All about Health Insurance for Hypertension Patients

By Ayushi Gupta
  | Published: 15 February 2021 | Last Updated On: 19 February 2021

Don’t gamble with your health, get the right cover at the right price.

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The cons of our modern lifestyle have pushed us into the spiral of stress and diseases. One such disease that has now become common is hypertension. It is a good idea to constantly get your blood pressure checked if you are at risk. Doing so will help you manage the ailment right from the start. 

Hypertension is a silent killer as it slowly creeps into our lives without any signs or warning. The disease is therefore even more dangerous because it comes with no visible symptoms to warn us ahead of time. Its impact however can be life-threatening, resulting in several complications like a stroke, heart failure, blockage in the arteries among many others.

It, therefore, becomes extremely important  to have a health insurance policy that covers this disease, helping us manage the medical costs due to it. In the United Arab Emirates, it is possible to get a healthcare plan that is specifically designed to take care of the costs of treatment for hypertension.

Simply being covered by your employer’s group health cover as a working professional is not adequate to manage issues arising from high blood pressure. What patients suffering from high blood pressure need is a specific health insurance policy that caters to their ailment, offering a well-rounded coverage while also reducing the financial burden on the policyholder.

Let us take you through this maze of health insurance for hypertension by first discussing the disease, its treatments as well as the many benefits of buying a health insurance plan that covers it:

What is Hypertension?

It is a condition where the flow of blood in the arteries is too high, putting pressure against the walls of the arteries. Medically, this disease is diagnosed when the blood pressure is above 140/ 90 Hg. Such a person might otherwise appear healthy and normal but their blood pressure will be higher than normal. The condition is considered even severe when the blood pressure goes beyond 180/ 120 Hg. This might be accompanied by mild symptoms like chest pain, anxiety, sweating, fatigue, irregular heartbeat among others. This is perhaps the only way to identify the patient as this illness does not have any prominent symptoms. If left untreated over time, it can even cause damage to one’s health leading to a stroke or other heart-related issues.

What causes Hypertension?

There are several lifestyle and environmental factors that can make anyone susceptible to this disease. One of the primary causal factors behind high blood pressure in most people is stress. Constantly being in a stressful environment, be it your workplace or home, can heighten your blood pressure. Other factors include obesity, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, leading a sedentary lifestyle devoid of any physical activity, or even hormonal disorders like thyroid issues. When this ailment is induced by the above- mentioned factors, it is defined as primary hypertension.

Additionally, there are other factors that can contribute to a high blood pressure like old age, genetics, where one has a family history of the disease. At the same  time, this ailment could also be induced by certain other health- related issues like a chronic kidney disease. Such a case of the illness is called sedentary hypertension.

How to manage Hypertension?

This disease has prevailed over around 28.8 percent of the country’s population, forcing the government to release a ‘Hypertension Guideline.’ The reason behind the government’s prompt actions to curb the spread of the disease and manage its impact is that it is extremely dangerous and can affect the patients’ vital organs like the brain and kidneys if left unchecked. Therefore, early detection, as well as treatment, can help save many lives. Doctors suggest that a combination of prescribed medicines and some effective lifestyle changes can lead to the path of recovery. Listed below are some changes that we can introduce to lead a healthier life:

1. Meditation to reduce stress

2. Regular exercise

3. Stick to a low sodium (salt0 diet

4.Limit our alcohol consumption

5. Stop the use of tobacco

6. Follow a nutritious diet

7. Get online health insurance to cover the cost of treatment

Why is a health insurance policy the best bet for Hypertension?

The treatment for this disease requires consultations from the doctor on a regular basis apart from taking the prescribed medicines with the utmost disciple. In severe cases that cause complications due to this existing ailment, one might even have to be hospitalized while also undergoing various diagnostic tests. This means that the medical costs of treatment are sure to burn a hole in your pocket. The medical care costs are rising every day and with a disease like high blood pressure, one has to think about managing the costs of treatment for a prolonged period of time. Thus, one needs to plan their finances and also prepare for contingencies.

The first step towards preparing to manage your budget includes getting the best health insurance policy that offers coverage for the disease. Doing so will not only reduce your stress regarding all the financial expenditure, thus helping you manage the disease more efficiently. But at the same time, it will offer you many benefits, namely, cover for the cost of pre and post- hospitalization.

Things to remember when buying online health insurance for Hypertension:

If you have already made up your mind to buy a healthcare plan that supports you in managing the cost of treatment and medicines, here are some things to keep in mind before buying online health insurance:

The waiting period: Keep note of the waiting period specified in the inclusions list of your health insurance plan. Usually, there is some time before the insurance policy starts covering the costs of treatment. In most cases, this period is 2 years but different insurers provide coverage under different terms and conditions. It is therefore important to buy a policy when you are young so that you actually have coverage when you need it the most.

The premium: Compare online health insurance plans to pick the one that best fits in your budget while also offering the most suitable amount of coverage. It is thus a good idea to invest in  a good health insurance plan at an early stage in order to avoid getting charged with high premium rates later.

The policy riders: If you already have a health insurance plan but it does not offer coverage for hypertension, it is possible to get extra coverage by buying an insurance rider. However, remember to compare different plans before renewing your existing policy since you might find a different policy offering more benefits.

Government initiative to manage Hypertension:

The government of UAE launched an updated guideline at the training workshop of InterContinental Dubai Festival City, for managing arterial hypertension in accordance with the 2018 ESH / ESC guidelines in order to increase awareness towards the early detection of the disease as well as highlight the serious impact of its complications, among the members of the community.

The launch of this updated guideline is in alignment with the global indicators suggested by the World Health Organization (WHO), the national agenda as well as the nation’s plan to battle non- communicable diseases. It will also help in reaching the global target of decreasing the prevalence of this deadly disease by a whopping 25 percent by the year 2025.

Furthermore, this updated version of the ‘Hypertension Guide’ released every 4 years by the Ministry of Health, allows the country to keep up with the current international standards, as well as benefit from the expertise of experts from all around the globe in curbing its spread.

 The Bottom Line

Including a cover for hypertension in your health insurance plan will prove to be fruitful in the future even if it does not seem to hold much importance for you right now. Furthermore, if you have missed your window of buying a cover for high blood pressure, you can do it today! With the easy accessibility offered by the internet, buying online health insurance is a piece of cake! Compare different plans offered by multiple providers before you settle for the one that is ideal for you and your needs.