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Being a travel enthusiast has its perks and perils. While you get to see the world in its true glory and colours, you have to prepare yourself to stay away from the comfort of your home for long durations. These trips can become a lot bluer if you travel frequently for work. Managing several trips together can be a hassle no one wants to deal with. Making your prep time a bit easier, multi-trip travel insurance plans make sure that insurance is not on this list of things to worry about when preparing for the next trip. A plan designed for frequent travellers, annual multi-trip insurance is just what you need if you travel more than 3 or 4 times a year.

What is Multi-Trip Travel Insurance?

An annual multi-trip travel insurance plan is one of the most common travel insurance online plans. It is designed to cover multiple trips taken within the tenure of the plan instead of just one. Ideal for people who travel multiple times within a year for work or other purposes, an annual multi-trip travel insurance plan serves as a very cost-effective option. Whether it is your family that you visit often in a year or travel for work, an annual multi-trip plan can be a good option for you to choose.

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Why Choose Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance?

You may need to travel multiple times a year. Purchasing a single trip insurance plan every time is inconvenient and time consuming. Additionally, single trip plans are hectic to maintain when purchased frequently. To resolve this issue, you can purchase an annual multi-trip travel insurance plan and enjoy its benefits for numerous trips within a year. Here are a few more reasons for you to choose an annual multi-trip insurance in the UAE. 

  • The net cost of an annual multi-trip insurance is cheaper in comparison to a single trip insurance plan purchased multiple times for each trip. 
  • You don’t need to search for an insurance plan every time you plan a trip. 
  • An annual travel insurance plan covers an individual comprehensively from a range of threats and vulnerabilities that may appear during a trip. 
  • Multi-trip insurance plan provides high insurance benefits including emergency medical expenses during a trip abroad. 
  • The plan also secures you from any legal and personal liabilities during the trip. 
  • You get a prolonged coverage of 365 days and of up to 90 days coverage per trip. 
  • The annual multi-trip plans are also available for individual and family, so that you have a worry-free trip with your loved ones. 


How Do Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Plans Work?

A generic single-trip travel insurance plan covers the only trip that you buy it for. The trip dates are limited and the coverage is aligned. The coverage ends when the trip ends. A multi-trip travel insurance plan is right opposite of that. It comes with a fixed tenure of one year like car or health insurance plans. All trips taken within the tenure of the plan are covered by your annual multi-trip insurance. There is a pre-decided limit set on each individual trip you take within the tenure. This limit can change as per the provider and even the plan that you choose. Plans that are more exclusive or comprehensive often offer higher limits on vacation days for individual trips.

Types of Annual Multi Trip Insurance Plans

Individual Multi-Trip Insurance:

As the name suggests, an individual multi-trip insurance plan is designed to cover only one person. It offers insurance for all the trips you take within the specified tenure.

Family Multi-Trip Insurance:

Allowing you to get all the family members insured in one plan, a family multi-trip travel insurance plan covers your entire family for multiple trips taken in a year. Most insurance providers allow you to insure 4 child dependents and 2 adults, you and your spouse, in one plan.

Travel Insurance by Age Group 
Travel Insurance for over 65 Travel Insurance for over 70 Travel Insurance for over 75

Business Annual Multi-Trip Insurance:

Showcasing a slightly different make, the business annual multi-trip insurance plan is made for corporate trips. Business travel insurance plans may offer a few added benefits like protection for electronics. These benefits are catered to the unique needs of a business trip.

Best Multi Trip Travel Insurance in UAE

Here is a comprehensive list of cheapest multi-trip travel insurance plans in Dubai, UAE:

Plan Name  Medical Cover Max Duration Starting from Price
Alliance Insurance AED 150,000 90 days/trip AED 33
Orient Insurance AED 150,000 92 days/trip AED 183
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Top Features of Annual Multi-Trip Insurance Plans

Cost-Effective Travel Insurance:

Annual multi-trip insurance plans are one of the most cost-effective travel insurance plans for people who travel a lot. It will cost you significantly less to buy a multi-trip plan for all your trips rather than insuring them separately.

One Plan for All Trips:

Since all your trips are covered under a single plan, you do not have to worry about managing different travel insurances every time you take a trip. It also takes away the hassle to buy new travel insurance plans every few weeks or months for frequent trips.

Flexible Terms:

An annual multi-trip travel insurance plan is rather flexible and can be used for trips of different durations and destinations. As long as it is within the limits of the plan, you can plan any kind of trip you like and use the same multi-trip insurance for them.

Comprehensive Coverage:

The coverage offered by annual multi-trip travel insurance plans is quite comprehensive. From emergency medical to baggage and trip-related benefits, everything may need during your travels is covered.

Top Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance in the UAE

Following is the run-down of best annual multi-trip travel insurance in the UAE along with the insurance coverage and tenure per trip. 

