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If you plan to go on a short trip for 7 days, you may wonder whether it is worth it to get a travel insurance policy for such a short tenure. Well, irrespective of the number of days you plan to travel, it is always recommended to secure yourself and your loved ones with travel insurance. 

The possibility of mishaps on a trip always remains present – be it a trip of 7 days or that of 3 months. With travel insurance, you can be covered against most of the adverse events that may occur during the trip. 

Besides the types of plans available for 7 day travel insurance, we will discuss the exclusions, riders available for each plan, and all the other crucial information that can help you select the best travel insurance plan for your trip. 

What is 7-Day Travel Insurance? 

A 7 day travel insurance plan, as the name indicates, is a type of travel insurance that can cover your short trips of up to 7 days. This type of plan is available under single-trip and annual multi-trip travel insurance. Irrespective of whether you are a frequent traveller, you can buy such a policy for your trips.

Types of Plans Covered Under Travel Insurance for 7 Days

Insurance companies primarily offer two types of travel insurance policies, i.e., single-trip insurance and annual multi-trip insurance – 

  • Single-Trip Insurance: A single-trip travel insurance is ideal for those who don’t frequently travel, that is, individuals who do not travel more than once or twice a year. The validity of this type of insurance remains till the day you arrive in the UAE. A single-trip travel insurance policy can be availed for individual, family, or even group travel insurance.
  • Annual Multi-Trip Insurance: Individuals who make multiple trips, say, more than twice or thrice a year, can opt for this type of insurance. Annual multi-trip travel insurance is suitable for business persons, individuals, or families who go on frequent trips. 

Note: That similar coverages are offered by travel insurance companies under both single-trip and annual multi-trip travel insurance.

Benefits of 7 Day Travel Insurance

Securing yourself and your family during a trip with a 7 day travel insurance policy can be pretty beneficial, with benefits offered such as – 

  • 7 day travel insurance is available under both single-trip and annual multi-trip travel insurance, meaning that you can choose either of them as per your requirements
  • You can obtain 7 day travel insurance at an affordable premium with multiple coverages
  • You can enjoy your trip without any trouble as you won’t have to worry about the loss of your baggage or personal possession. This is because your provider would offer compensation for such losses.
  • You can have easy access to emergency medical treatments while on a trip. In fact, insurance companies also provide you with duplicate documents in case your personal documents are lost or stolen.

What is Included in 7 Day Travel Insurance? 

Travel insurance companies offer a wide range of covers to travellers to ensure a smooth and hassle-free travel experience, even when a mishap takes place during the trip. The following is the list of coverages included in most travel insurance plans – 

  • Emergency Medical Expenses: If a medical emergency unexpectedly arises while you are on your trip, your insurance provider can cover your medical expenses and let you recover without fretting about the costs. Medical emergency costs, such as those related to the treatment, hospitalisation, medications, and transportation for care are included.
  • Personal Accident Cover: Even though injuries and accidents can take place during your trip, you can at least stay assured of assistance as your concerned insurance company would cover you against any injuries during your travel period.
  • Loss of Personal Belongings: Even with all the precautions, personal possessions such as a passport, Emirates ID, or other identity proof and cash may get stolen or lost during the trip. With a 7 day travel insurance plan, however, your provider can offer compensation for your loss by offering monetary support and replacement for original documents.
  • Delayed Departure: Situations like technical faults in flights or bad weather conditions can delay your flight timings. Your travel insurance provider can cover such a scenario as well and compensate you for the delayed departure.
  • Trip Cancellation or Trip Curtailment: Unexpected events like a medical emergency in your family can happen during your trip or right before you are about to depart. Likewise, the possibility of flight cancellation also remains. In situations like these, you can incur significant cancellation or flight re-schedule charges that bring considerable financial loss. However, with a travel insurance policy, you don’t have to worry about such losses as your provider can cover the non-refundable fees related to travel bookings.
  • COVID-19 Coverage: People across the globe are still getting affected by the pandemic. Keeping in mind the severity of the disease and the expenses related to it, insurance companies have now started to include COVID-19 coverage in their travel insurance plans. As a traveller, if you test positive during your trip, your insurance company can cover your expenses related to medical assistance, quarantine services, and more.
  • Personal Liability Cover: If you incur any third-party liabilities during your trip, your 7 day travel insurance can offer you coverage for such losses. Here, the provider would compensate the third party and cover the legal fees, if required.

