All you need to know About Coronavirus Health Insurance Policy Coverage

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With the recent surge in the number of COVID-19 cases, the worldwide majority of health insurance providers have included the expenses and treatment of coronavirus infection in their health insurance policies. In case any individual with a health insurance plan is diagnosed with coronavirus infection they can seek treatment and get hospitalized just like any other ailment or disease.

The entire world currently is battling against the novel coronavirus and in this phase of high vulnerability in order to safeguard your loved ones and family coronavirus health plans are an absolute must. Insurance seekers looking for coronavirus health insurance policies are stuck in dilemma and hence are unable to choose the best plan that fits their budget and fulfills all the requirements due to a wide variety.

If you are looking forward to buying coronavirus health insurance to safeguard your loved ones and family members against the strokes of uncertainties on the trail of life you’ve landed at the right place. In this article, we will shed light on all you need to know about the novel coronavirus health insurance policy coverage in the UAE. Furthermore, we will be sharing some important tips and tricks while purchasing health insurance plans.

Tracking COVID-19 Cases in the UAE

The situation of novel coronavirus infections in the UAE is under control. As of now, the total number of cases reported in the UAE is 49,469 out of which 317 deaths have been recorded. In order to financially protect your family members and loved ones against the wrath of this fatal virus is to opt for a health insurance policy that covers all the expenses incurred in the treatment of COVID-19.

Out of the entire population, a large number of people residing in the UAE are expatriates who have migrated from their native jurisdictions in search of better job opportunities and remuneration. In such a scenario it becomes extremely important to have a health insurance plan that offers coverage against expenses incurred in the treatment of novel coronavirus infection worldwide.

(The figures mentioned in the article are subject to change)

Similar to any other ailment there are certain limitations that come into picture when treating the novel coronavirus infection. The first and foremost factor to be kept in consideration is that if the policyholder is suffering from any sort of respiratory infection within the past four weeks, then in that case the health insurance policy might not provide coverage. Under the following scenarios, one will be unable to apply and receive a claim.

If you and any of the insured family members have a travel history to any hard-hit countries

An important point to be kept in consideration while dealing with coronavirus health insurance policies is that if you or any of the insured family members are diagnosed with the COVID-19 infection after returning from worst-affected countries such as USA, Brazil, India, China, then, in that case, your health insurance policy will cover you if you are being quarantined in India.

However, when it comes to tailored coronavirus health insurance policies, they won’t offer coverage. Furthermore, if any of the family members catch an infection from an infected member with travel history to hard-hit countries then in that case the claim will not be settled by the provider.

In the case of Hospitalization in less than 24 Hours

Similar to the majority of other health insurance uae policies, an individual cannot apply and receive a claim in case of hospitalization for less than 24 hours. Furthermore, in case the sick member of the member is not hospitalized than in that case there is a high probability that the insurer will not settle the claim as most of the health insurance plans do not cover outpatient expenses.

If you have Pre-existing Symptoms similar to Flu

If you or any of the insured family member is suffering from symptoms similar to flu then your claim with the regular health insurance policy might not be settled. Both the ailments i.e. flu and the novel coronavirus infection have almost identical symptoms such as cough, fever, shortness of breath. If the insured is suffering from flu-like symptoms and he/she plans to take the treatment further which later transforms into COVID0-19 infection then there is a high probability that the claim will be rejected.

If the insured is already suffering from the novel coronavirus infection and plans to file the claim with the basic health insurance policy then the claim request will be rejected. Any pre-existing illness or planned treatment will not be covered by health insurance plans in the UAE.

If the insured is infected within the Waiting Period of the Policy

Every health insurance regardless of its type has a health insurance waiting period which is pre-determined on the basis of the commencement date of the policy. The waiting period of health insurance policies is applicable in the case of specific diseases and pre-existing illnesses.

The typical waiting period for any health insurance policy varies from 30 days to 90 days based on the provider. For instance, a wide array of digital health insurance policies has a waiting period of only 15 days. The claim is only payable after the completion of the waiting period.

In a Nutshell

With the above points into consideration, it will become easier for insurance seekers to choose the right health insurance plan in the UAE that will protect them financially against the novel coronavirus infection.

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