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Thiqa is a healthcare network introduced by the Abu Dhabi government for UAE citizens, with the primary authority for managing the programme being the insurance firm Daman. By availing of the Thiqa healthcare scheme, individuals get easy access to pharmacies, health centres, clinics, hospitals, and more. Obtaining all these services is simple and can be done by using the assigned Thiqa card. 

This article will provide you with all the crucial information about the health programme and how to avail of it for the health of yourself and your family. 

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The above plans and premiums are for AED 150,000 Sum insured for 1 Adult of 21 Years for Dubai city.

Points to Consider When Applying to Thiqa Insurance

A few points are to be kept in mind regarding the eligibility criteria for the Thiqa health programme. The central point to proceed with the application here is that you will be required to take up a Weqaya screening test. 

  1. The test is conducted in various regions of Abu Dhabi and involves a few medical tests along with a questionnaire session.
  2. UAE people aged 18-75 years of age are eligible for this scheme. 
  3. Following are some of the essential documents one must carry for the screening test - 
  • Original Family Book
  • Original Passport
  • Birth certificate for a newborn baby
  • Emirates ID
  • Photograph

Process of Thiqa Registration

If you wish to register for Thiqa via the online mode, you can visit the website of TAMM Abu Dhabi or Thiqa itself and fill up the necessary forms by providing details like contact number, email ID, card number, family book, and any other ones specified there. 

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List of Services Covered Under the Thiqa Health Scheme

The services offered in the Thiqa scheme can be categorised into two parts. 

Services Covering 100% Insurance

  1. Emergency services
  2. Infertility treatment for both male and female individuals
  3. Home Nursing Services
  4. Pregnancy aid till the delivery
  5. All kinds of Emergency treatments via Assist America
  6. Outpatient Department services such as Nutrition, Lab tests, Radiology, Psychotherapy, and more

Services Covering 50% Insurance

  1. Medications
  2. Dental Cure
  3. Medical Equipment

What are the Rights of a Thiqa Individual?

Once you become a member of Thiqa, you get certain privileges like:

  1. Receiving rights according to the Health Coverage Laws of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi
  2. Ability to connect with the customer support team (in both English and Arabic language) easily
  3. Providing feedback to Daman in order to improvise the health scheme and related services.
  4. Staying updated regarding the different services of the health scheme.

Responsibilities of People Covered Under the Thiqa Scheme 

Besides the rights and benefits, an individual under the scheme has to consider the following points when availing of any services.

  1. Positive behaviour towards the Daman providers
  2. Thorough knowledge of the Thiqa health insurance (to avoid hassles resulting from neglect of details)
  3. Keeping the health insurance card handy whenever required 
  4. Depositing the necessary co-insurance when availing of a health service

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Mode of Availing the Thiqa Service

To get access to all the Thiqa features, a person can make use of the Thiqa app available on both the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. When you register via the app, it will save all your requisite insurance data. Moreover, the application will let you know about the benefits of your health policy and handle it effectively.

Besides enhanced management and utilisation of your health policy, you can also locate suitable health centres, hospitals, and clinics. Similarly, by installing the app, you can also download the Thiqa card UAE and even check Thiqa card validity. Last but not least, the app also lets you add a new family member without any hassle. 

Key Takeaways

When it comes to health insurance, Abu Dhabi is quite stringent and has mandated health insurance dubai for all employees to be provided by their employers. However, if you wish to have a plan on your own that is effective yet cost-efficient, you can always opt for Thiqa insurance which provides both 50% and 100% medical coverage to enrolled individuals. Moreover, the services under the programme are easy to avail of, ensuring a hassle-free experience when requiring the assistance of insurance urgently. 

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