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Health insurance seems to be one of the best ways to prepare for the most unfortunate health troubles. Apart from offering the required financial help in times of need, health insurance plans can prove to be exceptionally handy when you are in a pickle and thinking of ways to fund your medical treatment. Even though medical insurance in UAE is accessible to all, in one way or other, some limitations still exist. One of these limitations is the age limit applicable to a certain kind of health insurance plan. Age limit for health insurance plans can fluctuate as per the type of health insurance plan, the purpose of the plan and the upper and lower values of the age limits. Let’s find out all about medical insurance age limits.

Minimum Age Limit to buy Health Insurance Plans

The minimum age to buy any health insurance always differs for each type of health insurance plan. Listed below is the minimum age limit to opt for different kinds of health insurance plans in the UAE:

Individual Health Insurance Plans: Any UAE national, ex-pat, or resident is eligible to buy an individual healthcare insurance plan in the country. The minimum age limit for an individual health insurance plan is 18 years and the applicant must have a permanent source of earning. So, any employed or salaried UAE resident or citizen older than 18 years of age can opt for an individual health insurance plan in the UAE.

Family Health Insurance Plans: Since family health insurance plans include a variety of dependents, the age limits can be hard to track. For the policyholder, the age limit for the health insurance plan is set at 18 years. Anyone older than 18 years of age can get a family health insurance plan if they have dependents with them. There is no minimum age limit for children, spouses, and parents that are added as dependents in a family health insurance plan. Children are eligible to be included right from birth. Spouse and parents can be included after submitting proof of marriage with the spouse and blood relation with the parents.

Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plans: The age limit for health insurance plans specifically designed for senior citizens can fluctuate a little as per the insurance providers. Most insurance companies have set the minimum age limit to get a senior citizen health insurance plan in the UAE between 60-65 years. There can be a few changes as per the individual policies of the providers. Another criterion to qualify for senior citizen plans is retirement. If you are either retired or aged between 60-65 years, you can avail a senior citizen health insurance plan.

Critical Illness Insurance Plans: Stand-alone critical insurance plans also come with a minimum age limit on them. The critical illness medical insurance age limit is 18 years in most cases. You may also find some variants that are designed for children specifically. Here, the minimum age limit of 18 years will not apply. Although, the provider of the plan may have additional eligibility criteria here.

Maximum Age Limits to Buy Health Insurance Plans

Individual Health Insurance Plans: Most health insurance companies set the maximum age limit to get an individual health insurance plan at 59-65 years. Again, the exact maximum age limit for health insurance for individuals can be different for each provider as per their policies.

Family Health Insurance Plans: Maximum age limit for a family health insurance plan can differ for each person insured by it. Policyholders can keep the insurance plan for as long as they are employed and under the age of 60 years (plus/minus a few years). The children of the policyholder younger than 26 years of age can be included in personal family health insurance plans. Spouse and parents can stay for as long as the policy is active. However, the premium of the plan will be affected if parents included as dependents cross the basic 60-65 years mark for senior citizenship.

Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plans: The good thing about most senior citizen plans in the UAE is that they do not come with a maximum age limit. Some insurance providers may set a maximum age limit on the plans which can be anywhere between 75 years to 99 years. This completely depends on the terms and conditions of the provider of the plan.

Critical Illness Plans: The maximum age limit to get a critical illness plan is the same as family or health insurance plans. You can buy the plan till the approximate age of 59-65 years, depending on the insurance company.

What is the Right Age to Buy Health Insurance Plans?

To be completely honest, one right answer to this question probably does not exist. The exact right time to buy an insurance plan can differ for each individual. However, it is probably not best to wait for the age limit for health insurance plans to come closer before finally buying it. So, there is are a few thumb rules you can follow when deciding the right time to buy health insurance:

  • It is best to buy an individual health insurance plan when you are either in your late 30s or early 40s. This is the peak time of your career and life as well. If you have a family history of critical diseases, they may start acting up when you are middle-aged. So, to ensure that you get maximum coverage from your health insurance, consider buying the plan a little before entering middle age.
  • A family health insurance plan can be bought as soon as you are established as the sole or part bread-winner of the family. If your parents are dependent on you, you should consider buying the insurance plan as soon as you can. If your parents still have their health insurance and you do not have a family, you can consider taking a few years before making the purchase.
  • Critical Illness plans are best bought as soon as you are informed that you may be in potential danger of developing a critical illness. For example, if you have a family history of cardiac diseases and your blood pressure levels are often unstable, it is best to invest in a critical illness plan. But make sure that the plan you choose covers the illness you are prone to get.
  • Senior citizen health insurance plans can be bought as soon as you enter old age. These plans are designed to not only offer financial support when required but also to improve the overall quality of life. So, it can be a good investment to buy a comprehensive senior citizen plan without waiting for the maximum age limit to draw closer.


Both the minimum and maximum age limits set on each kind of insurance plan are to ensure a profitable situation for both the insurer and the insured. If you continue with an individual plan even after reaching old age, your premium will shoot up extremely high due to loading. Not to mention, the benefits will not be customized as per your current requirements. This is why, it is best to choose a plan suitable for your age bracket and needs that too, at the right time. Also, never forget to re-evaluate your insurance needs from time to time to save money and get optimum benefits.

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