Name of Insurance Plan

Coverage Amount

Maximum coverage tenure per trip


Alliance Insurance Premier Annual Traveller Plan

USD 500,000

90 days per trip

  • Travel medical and personal accident cover
  • Trip cancellation and curtailment cover
  • Baggage loss and delay cover
  • Secure Wallet
  • Personal Liability Cover

Alliance Insurance Elite Traveller Annual Plan 

USD 1,000,000

90 days per trip

  • Travel medical and accident cover
  • Trip cancellation and curtailment cover including delays
  • Personal Liability cover
  • Secure wallet and loss of personal belonging cover 

Orient Travel Safe Annual Plus Plan

USD 100,000

92 days per trip

  • Travel medical and accident cover
  • Personal accident cover
  • Emergency Dental expenses Cover
  • Baggage loss and delay cover
  • Trip cancellation and curtailment cover
  • Secure wallet and credit card fraud cover
  • Personal Liability cover

Alliance Insurance Standard Traveller Annual Plan

USD 100,000

90 days per trip

  • Travel medical and personal accident cover
  • Trip cancellation and curtailment cover
  • Emergency dental expenses and repatriation cover

Orient Travel Secure Annual Plus Plan

USD 1,000,000

92 days per trip

  • Travel accident and medical cover
  • Trip cancellation and curtailment
  • Accidental death benefits
  • Travel inconvenience cover
  • Baggage delay and loss cover
  • Secure wallet and personal belonging cover
  • Personal liability cover 

Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Inclusions

Insurance inclusions are the events and vulnerabilities that are covered under a travel insurance plan. The following are the inclusions of Annual Multi-trip travel insurance in UAE. 

Travel Medical Insurance Benefits

  • Emergency medical treatment benefits with emergency dental treatment cover
  • Emergency repatriation and medical evacuation cover
  • Accidental death and disability benefit
  • Compassionate visit for a family member cover in case of the policyholder’s hospitalization
  • Hospital cash benefits on per daily basis

Trip Inconvenience Benefits

  • Delay and loss cover for checked-in baggage
  • Luggage theft or loss during the trip
  • Trip curtailment or cancellation cover
  • Flight Insurance for flight delays and flight hijack cover also include threats of hijack
  • Emergency financial support
  • Burglary and theft cover
  • Loss of personal items and money
  • Personal liability cover
  • Bail bond and legal fee cover
  • Trip extension cover
  • Loss of travel documents benefit, like passport
  • Non-medical emergency evacuation cover

Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Exclusions

Although annual multi-trip travel insurance provides comprehensive security against a range of events and threats during a travel, there are several eventualities not covered in the insurance policy and are commonly known as travel insurance exclusions. 

  • Adventure sports like scuba diving, skiing, etc., unless covered by an add-on benefit
  • Losses due to war or acts of war, invasion, rebellion, etc. Also includes terrorism unless covered by an add-on
  • Injuries or illnesses when travelling against the advice of the doctor
  • Medical expenses arising for the treatment of pre-existing diseases
  • Normal pregnancy-related medical expenses
  • Non-emergency medical expenses incurred by the insured person
  • Elective or cosmetic surgeries
  • Losses incurred as a result of radioactive and explosive substances
  • Injuries, damages, and illnesses due to substance abuse
  • Damages caused or sustained when driving under the influence
  • Damages caused when involved in an illegal activity
  • Self-inflicted injuries or suicide attempts

Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Add-Ons

You can customise your annual multi-trip travel insurance with add on covers depending on specific requirements. However, you need to pay a nominal premium in addition to your base plan. Here are a few common add-ons you can include in your annual multi-trip travel insurance plan to extend its coverage. 

  • Adventure sports cover
  • Specific cover for special sports like skiing – includes protection of equipment, trip cancellation and more
  • Natural disaster cover
  • Terrorism cover
  • Cruise extension cover
  • Stopover extension cover
  • Cancel for any reason cover
  • Rental car benefit

Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Eligibility Criteria

Any UAE resident or citizen older than 18 years and younger than 70 years is eligible for buying an annual multi-trip insurance plan. If you are opting for a family plan, you can add children older than 30 days as dependents in the plan and your spouse apart from yourself. The upper age limit can differ slightly as per the individual policies of each provider. So, keep an eye out for that and make sure that you read all the terms and conditions carefully before making a purchase.

Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Claim Process

The process for submitting a claim for your annual multi-trip insurance plan may differ depending upon the type of claim you are reporting. Emergency medical insurance claims are settled as direct, cashless claims with the hospital. All you need to do is submit a request when you arrive at one of the network hospitals and inform your insurance provider. The hospital will get the approval and settle the bill as per the assured sum of the benefit.

However, reimbursement claims, on the other hand can be filed when you return from the trip. Simply contact the insurance provider to inform about the claim. Obtain a reimbursement claim form from the provider. Fill out the form and attach the required documents with it. Submit the form via offline or online channels, whichever suits you the best. Given below is the list of basic documents you may need:

  • The police report of any stolen items, luggage, accidents, personal liability or similar situation
  • Receipts, bills, doctor’s reports, and other related documents for medical reimbursement claims
  • Baggage tags, correspondence records, and irregularity reports for lost or delayed baggage claims
  • A copy of old passport (if possible) police report and expense receipt for a new passport for lost passport claims
  • Original tickets, correspondence records, termination letters, and other documents required by the insurance company for trip cancellation claims
  • Summons, legal notice, witness record, and record of the incident for personal liability claims
  • Death certificate, police report, and post mortem report for accidental death claims

How to Choose Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance?

