10 Lesser-Known Health Insurance Benefits in the UAE

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Without any doubt, buying health insurance UAE has become one of the most important things now these days as healthcare costs are increasing rapidly with each passing day. For most of the people in the country, the increasing cost of medical treatments in the hospital often becomes a hindrance when it comes to accessing quality healthcare. The sole aim of health insurance is to offer a cushion for a family’s hard-earned savings at the time of medical emergencies.

Many people think that health insurance plans only cover hospitalization expenses and cashless hospitalization in the listed network of hospitals. This is an entirely wrong assumption. The truth is that along with all these standard benefits, there are plenty of other health insurance benefits that are quite compelling and they can be of great benefit if you know how to utilize them well. So, just have a look at them one by one.

List of Lesser-Known Benefits of Your Medical Insurance That You Might be Missing Out On;

1. Complimentary Health Checkups

Health insurance plans offer complimentary medical checkups that come with some specific conditions. For example, this benefit will be offered to all those insured individuals who have had almost 4-5 back-to-back claim-free years, based on their type of medical insurance policy in the UAE. In addition to this, it has to be within the predetermined limit that is already mentioned in the policy. Also, this medical check-up becomes cashless when availed at an enlisted hospital or medical center.

2. No Loading Charge

Having a claim-free year brings plenty of benefits for the insured person. However, when an insured makes a claim, there is a loading charge applicable. Loading charge basically refers to extra charges on the insurance premium that a policyholder would have to pay during the renewal of the health insurance policy. Generally, insurance companies apply these additional charges so as to cover the losses, higher than expected arising from high-risk policyholders.

But this is not the case with a few health insurance providers. Some of the insurers offer health insurance UAE that is free from extra loading fees even if the policyholder claims during the tenure of the policy.

3. Coverage for Recovery Period

This is another amazing benefit that is offered in some of the best health insurance plans in the UAE and it is known as convalescence benefit or recovery benefit. Under this feature, the insurance provider covers other supplement expenditures that arise during the hospitalization period of the policyholder, for example, loss of income. This basically provides strong support to family members of the insured individual and prevents any financial crunches from occurring. This coverage is available as a lump sum amount and it is usually applicable if the hospitalization lasts for some specific number of days.

4. Domiciliary or Day-care Treatment

If an insured individual opts for treatment at home for injury or disease under the proper medical supervision, the health insurance provider will compensate for the same depending on the type of health insurance policy. Well, this benefit is usually offered to those insured individual where the patient’s infirm condition makes hospitalization not possible practically or sometimes also because of the unavailability of a hospital bed or room. But please note that it comes with a certain limit on the number of days as well as the amount up to which this day-care treatment benefit can be availed.

5. OPD Treatment

Most of the people believe that best health insurance in UAE is just limited to hospitalization expenses and cashless admission. But this is not the truth. Many medical insurance plans also reimburse outpatient expenses that include doctor’s consultation charges, pathological tests, and also medicines cost. Also, a policyholder does not need to be hospitalized in order to make such a claim.

6. No Claim Bonus

Well, this benefit is offered by the majority of the health insurance companies in the UAE. If an insured person does not file a claim during the tenure of the policy (i.e. one year), he/she will be eligible to avail a no claim bonus. Although the bonus differs from insurance companies to companies, usually, a higher sum assured (a maximum of 50%) is offered or a great discount on health insurance premium at the time of renewal of the policy. In fact, some of the insurance providers may even provide a cumulative bonus rather than offering a bonus on every no-claim year.

7. Daily Cash Benefit

Apart from covering medical expenses that are associated with the main treatment, some of the insurance companies might also provide additional coverage for expenses that you've to make towards hospital visits & food in terms of a daily cash allowance. You might be enabled to a good sum in an event of accidental and ICU hospitalization. So, don’t forget to check if your insurer offers the daily cash benefit or not.

8. Benefit of Sum Assured Restoration

Some of the health insurance providers provide a restoration benefit if an insured has exhausted the entire sum assured within the annual term of the medical insurance plan. The insurance provider refills the entire sum assured if it has been utilized by making earlier claims. The refills sum assured is for the future health insurance claims that are completely unrelated to claims which have been already made by the insured. In this manner, the restoration of sum assured ultimately helps the policyholder to continue to avail much-needed financial support during hospitalization in a hassle-free manner.

9. Maternity Expenses

Some of the medical insurance plans are mainly designed to cover maternity-related expenses incurred for hospitalization at the time of delivery, pre-natal expenses such as emergency ambulance services, tests, etc.

10. Reimbursement Claims

In an event of emergency hospitalization, sometimes it may not always be practically possible to admit the patient in a nearby hospital or medical center that is enlisted in your medical insurance plan. But thankfully, you can still avail the reimbursement of those hospital expenses just by submitting appropriate medical bills & paperwork with your health insurance provider.


As you can clearly see that health insurance UAE is not just limited to provide you the coverage for hospitalization cost and cashless admissions. But there are several other health insurance benefits that one can avail to make the most of their policy. When a policyholder is well-informed about his/her medical plan and its key benefits, he/she can get the maximum financial support without worrying about the finances or losing his/her peace of mind at all.

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