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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
RTA law has made it compulsory for every car to have car insurance in the UAE. In case of any natural damage or accidents, your car is protected financially. Basically, if there is any damage caused to your car, the bill will be footed by the insurance company.

Car insurance generally lasts for a year. However, some insurer offers the 13th month free.

It is not easy to decide the car insurance in Dubai. Each insurer offers different types of benefits with the car insurance. Every customer has different needs, hence the result differs.

When you are purchasing a car in the UAE, there are few terms you should be familiar with.

  • Premium
  • Insured value
  • Excess
  • Agency repairs
  • Priority repairs
  • Certificate of car insurance

The premium car insurance cost in Dubai is higher as they offer a wider range of cover. However, you can reduce the premium by-

  • Getting a “no claim” certificate
  • Pay higher deductibles or excess fee
  • Only for the add-onsthat you really need

Compare Car Insurance Plans

There are certain things to consider before buying car insurance in the UAE-

  • Reason for the insurance
  • Benefits you want with the insurance
  • The amount you are willing to pay for the insurance
  • Number of people insured in the cover
  • Reliability of the insurer

Things to consider when choosing the insurer for you-


The reputation of a company really matter when it comes to any company. After all, reputations are not gained overnight. It takes time for a company to establish itself. Therefore, reputations are a dead giveaway on how the company really is. Always look for an insurer with a good reputation.

Customer Support Reliability

Another thing to test out before applying for any car insurance. Contact customer support and see how they deal with customers. That will give you a good idea of how customer support is going to respond to you in case of an accident.

Feedback From People around You

You can ask around your surrounding and see what people think of the insurer. Those close to you will not sugarcoat the insurer for you as they don’t gain anything from it. Asking around to people who own that particular insurance will help you decide too.

Now, we move into the types of car insurances.

There are two types of car insurance in the uae- Comprehensive car insurance and third-party insurance.

  • Comprehensive insurance- Comprehensive insurance offers wide protection on the car. It takes care of any damage caused to the car by the owner or a third party. It also covers the car in case of theft, natural disaster, fire, etc.
    As it offers a wider range of coverage on the car, the comprehensive insurance premium is also higher compared to other insurances.
  • Third-party insurance- With third-party insurance, it does not cover the car of the insurance holder. It covers the other party involved in the accident and his. The insurance holder will have to pay for the damage to his car himself. While the bill of the damage to the other party and his car will be footed by the insurance company.
    Since this cover does not offer much range, the premium on this insurance is much lesser than comprehensive car insurance.

In case, you have been involved in an accident, you will need to follow these steps to be able to claim the insurance-

  • Dial 999
  • Contact your insurance provider
  • Record the entire scene in the camera

When should you file for an insurance claim-

  • In case of any damage to the car
  • In case you get injured during the accident

There are different steps to follow in case of different scenarios. We will discuss how to claim the insurance for each scenario accordingly.

To register Your claim, You will have to-

  • Submit the original police report
  • Submit a copy of the registration of the vehicle
  • Driving license of both the parties involved in the accident

In Case of An Accident, You should-

  • Move your car to a safe spot
  • Contact the police
  • For any assistance, get in contact with the helpline center of the insurance provider

While Making a Claim, There are Certain Documents that You are going to need. These documents are-

  • Police report
  • Document of the car registration
  • Driving license
  • Form of the claim
  • Car repair certificate (if there is any)

renew car insurance

Also, don’t forget to check whether the insurer is providing any of these services as add-ons or benefits-

  • Roadside assistance
  • Car rental
  • GCC coverage
  • Agency repair
  • Accident cover for personal, passenger and personal belongings

Some of the best car insurance providers in the UAE are-

Over to you

With UAE housing the best car insurances in the world, it is not going to be easy to select the car insurance. However, you can go for the Car insurance compare UAE on policybazaar. This will help you bring all the car insurances in the UAE under one roof and make it easier for you to compare. You will find all the best car insurance in Dubai here in policybazaar.

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