What is Excluded from 7 Day Travel Insurance? 

Although the previous list of coverages is certainly large, insurance providers don’t cover the losses or damages arising in numerous scenarios. 

While the exclusions of all 7 day travel insurance plans vary as per the plan and provider, we have listed below some common exclusions as followed by most travel insurance providers in the UAE – 

  • Coverage against a pre-existing health issue
  • High-risk sports and adventures (winter sports and sea sports, for instance)
  • Claims brought because you failed to get the required vaccinations and immunisations prior to your trip
  • Claims brought on by visiting a place that had previously been advised against, whether due to disease epidemics or terrorism threats
  • Allegations related to drug or alcohol use

Add-On Plans Included in 7 Day Travel Insurance

To make your existing 7 day travel insurance more comprehensive, you can opt for riders in your travel insurance plan at nominal additional costs. Most insurance companies offer the following add-ons – 

  • Coverage for Gadgets and Other Electrical Products: While a basic travel insurance plan does not offer coverage for electronic gadgets, you can get coverage for them with this add-on if you frequently travel with them. 
  • Emergency Dental Coverage: Some insurance companies offer this type of coverage as a standard benefit, while others include it in their add-on plans. With this, any emergency dental treatment that you undergo on your trip can be covered with your 7 day travel insurance plan.
  • Coverage for Adventure Sports: If you add the adventure sports cover to your 7 day travel insurance plan, your insurance provider will cover you against costs related to medical emergencies and injuries caused while pursuing adventure sports like skiing, bungee jumping, and others.
  • Cover for the Loss of Luxury Products: Although the luxury item cover may not cover jewellery in a 7 day travel insurance policy, it can still cover you against the loss of other expensive possessions. Keep in mind that you would be required to buy this coverage as an add-on, as it is mostly not included in a regular travel insurance plan.

How to File a Claim for 7 Day Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance policyholders must be aware of how to file a claim for their 7 day travel insurance. Ultimately, filing a claim with your travel insurance within the specified time limit after an event takes place is crucial to receive any assistance or compensation. 

Here’s how you can make a claim with your existing travel insurance policy – 

  • Claim for Emergency Medical Expense: After notifying your provider that you require medical assistance, go to a healthcare centre included in the network list and inform them about your travel insurance policy. Once the hospital authority verifies your insurance documents, your treatment will begin. In most cases, you will not be required to pay for your medical treatment and other hospital-related bills, as your travel insurance provider will directly pay for the expenses to the hospital.
  • Claim for travel Inconvenience: To make your 7 day travel insurance claim for a delayed flight, trip cancellation or trip curtailment, get the claim form, fill it out, and submit the form with other mandatory documents such as flight tickets, hotel accommodation, and others to the provider.
  • Claim for Stolen or Lost Personal Belongings:  The primary step here is to inform the police by calling your nearest police station and have a report filed. The next step would be to notify your travel insurance provider. You should tell your provider about the incurred losses and fill out the claim form available on the provider’s website.

After filling up the form, submit all the essential documents including the police report. You can then wait for the approval before being reimbursed for your losses.

NOTE: It is always advisable to file a claim for your travel insurance as early as possible after the incident takes place. In addition, always make sure to keep all the necessary documents, such as insurance documents, passports, medical bills, and flight tickets handy to ensure a trouble-free process.

Process of Purchasing a 7 Day Travel Insurance Policy

At times, it can be challenging to obtain the best travel insurance policy for you and your family. To avoid such confusion, we recommend you to check out our website – 

Our platform offers multiple benefits and features that are listed below –

  • We offer an easy-to-navigate user interface so that policy buyers can easily browse through our available plans
  • You can find the best travel insurance plans from the top-rated providers of the UAE in one place
  • Policy seekers can explore and compare a plethora of options to make an informed decision 
  • Individuals can conveniently get travel insurance quotes as per their requirements and budget by providing only a few essential personal details
  • Our customer support executives are available round the clock to provide you with accurate assistance and help you buy the most suitable 7 day travel insurance 

All you need to do is open our website ( and click on the ‘General Insurance’ menu available on the homepage. Next, click on ‘Travel Insurance’ and provide the details as prompted on the screen. Once done, you will be directed to our travel insurance quotes page. 

Go through the displayed plans and use the filters to alter your choices. After finalising a plan, you can initiate the application process for it right there on our website.


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