How to Get Dubai Police Accident Report by Reference Number?

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Driving on roads always involves a certain level of risk. Irrespective of the quality of the road, the driver always needs to be attentive. While the traffic rules in Dubai and the UAE, in general, are stringent, the possibility of accidents is still present. In case you are involved in an accident, the first thing you must do is to report the accident to the Dubai Police. Whether minor or major, every accident is required to be reported to the police authority in Dubai.

After the investigation, an accident report is issued by the Dubai Police. The report is a legal document and is required for various official purposes including your car insurance claims.

As accident reports are permanently stored in Dubai Police Database, you can easily retrieve them whenever required. The article below provides you details of getting your Dubai Police accident report by reference number and other means.

Reissuing Dubai Police Traffic Accident Report

After you are involved in an accident, the police arrive at the spot after they are contacted and take over the case. Based on eyewitnesses and testimonies, they investigate the matter and determine which party is responsible for the accident. Depending on the fault, you may receive various coloured fine slips.

It is essential to remember that a traffic accident report is an authorised document that you can use legally for court proceedings or for filing your insurance claims. However, it may happen that you lose your Dubai Police Traffic Accident Report. This could prove a cause of concern if you are involved in any process that requires such reports for official proceedings.

However, Dubai Police Authority does provide a copy of your accident report in case you lose your original report. You can retrieve the traffic accident report online with your reference number or ticket number. Simply visiting the official website of the Dubai Police is sufficient to reissue your traffic report.

Who Can Reissue Dubai Police Traffic Accident Report?

The accident report reissuing facility is available to any individual involved in the accident in Dubai. However, before downloading a copy of your accident report, you will need to produce your personal information details and accident ticket reference number. Here is the list of individuals who can apply for the Dubai Police Traffic Accident Report in the UAE.

  • Citizens - UAE nationals, residents, individuals from GCC countries, and tourists and visitors can log in to the Dubai Police Official website and retrieve a copy of their traffic accident report.
  • Government - Federal, local, or diplomat individuals can apply for reissuing a copy of their traffic accident report.
  • Companies - Organisations and corporates, which had their vehicles involved in an accident, can also apply for traffic accident reports at Dubai Police's official website.

RTA/Driving License

Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Dubai
Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Sharjah Transfer Car Registration
Driving License UAE Driving License in Dubai

Documents Required to Apply for Dubai Police Accident Report by Reference Number

While applying for a copy of your Dubai Police accident report, you will be required to submit specific documents as mentioned below.

  • Emirates ID Number - You need to submit your Emirates ID number while filling out the traffic accident report reissue form.
  • Driver’s License Number Plate and the Place of Issue - You will be required to enter your vehicle license number plate details and the Emirates where it was issued.
  • A Valid Email ID - A valid and active email ID that can be used for further communication is necessary.

How to Apply for Dubai Police Traffic Report by Reference Number?

To get your Dubai Police Accident Report by reference number, simply fill out an application form either online or offline. You can log in to the official portal of Dubai Police or visit a local police station in person to apply for the same. Here is the list of ways and steps to apply for a Dubai Police Traffic Report by Reference Number.

Online Application

As mentioned above, you can visit the official website of Dubai Police to apply online for the traffic police report. Before proceeding with the application, ensure that you have your documents handy.

Here are the steps to apply for Dubai Police traffic accident reports with a reference number.

  • On the Dubai Police official website, navigate to the ‘Services’ section.
  • Select the ‘Traffic Services’ options there.
  • You can find an online application form for reissuing the traffic accident report.
  • Enter all the details as requested in the application form.
  • Submit the application after carefully entering all the details.
  • After successful application, you will receive a transaction number/Reference Number via SMS and the registered Email ID to follow upon request.
  • Later, you will be asked to pay the application fee using various digital channels
  • After successful payment, you will receive the certificate and the receipt over the email.

Offline Application

Offline applications are also valid for seeking Dubai Police traffic accident reports. You can visit a nearby Dubai Police station and request the authorities to issue a copy of your traffic accident report. Ensure that you carry all the required information and documents with you to the police station to avoid last-minute hassles.

Service Charges for Retrieving Your Dubai Police Accident Report by Reference Number

It is key to remember that a service charge is applicable while applying for the Dubai Police accident report. Following are the charges for retrieving your Dubai Police accident report.

Type of Fee

Amount in AED

Service charge for issuing a copy of the accident report

AED 100

Knowledge and Innovation Fee

AED 20

You can pay the above-mentioned charges through the following payment methods for retrieving a copy of your accident report.

  • Through Cash - You can pay your service charges in cash at Smart Police Station (SPS centres) and service centres
  • E-Dirham - Pay conveniently in E-Dirhams for all online and offline applications
  • Debit Cards (Visa/Mastercard) - You can easily pay the service charges through debit cards (valid for both online as well as offline applications)

Dubai Police Service Channels and Their Active Working Hours

If you opt for the offline mode of application, it is crucial to know the active hours for the Dubai Police stations and other service channels before visiting their offices. Here is the list of active working hours of various service channels of the Dubai Police.

Service Channels

Active Working Hours


Active Round the Clock

Smart Police Stations

Active Round the Clock

Dubai Police Stations

7 am to 10 pm

Important Terms and Conditions for Retrieving a Copy of Your Dubai Police Accident Report

The following are some important terms and conditions you should be aware of while applying for Dubai Police accident report.

  • Applications that involve legal obstructions are excluded from the expected duration of time.
  • As a customer, you can submit an application without the need for pre-registration in the digital channels.

Contact Details of Dubai Police for Getting Traffic Accident Reports

Given below are the contact details of Dubai Police for getting traffic police accident reports by reference number.

Dubai Police Call Center


Dubai Police Email ID

Official Address

P.O. Box 1493 Dubai- United Arab Emirates

While the steps mentioned earlier are sufficient to obtain a Dubai Police accident report by reference number, here are some quick facts regarding the process.

Key Facts to Know

Q1. How can I retrieve the list of traffic violations in Dubai?

Ans. You can retrieve your traffic violation list from the official website of the Dubai Police. After logging in, navigate to the ‘Inquiry and Payment of Traffic Fines’ services. If there are any violations recorded on the vehicle, you will find a button stating ‘Print a list of violations’. After you finish the process, the list will be sent to your registered email address. Additionally, the list will also be displayed on your screen.

Q2. How much does it cost to retrieve a list of traffic violations in Dubai?

Ans. If you are using an online service channel, you don’t need to pay any fee for retrieving the list of traffic violations. However, if you are visiting a service location, a fee of AED 5 per vehicle will apply.

Q3. How much does it cost to get a copy of the Dubai Police traffic accident report in the UAE?

Ans.  To apply for a Dubai Police Traffic accident report, you will be required to pay a fee of AED 100 as a service charge.

Q4. Can I pay for the Dubai Police traffic report issuance services online?

Ans. Yes, you can pay various service charges related to the Dubai Police traffic report issuance system online through debit cards, E-Dirhams, etc.

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