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Chevrolet or Chevrolet Motor Car Company, founded in 1911, is a renowned name in the automobile industry across the world. Their popularity certainly extends to the UAE, with Chevrolet cars being equipped with features and the necessary technology to withstand the harsh desert environment and extreme temperatures Overall, Chevrolet's reputation for quality, durability, and affordability has made it a popular car brand in the UAE.

Maintaining your car is crucial to ensure its longevity and reliability. As a Chevrolet owner in the UAE, you can find numerous Chevrolet service centres UAE that offer top-notch services via certified technicians who use genuine parts and the latest technology. By getting your car serviced at these centres, you can keep them running smoothly and safely on the roads.

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  • Third Party
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

Let’s find out more about the top Chevrolet service Centers UAE in the article below.

List of Chevrolet Service Centers in UAE

Chevrolet's impressive fleet is equipped with cutting-edge technology, which requires skilled and qualified professionals so that you can keep your vehicle in the finest possible condition. 

Chevrolet Service Centers in Dubai

Chevrolet Service Center Location Address and Contact Number
Chevrolet Service Center Nad Al Hamar, Dubai Dynatrade Auto Service, Opposite Belhasa Driving Center Dubai
Tel: 04 284 5931
Chevrolet Service Center Al Quoz, Dubai Near Nissan Service - 6th Street, Al Quoz Industrial Area - 1 Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
Tel: 04 328 5511

Chevrolet Service Centers in Abu Dhabi

Chevrolet Service Center Location Address and Contact Number
Chevrolet Service Center Al Ain, Abu Dhabi Near Grand Hafeet Washing Station, Sanaya - Abu Dhabi
Tel: 03 761 0342
Chevrolet Service Center Mafraq, Abu Dhabi 1 - Mafraq Industrial Area - Abu Dhabi
Tel: 02 205 9100
Chevrolet Service Center Ruwais, Abu Dhabi Al Dhafra Region - Opposite McDonald's - Al Ruways Industrial City - Ruwais City - Abu Dhabi
Tel: 02 893 3000

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Chevrolet Service Centers in Sharjah

Chevrolet Service Center Location Address and Contact Number
Chevrolet Service Center Sharjah Wadi Al Rafisa Street - Industrial Area 17, Sharjah
Tel: 06 543 3037

Benefits of Registered Chevrolet Service Centers in the UAE

When it comes to servicing your Chevy, opting for a registered service Center can bring you several benefits. Here are some benefits of visiting a registered Chevrolet service Center UAE - 

  • Expertise and experience: Registered Chevrolet service Centers in Dubai and other Emirates offer top-notch service by certified technicians. These experts are specially trained to work on Chevrolet cars and use the latest technology to diagnose and fix any issues. Additionally, these Centers use only genuine parts to ensure the quality of the repairs.
  • Keeping your car's warranty intact: Taking your Chevrolet vehicle to an unregistered service facility may void the warranty of the vehicle. Even a minor error can nullify your car's warranty, be it misplacing a component, using excessive fuel, or plugging the wrong cable. All these issues can be avoided by visiting a registered Chevrolet service Center UAE.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Regular maintenance and servicing can help prevent costly repairs and breakdowns. Going to a registered Chevrolet service Center can save money in the long run. This is because at these Centers, you will get the best service for your car in terms of workers’ expertise and genuine parts, which minimises the chances of damages resulting from negligence or inadequate servicing (as might be the case with other service Centers). 
  • Keeping the car's value high: While you might not consider selling your car right now, you never know what the future may contain. If you ever sell your Chevrolet car, you will benefit from agency repairs as this would help you maintain the car’s value.

What to Expect at a Chevrolet Service Center UAE?

Here are the services generally provided at the registered Chevrolet service Centers in UAE - 

  • Oil filter maintenance
  • Car wash
  • Air filter servicing
  • Minor lube service
  • Front & rear axle check
  • AC micron filter maintenance
  • Front brake pads
  • Battery check
  • Coolant & fluid levels check
  • AC system maintenance
  • Engine oil change
  • Automatic transmission fluid check
  • Power steering
  • Fuel lines service
  • Exhaust system maintenance

Why Should You Buy Chevrolet Car Insurance?

At the authorised service Centers that we saw above, you can ensure the perfect care for your car with skilled technicians and genuine spare parts. However, that's not all! To have comprehensive financial protection against damages caused by accidents, theft, and more, you need to opt for car insurance.

Here are the primary reasons to get Chevrolet car insurance in the UAE - 

  • You will need car insurance to comply with UAE traffic laws. As per the motor vehicles law of UAE, driving a car without a valid insurance plan is an offence that can result in fines, black points on your licence, and vehicle impoundment.

  • Car insurance is crucial to safeguard your financial interests as well. In case of any accident, car insurance ensures that you get the required financial coverage for the damages caused to your vehicle. Furthermore, car insurance protects you from any third-party liabilities resulting from an accident caused by your vehicle.

In the UAE, you can find two types of car insurance plans - third-party and comprehensive car insurance. The former covers only third-party injuries, damages, death, and liabilities, while the latter includes coverage for your own vehicle as well.

With comprehensive car insurance, you can get coverage for the following - 

  • Accidental damages
  • Third-party injuries, damages, and death
  • Losses due to theft
  • Fire damages

You can also enhance the scope of coverage of your comprehensive Chevrolet car insurance plan by opting for add-ons. Here are the most popular ones in the UAE - 

  • Personal accident cover (for drivers and passengers)
  • Natural disasters 
  • Oman extension
  • Roadside assistance
  • Replacement cover (for 5, 10, 15, 20, or 30 days)

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Wrapping Up

As a Chevy owner in the UAE, you must get your car serviced at regular intervals to ensure that it remains in the best condition. When looking to get your car serviced, you can visit any of the Chevrolet service Centers that we saw earlier. For further details, you can use the contact details in the table. 

To get the best Chevrolet car insurance plan, you can continue on and head to our car insurance section. Once you fill out the lead form, you will be taken to our car insurance quotes page, where you will find the best car insurance plans from the top-rated insurance providers in the UAE in one place!

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