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One of the primary benefits of opting for health insurance plans in the UAE is the provision of free medical check-ups. Customers applying for health insurance policies get free health check-up facility which helps them to detect ailments at an early stage and thereby maintain a healthy lifestyle.

With the changing modern-day lifestyle and increasing levels of stress, there is a sudden rise in the cases of lifestyle disorders and ailments. Therefore, to increase life expectancy and lead a better life it is vital to get medical checkups at fixed intervals of time.

If you are wondering how can you get free medical check-ups with your health insurance policy you’ve just landed at the right place. In this thread, we will shed light on how can insurance seekers get free medical checkups with their insurance plans. Furthermore, we will explain the relationship of a free medical check-up with premiums and sum assured of the health insurance policies in the UAE.

Shakeel’s Dilemma

Recently Shakeel a 33-year-old business owner residing in Dubai purchased a health insurance policy to provide financial security for himself and his loved ones. He was quite relieved by knowing the fact that if he or any of his family members are diagnosed with any sort of illness or ailment then in that case he wouldn’t have to worry about the medical expenses as they are all covered within his health insurance policy.

He had purchased the policy from a web aggregator that provided free medical-checkup with the purchase of health insurance dubai policy. The customer care executive advised Shakeel to make use of the free medical checkup that is provided with his health insurance policy. Shakeel initially was quite skeptical as he thought if he gets diagnosed with any sort of illness or ailment, he will end up paying more premiums for the same health insurance policy.

Shakeel like a huge majority of insurance seekers was in a false impression that the results obtained from the health insurance plan will have an impact on his health insurance premium. He was not aware of the fact the primary reason for which health insurance providers offer free medical checkup with policies is to determine that whether there is a requirement or not of increasing the sum assured at the time of renewal of the health insurance policy.

Medical examinations that are offered free with health insurance policies have no impact on the premium of the purchased policy. In case the policyholder or any of the insured family members is diagnosed with any sort of illness or ailment then the increase in the premium is very tiny. Free medical checkups instead of increasing the premium allow users to in determining their coverage requirement considering the ever-rising prices of health care. Also, with free health checkups, customers can assess the status of their health. In case any ailment or illness is diagnosed customers can get it treated with their health insurance policy before any serious complication arises.

How to Get Free Checkup?

In order to get a free medical checkup via medical insurance the first step is to contact the health insurance provider via call or email. Some of the insurance providers have an online application form that needs to be filled by the applicant in order to get a free medical checkup.

Typically, after receiving the form the customer service executive will specify the locations of partnered centers that are available for a free checkup. In case the insurance seeker wants to get the medical examinations done at the lab of their choice all they need to do is apply for the reimbursement. Once the appointment is confirmed by the end of the provider, the policyholder will receive a confirmation/authorization letter, which needs to be shown at the site with the health card of the customer.

Regularity of Checkups

The number of free health checkups offered by a provider varies on the basis of the health insurance plan opted by the applicant. Many insurance providers for instance offer free annual check-ups to their customers. Some of the other providers are entitled to free health check-ups annually or every alternate year.

Those customers that have availed health insurance plans under from providers that offer free medical checkup even if claims have been made on the policy. Users can be sure that if any health issue or ailment is diagnosed during the free medical checkup there is not an increase in the premiums of the health insurance plan.

In a Nutshell

With the above points in consideration, customers can make use of free health checkup to get the status of their health status. The cost of medical examination is borne by the health insurance provider which is a beneficial deal for customers opting for Mediclaim health insurance policies in the UAE.

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