You need to be specific while choosing a suitable travel insurance plan in the UAE to avoid paying excessive premiums. Following are the things you need to consider while selecting a travel insurance plan in the UAE. 

  • Destination: Check whether the destinations you will visit are covered by the travel insurance plan you are about to buy. Also, check which destinations require mandatory travel insurance and whether your insurance plan fulfills all the requirements stated in the mandate.
  • Number of People to be Insured: If you are a solo traveller, it is best to go with individual annual multi-trip travel insurance. However, if it is family you are going to travel with, consider choosing a family travel insurance plan. Always compare both types of plans and buy the one that sounds more affordable.
  • Nature of the Trip: Choose between personal and business annual multi-trip travel insurance as per the nature of the trip. Business travel insurance plans may cover a few additional important things for business trips like electronic devices, the replacement for a sick team member etc.
  • Duration of the Trip: Check the allowed duration of a single trip in the annual multi-trip travel insurance plan you choose. Every trip you take within an annual plan has a pre-specified limit of allowed days. This limit may differ as per the provider so make sure that you pre-check this fact and see if it aligns with your needs.
  • Cost-Effectiveness of the Plan: Everything aside, you must make sure that the premium you pay for your annual multi-trip insurance plan is justified by the benefits you get. Compare different plans and make sure to get the most cost-effective option for your trips.
  • Claim Settlement Ratio: Check the claim settlement ratio of the provider before you buy an insurance plan. Make sure that the claim process is easy and simple enough. Get familiar with the actions you need to take as per the situation and the emergency numbers to keep with you at all times.
  • Authenticity: Last but not least, make sure you only buy from authentic sources. Go through customer reviews and take advice from financial experts to figure out the best possible provider for you. Make safe transactions using secure, trusted platforms.

Why Should You Purchase Annual-Trip Travel Insurance Plans from is a one stop solution for all travel insurance in the UAE. You can choose, compare, and purchase a travel insurance plan all at one place. Additionally, buying a travel plan from gives you numerous rebates, offers, and discounts along with instant coverage benefits. To purchase a travel insurance plan, you can visit the travel insurance section of this portal, enter your details and select a plan. Subsequently, pay the insurance premium and enjoy the insurance benefits.   

Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance FAQs

What is the maximum number of vacation days allotted for one trip in a multi-trip travel insurance plan?

The number of vacation days per trip depends on the provider and the comprehensiveness of the plan. It can range anywhere from 45 days to 180 days depending on what your plan limits are.

Can I buy a multi-trip travel insurance plan for my family?

Yes, you can easily buy a multi-trip insurance plan for your family. Most providers let 2 adults and 4 children dependents be insured in the same plan as a family, while others may increase this limit to 10 members as well.

Is there a variant of multi-trip travel insurance for work trips?

Yes, annual multi-trip travel insurance plans can be bought as business travel insurance plans as well.

Can you carry forward vacation days in a multi-trip travel insurance plan?

There is no need to carry forward your vacation days in a multi-trip travel insurance plan. You simply utilize the benefits of the plan for every trip you have taken within the 1-year tenure.

Can I extend my trip when using a multi-trip travel insurance plan?

Yes, as long as your single trip length does not cross the pre-specified limit of the plan, you can easily extend the trip without trouble.

How to find the best multi-trip travel insurance in the UAE?

Comparing different options available at your disposal is the right way to find the best multi-trip travel insurance in the UAE. You can also visit Policybazaar UAE and browse through the top insurance providers of the country we partner up with.

How can I renew my annual multi-trip insurance in the UAE?

You can renew your multi-trip insurance online in the UAE. Use the renewal portal of your provider or your aggregator to renew the plan in a matter of minutes.

Can I cancel my annual multi-trip insurance with a refund halfway through the tenure?

Yes, you can easily cancel your annual multi-trip insurance. Most providers also offer a refund on a pro-rata basis. Make sure you confirm this with your provider beforehand.

Are multiple destinations covered in a multi-trip travel insurance plan?

Yes, your annual multi-trip insurance can cover multiple destinations you visit in multiple or single trips. Just inform the provider in advance and see if there is an additional step you need to take to unlock this benefit.

Can I opt for regional multi-trip travel insurance in the UAE?

Yes, the insurance providers in the UAE offer regional multi-trip travel insurance such as Schengen travel insurance. The regional plans are cost effective and secure you according to the local requirements. 

I am 75 years old can I opt for travel insurance in the UAE?

Most insurance providers offer Travel Insurance for over 75. However, you can opt for senior citizen travel insurance from various providers. The plans may be little expensive in comparison to normal travel plan, however, they secure you comprehensively against numerous inconveniences that you may encounter during your trip.

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