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The above plans and premiums are for AED 1,000,000 Sum insured for 1 Adult of 30 Years for Dubai city.

With a small but steady start, RAK Insurance has become one of the top insurance companies in the UAE, with a multi-million empire. RAK insurance began business with a small investment of only AED 2 million but soon spread its business in all corners of the UAE. Today. RAK Insurance is one of the most preferred for health insurance, motor and other general insurance products. RAK is famous for its highly smooth registration process for insurance plans as well as equally simple claim process. There are a few formalities and paperwork that you will have to do in case of health claim reimbursement. Let us explore the complete claim process and the process to fill out the RAK Insurance claim form.

Download RAK Reimbursement Claim Form

Complete Claim Process for RAK Insurance Health Insurance

RAK Insurance has a straightforward and ideally managed claim form that is relatively easy to fill if you are aware of all the steps involved and all the information you will need. Following is a summary of the complete reimbursement claim process:

  • Step 1: Get the RAK Insurance reimbursement form. Fill the form diligently using the correct information without making any errors. The following section will offer a detailed description of the steps involved in filling out the form. 
  • Step 2: Prepare a set of all the documents that you will need to attach with the reimbursement form. Note that the documents must be authentic and represent the same medicines and services you have applied to be reimbursed. 
  • Step 3: Submit the claim using one of the available submission methods offered by RAK Insurance. You can opt for several online and offline submission methods. 

How to Fill RAK Insurance Reimbursement Form

  • Download the RAK Insurance reimbursement form from a trusted source like Policybazaar.ae or RAK Insurance website itself. Ensure you have the correct form for RAK Insurance medical reimbursement claim before taking a printout of it.
  • Start by filling in your (the claimant) personal details. Such as the name of the patient, RAK Insurance card number, email address, contact number, date of the treatment, hospitalization details and discharge details. 
  • Make sure that the details like the name, contact number, etc., match the details put on the RAK Insurance member ID card. 
  • Continue further to add the chief complaints that you or the claimant had. Add a detailed description of the condition or the illness here. Also, add the date when the symptoms first appeared in the patient on the column just beside the previous one. 
  • Please move to the next section, where you will have to enter the doctor's diagnosis as explained by them. Again, ensure that all the details are covered, and you have not left out any vital information. 
  • The following section will contain further investigation details of the condition and the doctor's diagnosis and prescription. Add the services and treatments that you are looking to reimburse in this section. Be descriptive so that RAK Insurance has all the required details to process the claim further.
  • Add the details of the account in which you would like the reimbursement money to be transferred in the next column. Ensure you have mentioned all the correct bank details to avoid payment failure. 
  • Sign the form in the assigned column and approve the declaration as well.
  • Have your treating doctor or medical office sign the form in the next column along with their medical stamp, medical license number, and date. Make sure that you also have them review the claim form to ensure the authenticity of the services and treatment described in the form. 

Documents Required for RAK Insurance Reimbursement Form

You will need a set of the following documents to attach with the RAK Insurance reimbursement form when filing a claim:

  • Consultation slips of the doctor with a detailed breakdown of all suggested treatments on it.
  • All bills and receipts of the laboratory and radiology tests you are reimbursing. 
  • Prescription of doctor for each of the tests included in the reimbursement list.
  • Prescription slips for all pharmaceuticals from your treating doctor along with itemized receipts and bills of all the medicines. 
  • Breakdown of the dental treatment procedures and drugs (in case of dental claims).
  • Invoices and receipts for all lenses, frames, and other optical items, along with a prescription from the doctor. 
  • Hospital admission and discharge papers in case of in-patient treatment reimbursement.
  • Breakdown and receipts for all in-patient services received like lab tests etc. 
  • Investigative reports while being treated as an in-patient in the hospital.

Make sure you have your doctor write a detailed report of the treatment that you received by your treating doctor. Note that all the invoices and bills are in their original form. You can not submit a copy of invoices and receipts, but it is wise to keep a copy of all the receipts if you are making an offline submission because you may need them for something else. 

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How to Submit RAK Insurance Reimbursement Form?

There are two basic ways you can submit RAK Insurance claims. You can submit the claim using online or offline manner. Explained following are both the ways:

Online Submission of RAK Insurance Reimbursement Form: You can easily submit the RAK Insurance reimbursement form using the online claim portal of the insurance company. Log in to the portal using your member ID number and fill out the details. Attach the scanned copy of the documents required along with the filled-out form and submit the lot to the company. 

Offline Submission of RAK Insurance Reimbursement Form: You can also submit the RAK Insurance claim form to the primary office branch of your emirate or mail it to the main office in RAK. Ensure that you have attached all the original receipts and bills along with all the original copy of the reports and lab tests with the RAK Insurance reimbursement form before mailing it. You can find the contact info, mailing address, and FAX number on the RAK Insurance website. 

Things to Keep in Mind while Submitting RAK Insurance Claim

  • If you opt for the online submission method for your RAK Insurance claim form, make sure that you keep the original receipts and other documents intact for a few months or as suggested by RAK. There is a chance that the company asks you for these documents for verification. 
  • Do not commit any errors or mistakes on the form, be it spellings or information-related things. Even small and insignificant errors can result in rejection of the claim form and require you to repeat the whole process. 
  • All the documents to be submitted with the RAK Insurance claim forms should be either in English or Arabic language. Get the documents translated from a public translator if they are in any other language. 
  • You need to submit the claims within 60 days of receiving the treatment or the services. If you have received the therapy outside of UAE, you will have 90 days. 


With the correct information on hand and the correct RAK Insurance reimbursement form, you can quickly fill out and submit your RAK Insurance claim form with zero hassle. Ensure that you prepare all the documentation mentioned earlier and the information required for the claim process to complete the reimbursement form for healthcare claims smoothly. 

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