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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
Noor Takaful is an insurance provider in the UAE that allows you to discover a car takaful, which offers peace of mind while you are behind the wheels. It offers exclusive coverage for your vehicle, protecting it from various uncertainties that may occur while on the road.


Why should you opt for Noor Takaful Car Insurance? The answer is simple; it offers protection from a huge range of damages or losses. This insurance provider has a smooth and quick customer care support, which makes sure that the insurance holders are satisfied with the services offered by the company. Whenever an insured gets stranded, its 24/7 roadside assistance facility offers relief.

Another must-have facility in an auto insurance plan is agency repair. It offers repair services with the authorized dealer’s workshops. It also extends the insurance cover to the passengers in the vehicle.

Let us take a deeper look at the features and benefits of Noor Takaful Car Insurance

Inclusions of the Car Insurance Plan

Here are some of the inclusions of this car insurance policy.

  • Coverage for valet parking
  • Coverage for windscreen and damage of the car
  • Coverage for personal belongings in the case of damage or loss because of fire or accident
  • Coverage for emergency medical costs
  • Coverage for accidental damage or loss in the event of natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods
  • No claims discount when you maintain a claim-free record with your previous insurance provider or with Noor Takaful
  • Coverage for agency repair
  • Coverage for general accidental damage or loss 

Exclusions of the Car Insurance Plan

Here are some of the exclusions of this car insurance policy.

  • Any damage or loss caused to your vehicle out of the geographical area insured as mentioned in your Takaful certificate.
  • Any loss or damage caused while the driver is driving without having a valid driving license in the UAE.
  • Any loss or damage caused when the driver is behind the wheels under the influence of any of the intoxicants such as alcohol, drugs, or any other narcotic substance.
  • In case the vehicle is damaged or bodily injuries are caused due to the willful participation of the driver, then it is considered to be an illegal act. 

Additional Covers offered by Noor Takaful Car Insurance

Listed below are the additional covers in this insurance policy.

  • Services for car hire
  • Off-road cover
  • Coverage for Oman extension
  • The benefit of personal accident for drivers and passengers 

Filing a Noor Takaful Car Insurance Claim in the UAE

The claim filing procedure for Noor Takaful Car Insurance is very convenient and simple. You must, however, read the certificate properly before filing a claim. Make sure that the damages incurred are covered under your policy.

For example, any loss or damage caused because of an accidental collision, theft, self-ignition or any malicious act, external explosion, overturning, legal liability & related expenses, fire, bodily injuries, property damages, and third-party liabilities are covered under your policy unless excluded specifically.

Listed below is the step-by-step process of filing your car insurance claim easily.

Step 1:

Obtain a police report and then cross-check whether all the details written in the police report are correct or not.

Step 2:

Contact Noor Takaful through their official helpline number 600 50 50 57 and report the insurance claim. Please note that this number can be reached between 8 am-5 pm from Sunday to Thursday. The customer support executive will record all the relevant details of the event and will then follow the process mentioned below.

  • Confirming if your Noor Takaful car insurance certificate includes the event reported.
  • Intimating you the funds you will have to bear from your own pocket if any.
  • Making sure you’ve followed the claim filing process step-by-step from your end.
  • Assisting you with the garage you should take your vehicle to.

Note: It is suggested that you inform about any damage or accident to the insured vehicle to your car insurance company and the authorities as soon as you can, even though you are not registering a claim on your certificate. After you report the claim, you will receive important details like the claim reference number and assigned garage information through a phone call.

Step 3:

 In the third step of the process, you have to send your car to the garage assigned. When your car reaches the garage, you have to provide the following details to the garage service advisor.

  • Reference number for your claim
  • Police report (in original)
  • Driving license (copy) of the individual who was driving the car during the event
  • Car registration (copy)

Once the garage offers you the estimate of the repair costs, the insurance provider will contact you to ask if you approve the repairs on your vehicle at the garage assigned or if you want more estimates of the repair expenses from other garages that are partnered with Noor Takaful car insurance.

For more details, you can go through all the terms and conditions applied to your coverage on your certificate schedule.

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