Top 10 Benefits of Buying Health Insurance Online in 2024

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The above plans and premiums are for AED 1,000,000 Sum insured for 1 Adult of 30 Years for Dubai city.

Medical insurance is not only a sound investment for your future but has also become a necessity in today’s world. The continuous hike of cases of pre-existing diseases combined with the sudden emergence of new ones makes it an important thing to be assured of the fact that you will be able to afford required medical care and facilities if the need ever arises with the help of a proper insurance plan. Conducting a thorough research and buying health insurance online from the comfort of your home has made the job a lot more easier for everyone. 

Benefits of Buying Health Insurance Online in the UAE

Purchasing health insurance online is a pretty straightforward and apparently easy task now. The abundance of choices, easy access to plan details, the convenience of shopping, and the top-notch data security are just a few of many benefits that come with buying health insurance online.  Let us find out more about the top 10 benefits that make buying health insurance online in 2024 the right decision to make.

1. Elimination of the Middlemen

Since you are the one who will be in direct contact with the insurance providers and carriers via their websites or via an insurance aggregator like, the need for middlemen aka insurance agents and brokers is eliminated. This not only makes the process of buying health insurance quicker and more seamless but also removes the added expense of agent fees or commissions. This simply means that you will save the time and trouble of paying hefty commissions along with insurance premiums when buying policies offline.

2. Contactless Purchasing Experience

The recent events that the pandemic-ridden world has faced, have brought the importance of minimal human interaction to the light. Having access to remote facilities from the insurance domain along with many others is no less than a blessing. Buying health insurance online is now a surprisingly easy task, it also offers a level of physical safety that is one of the top requirements in today’s world where sanitation is a top priority.

3. Data Security

There is two-way security of data that can be counted upon when you buy health insurance online, provided that you are buying from trusted insurance providers and aggregators. These trusted providers and partner companies of the aggregators ensure that your personal information and confidential data are safely stored with minimal to no chances of the breach. Moreover, having all your policy documents saved on the insurance provider’s cloud helps to avoid the loss of documents and the cumbersome process of recovering them afterwards.

4. Abundance of Choices

The online database of insurance providers always contains almost all the policies that they offer available for you to browse through which they offer a varied range of choices to pick from. The benefits provided by policies, their coverage period, diseases covered, and rates of premium generally differ, sometimes by a huge and sometimes by small margins. The online insurance aggregators like make sure that you can find each viable option as quickly and easily as possible – stacked in a single place.

5. Easy Comparison

The right way to buy or invest in a health insurance policy is through a proper comparison. But comparing different policies can be a pain if you set out to complete the task manually. However, is well equipped with modern comparison tools. These tools help you compare the benefits and terms and conditions of two or more policies in a matter of minutes from the comfort of your home and workspaces.

6. Quick, Safe, and Simple Transactions

Gone are the times when buying health insurance meant filing dozens of proof documents, copies, and whatnot. Entering a few individual details is all you need when you buy medical insurance online in the UAE. A few personal details like your age, gender, etc. are enough to get a quote from different top insurance providers when you buy health insurance online. It is a simple road from there to filling the application form and completing the documentation as soon as you have decided on the plan most suited to you.

7. Prompt Customer Support and Helpdesk

Online insurance purchasing portals generally come with a 24x7 helpline chatroom, helpdesk, or customer support helpline that are monitored by operation executives. This means that the minute you happen to face an issue of any kind whatsoever, you will have access to the online customer services of your insurance provider.

8. Time-Saving

The online insurance portals offer you relief from the tedious paperwork that comes attached to the process of buying health insurance plans via a broker, offline. Making sure that your transaction is made available only a few clicks and key taps away, the online insurance buying experience results in saving your precious time ideally. Several meetings with the brokers and agents, visiting the office of insurance companies, and tiring rechecking/tracking of physical documents are not in the list of tasks that online health insurance buying comes with. This means a hassle-free purchasing experience for you via your laptop, mobile, or tablet.

9. Better Understanding of Terms and Conditions

Insurance providers always lay down the terms and conditions of each health insurance plan very clearly. This means that you have full disclosure of the agreement that you will be getting into with no hidden information. While buying an insurance offline that a few insurance agents go ahead and hide important terms and conditions of to close the sale which can turn out to be an upsetting thing or even a problematic event in the future during claim settlement or maturity.

10. High Claim Settlement Rates

Medical insurance bought online has shown to have better claim settlement rates as compared to the plans that have been bought offline via agents. This could be because online purchases eliminate the generally unavoidable basic human errors that are frequent during offline documentation.


Ranging from technical benefits like easy transaction process and high claim settlement rate to personalised ones like time-saving process and contactless completion, buying health insurance online is a process with many pros. However, it is important to keep in mind that you need to be careful in choosing your providers and aggregators so that you do not fall victim to scams. Along with that, it is necessary to be aware of the market behaviour and the best option suiting your needs since you will be fending for yourself. Always purchase from the trusted sources like when you buy medical insurance online so that frauds remain at bay. A trusted aggregator will not only keep you on top of the application process but also provide you with reliable information.

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