Key Changes to Consider in your Health Insurance Plan After Marriage

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Wedding is one of the major events in people’s life. From the sense of space to daily habits, everything needs to be adjusted to allow space for your spouse. When you agree to get married, you agree to take more responsibilities. One of the popular vows that we often hear on Sitcoms and television series is “I take you to be my wedded partner,… in sickness and in health…” To ensure that these wedding vows and your responsibilities are fulfilled, you may have to revisit your health insurance policy and make some amendments accordingly.

Factors to consider while changing your health insurance policy

Here is a list of factors to consider while making changes in your health insurance policy after a wedding:

Medical History

When you purchase your health insurance policy, the insurance provider thoroughly checks your medical history to determine what policy will suit your needs the best. While your medical history might be free of any major genetic disorder or illness and so did you not consider adding critical illness to your health insurance policy. However, your spouse may have a history of a genetic disorder or illness such as diabetes or hypertension or Parkinson's, etc. Owing to the hereditary nature of these diseases, you should revisit your health insurance policy and add a cover for critical illness to maximize your protection so that irrespective of your age and your financial condition, your spouse receives the medical attention they deserve.


Following the mechanics of society, the next personal family goal and expectation after marriage is having a child. While you may not be planning to have a child right away, it is better to consider adding maternity benefits in health insurance that covers both pre and post-natal expenses up to 90 days. Pregnancy can be an expensive affair and altering your health insurance policy accordingly will ensure that you and your spouse get the best facilities when you are making an addition to your family.

Hospital Network

Once you are married, you may look for a different residential set-up that is more “family-oriented” in nature or you may look for a bigger living space. In case you are planning to have a child, you might want a kid-friendly locality. After moving to the new society, you may have to consider if the hospitals nearby are a part of your health insurance policy’s cashless hospital network. Some insurance company like SALAMA insurance company has different health insurance policies with different hospital networks in different plans. You may need to consult your insurance provider to purchase another health insurance policy or plan to add that hospital next door to your health insurance plan.

Investment Plans

When you purchase a health insurance policy, you decide to invest in your health. This is one of the most important parts of your investment plans and you need to be smart about it. While purchasing, you should always assess your medical needs and consider whether you need some add-ons such as cash benefits or other add-ons that may provide you with better benefits.

The ‘Right’ One

Just like in marriage you need the right spouse, in a health insurance policy you need the right insurance provider. The right health insurance provider can make all the difference. A health insurance provider with higher claim settlement rate, better facilities, reliable services, and cheaper premium is all that you need.

What changes should you make to your health insurance policy?

You have already been advised to consider various factors. Based on those factors, you can consider the following changes:

Adding your Spouse to your Health Insurance Policy

Consider making a change in your health insurance policy by adding another member to the cover-your spouse. If you have corporate health insurance, add your spouse to the health insurance policy and avail of maximum benefits. In case you have an individual health insurance policy variant, consider transforming it into a family floater health insurance policy. A family floater health insurance policy is cheaper and offers just as many benefits as an individual health insurance policy.

Changing cover type

In case you do not want to make too many changes to your existing health insurance policy, you can simply add your spouse to your existing health insurance policy.

Check and Compare to find the Best Health Insurance Policy

It is possible that you purchased a health insurance policy earlier on the advice of a relative or a friend. However, now there are experts online who can offer you better advice and help you buy better plans. You can log on to to find the best health insurance policy in the UAE.

Some of the best health insurance in Dubai and the rest of the UAE that can offer the best coverage to you and your spouse are:

  • ADNIC Health Insurance
  • Al Sagar Health Insurance
  • Alliance Health Insurance
  • Aman Health Insurance
  • Daman Health Insurance 
  • DNIRC Health Insurance
  • Noor Takaful Health Insurance
  • Orient Health Insurance
  • RAK Health Insurance
  • Salama Health Insurance
  • Sehteq Health Insurance
  • Takaful Emarat Health Insurance
  • Union Health Insurance
  • Watania Health Insurance


Marriage makes you a team player so you need to think about the team-you, your spouse, and your kids. Consider all these factors and make changes to your health insurance policy. In case you think that your health insurance policy might not serve the purpose or is too expensive, consider comparing the benefits, sum insured, and benefits offered online at to make the right decision.

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