAE?

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Buying another phone when you already have a great one may seem like a futile expense, and it often is. After all, both phones are going to serve the same purpose. However, this logic does not apply to all the things that we need out of necessity. One such example is health insurance. You may think if you already have a health insurance plan, what is the need to buy another one. And more importantly, can you have two health insurances or more in the UAE. The answer is simple; yes, you can have two or more health insurances in Dubai and the UAE, and there are several reasons for you to go for them.

Can I Have Two Health Insurance Plans?

Answering the bigger question again, yes, you can. However, there are a few conditions that apply to this particular scenario too. You can have multiple medical insurances in Dubai, but you have to select primary and secondary plans from this list of multiple plans. The primary health insurance plan will pay for the expense you claim for first. If there is still a part of the payment left, your secondary insurance plan will cover it afterwards. If there is still something left after all insurance plans have covered for their share as per the assured sum, you will have to pay that amount out of your pocket.

The important thing to note here is that many health insurance providers state that they will not cover the conditions and services that are covered under other health insurance plans. So, make sure that you check these terms before selecting the other insurance plan that you want to opt for.

Why Should I Have Two or More Health Insurance Plans?

Just like any other action taken concerned with medical insurance in Dubai, having two or more medical health insurance plans also come with its own set of benefits. Listed below are some of the top benefits for you:

Better Claim Settlement Ratio

Claim denials are a seldom occurrence, but they do exist. If you have more than one health insurance plan coverage for most conditions and healthcare expenses, your chances of claim settlement increase significantly. Even if your first health insurance provider rejects your claim for a certain service, you still have an option and hope that the other insurance provider would clear it and pay for the reimbursements. Also, consider the cashless benefits. The approval process and timeline of all insurance providers are different. If you are looking for emergency approval, you have an option to apply with your other insurance provider in case the first one asks for more time than you can spare.

Better Coverage for Healthcare Expenses

Health insurance is quite diverse, but there is always a limit set for them too, which is known as the assured sum. Every health insurance will only cover a healthcare service or treatment up to the assured sum specified in the plan. But it is no secret that your treatment may cause more – more than the insurance pays off. This situation can be ideally solved if there is a second plan in the picture. Once your primary insurer has paid its share, the secondary one can step in to cover the rest of the amount, up to its assured sum.

Diversification of the Insurance Providers

You may like the jeans that a brand has but prefer another brand for shirts. The same is with health insurance providers. It won’t be very unlikely for you to like one kind of service from one of your insurance providers and prefer the other one for the rest. Having multiple medical insurances in Dubai help in diversifying your insurance providers and choosing the best services from each one of them. This spells freedom of choice for you as a customer.


Having more than one insurance provider can often prove cost-effective for you. The overall cost of the premium that you pay for both the medical insurances in Dubai may turn out to be a lot less than what you would have paid for healthcare services, even the co-payment amount or the residual. So, having two medical insurances in Dubai can cover all your necessary healthcare needs and will help you save money in the long run.

Cover Against Critical Illnesses

The most popular secondary medical insurance in Dubai is a critical illness health insurance plan. They offer significant financial support if you are diagnosed with a critical illness. They even pay off compensation in case of any permanent, partial or temporary total disability because of the illness. Having a critical illness plan when you identify potential risk factors near you or a genetic history may come in handy.

Things to Keep in Mind

Now the question ‘Can I buy two health insurance plans?’ has been answered and the benefits have been listed, it is time to take note of a few things that you need to keep an eye on. Buying two health insurance plans come with its own set of formalities, so make sure that you have everything checked and figured out from this list:

  • As mentioned before, read the medical insurance in Dubai documents very carefully. Figure out if there is a clause that rejects secondary plan advantages in it. It will also help you decide on the primary and secondary plans.
  • This should be the first course of action – check if you can easily afford the plans that you have chosen. If not, consider dropping a few add-ons and riders that seem unimportant at the time.
  • Get familiar with the claim settlement procedures of your providers. It is better to have a fair idea beforehand so that you do not suffer in a time of need or urgency.
  • Declare the primary and secondary plans. The secondary plan will only take action when the primary plan has fulfilled its obligations.

How Many Medical Insurance Plans Should I Have?

In theory, you can have as many medical insurances in Dubai as you like. However, it seems to be a wise decision to have at least two health insurance plans – a primary and a secondary plan. There are several cases where people prefer to have another backup medical insurance in Dubai apart from their initial two plans – the tertiary medical insurance plan. The function is the same here – cover for the remainder of the costs. But do not forget that all these plans come with a premium. If the cost of the premium piles up to be more than what you would ever pay for a major health emergency, having more than two plans will not be worth it.


Can you have two health insurance? Yes. Can you have more than one health insurance, say three? Yes, again. Are there any significant benefits of having these plans? Yes, yet again. Amid all this, you have to be careful and focused so that you not only pick the right medical insurance in Dubai but also the right number of plans. Changing one plan can be troublesome enough if chosen wrong; it will be even more difficult in case there is more than one. Make sure you are choosing carefully; the rest will fall in line for your benefit automatically.


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