Tips to Clear the RTA Driving Test in the First Attempt

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RTA Driving Test

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What makes a driving licence in the UAE so special is the fact that you can use the license in more than 50 other nations, making you a certified driver across the world. Obtaining a driving licence in the UAE is a straightforward process, as you can apply for the RTA driving test and receive one after clearing the test.

However, while the driving test may appear simple, it requires you to have plenty of practice and keep several aspects in mind if you want to try and clear the test in one go. For this, you will have to first start with the RTA car test booking and study for both the theoretical and driving test.

Key Takeaways

Taking an RTA driving test and successfully securing a driving licence makes you eligible to drive across the UAE and 50 other nations. To clear the driving test, the first step is to avail of RTA car test booking in Dubai. If you take a driving course, learn the basics of driving in the UAE, and practice driving every now and then, you will be confident when you appear for the test. Follow all the instructions you learnt and those provided by the examiner, if any. Lastly, don’t forget to carry the necessary documents when taking the car driving test.

If you want to know more about the eligibility criteria and documents required to apply for the test as well as some tips on how to clear the test the first time, keep reading below.

Ways to Apply for the RTA Car Test

The first crucial step of the process is to complete an RTA car test booking. This enables you to register for an informative session regarding the test and aspects of driving in the UAE, request translations for the questions and answers, a yard test or a road test, and so on. Moreover, the booking also lets you make a schedule for an Evaluation test in Dubai under the condition that your driving license is not issued within a year from passing the road test.

Following are the ways you can apply for a driving test:

  1. Using the RTA website
  2. RTA Smart Application - Dubai Drive (using ‘Mahboub’ Chatbot on the application for automated schedule generation).
  3. Car Testing Center in Dubai - These include Dubai Driving Centers in Jumeirah, Al Qouz Industry 3, Al Qusais 1, Al Khai, and Dubai Investment Park 2
  4. Self-Service Machines- These are the smart screens available in driving schools.
  5. Customer Care Service

RTA/Driving License

Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Dubai
Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Sharjah Transfer Car Registration
Driving License UAE Driving License in Dubai

Tips to Clear the Driving Test in One Go

Once you have completed the booking of a driving test after searching for terms like car testing center near me, you will be required to read through the theoretical material availed on the RTA website. This module will help you gain basic knowledge about the do’s and don’ts when learning to drive.

With respect to the practical part, you can keep learning to drive a vehicle at an RTA-authorised driving center in Dubai. When appearing for the test, the following are the things to remember:

  • Practice Earnestly: When participating in a driving course in Dubai, you get to learn about the UAE rules and regulations. No matter how competent  a driver you were back in your home country, you should carefully learn to drive again in the UAE due to a difference in traffic regulations and so on. Moreover, careful learning here will give you an upper hand when you try to clear the test in the first attempt.
  • Dress Appropriately: Besides ensuring a positive first impression on the examiner, a proper dressing will also allow you to feel comfortable. This, in turn, can enhance your focus on the driving test as you don’t have your vision or movement affected by your attire.
  • Stay Within the Speed Limit: Know the speed limit and make sure that you do not cross it at all. On the other hand, you should not drive too slow either. It is advisable to maintain an appropriate speed between the two specified limits.
  • Learn How to Change Lanes: One of the most vital things in a driving test is to change the lanes smoothly, as it indicates your competence and polished skills regarding driving. For this, you can make good use of both the side mirrors and the rearview mirror. You can also turn to check for any blind spot post this turn on the indicator. Once you are sure that everything is clear on the road, switch the lane at a gradually accelerating speed. Turn the indicator off once you are done switching the lane.
  • Avoid Making Errors While Parking: Your parking skills play a great role in clearing the test in the first attempt. You will be asked to park at the side. At that time, ensure that you do not park at a bus stop or in front of an entrance. Similarly, people often make the mistake of pressing the accelerator in neutral gear once the test is over. Even if appearing minor, such a mistake can lead to a failed test.
  • Maintain the Distance Between the Cars: Among the unsaid rules of driving whether you are an amateur or a seasoned driver, you should keep a proper distance between your car and the vehicle before you. This step ensures a reduction of the probability of crashing or you being required to suddenly apply the brakes.
  • Use the Brakes Smoothly: Avoid applying brakes in a manner that can cause jerks. Besides making you uncomfortable, this also raises concerns among the examiners. Applying hard brakes can indicate that you are nervous and unable to control the vehicle.
  • Take a Pause at the Stop Sign: Cars often rush past the stop sign if there is no traffic. However, this can land you in serious trouble especially when you are at a car testing center in Dubai. Whether the traffic is present or not, you should follow the proper rules to avoid any issues. You should ideally stop for at least three seconds even if the road is clear to go.
  • Listen to the Examiner: As the examiner acts as a guide on the road when you are taking a driving test, it is in your best interest not to oppose or argue with them while driving. The agenda of them sitting with you is to test your judgment skills. While you can ask clear any doubts, listen to their instructions carefully and avoid arguments with them.

Eligibility Criteria for RTA Car Test Booking

Following are the criteria to verify your level in terms of learning to drive:

  • Knowledge Test: This exam is for trainees who have successfully completed their theoretical lectures.
  • Yard Test: It is for applicants who are through with their training requirements and have successfully passed the Knowledge Test and the Driving School Evaluation Test.
  • Road Test: Trainees who have cleared the yard test are eligible for this test.
  • Evaluation Test: This test is for people who did not obtain their driving license within one year of clearing the test or could not renew their license for over 10 years.

Documents Required for a Car Testing Center in Dubai

Whether you are an ex-pat or a national, the following are the mandatory documents you should carry when appearing for the tests:

  1. Emirates ID
  2. Passport
  3. Eye Test Report
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