New Traffic Rules for Making Driving Safer in Dubai

  | Published: 27 June 2019 | Last Updated On: 13 January 2021

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After the introduction of new federal traffic laws in July 2017, the streets of Dubai have become safer. However, there is no scope of improvement if you do not follow these laws religiously.

According to Vision 2021, these new regulations are introduced with the aim of protecting the lives of the drivers and reducing traffic casualties to three per 100,000 people as opposed to six per 100,000.

The law in Dubai, also states that all the vehicles should be insured, only then, they can be taken on the roads. You can get online car insurance that is suitable for you and your vehicle easily.

Here are some of these new federal traffic rules issued by the government in the Emirate of Dubai.

Ministerial Resolution Number 177 of 2017 Related to Issue and Renewal of a Driver’s License

This resolution has set the following stipulations for the issue and renewal of the licenses of the drivers.

For the Drivers who are 21 Years Old & Above

    • Initially, the license will be valid for two years for the GCC nationals, citizens, & other nationalities.
    • After the renewal, the driving license will be valid for ten years for the GCC nationals and the citizens. It will be valid for five years for the people of other nationalities.

For the Drivers who are Below the Age of 21

    • Initially, the license will be valid for one year for the GCC nationals, citizens, & other nationalities.

Ministerial Resolution Number 178 of 2017 Related to Traffic Control Rules

This resolution includes various control and safety aspects. The following are some of these aspects.

Compulsory Seat Belts for Everyone

    • Every passenger inside a car has to put on seat belts including the ones who are sitting on the rear seat. Failing this, the driver of the car will have to pay a fine of 400 AED and will be charged with 4 black points.
    • The children who are up to 4 years old should be secured with the child safety seats.
    • The passenger sitting on the front seat must have a height of 145 cm at least, and should not be less than ten years of age.

Reckless Driving

    • By driving recklessly, you will end up paying a fine of 2,000 AED. You may also be charged 23 black points, & impounding of your car for a duration of sixty days.
    • The same fine, as well as punishment, will be applicable to those drivers who endanger other people’s lives.
    • Other traffic violations cover- jumping red lights, blocking traffic, driving with no number plate, sudden swerving.
    • Even if you have the best car insurance in Dubai, driving recklessly will put you as well as other people on the road at risk.

Driving the Car Under Influence

The people who are caught driving under the influence of alcohol and or drugs will have their licenses suspended for at least one year, beginning from the day they are caught. The court will make the decision regarding their jail term and/or fine.

Traffic Signals

Riders of motorcycles and other motorists who tend to ignore the traffic signals will have to pay a fine of 1,000 AED on doing so. They will also be charged a penalty of twelve points and the vehicle will get seized for at least a month.

Distractions while Driving

For those drivers who use their mobile phones while driving or in case of any other type of distractions, there will be a fine of 400 AED and 4 black points.

The Behavior of the Drivers

There is a certain violating behavior of the driver while behind the wheel, which may lead him into paying fines or going through punishments. Here are some of these violations.

  1. Not keeping a safe distance between the vehicles on the road
  2. Throwing garbage on the streets or roads
  3. Overtaking other vehicles on the hard shoulder
  4. Crowding an accident site
  5. Making use of your quad-bile on the road
  6. Jaywalking on the streets
  7. Violating the safety and technical issues
  8. Not putting on the seat belts
  9. Making use of the expired tires
  10. Driving without car registration or insurance
  11. Driving noisy cars or vehicles on the road
  12. Illegally transporting the passengers

Speeding on the Roads

Those drivers who exceed the speed limit on the road by 80 km per hour have to bear a fine of 3,000 AED. They will also be charged with 23 black points and get their vehicles impounded for at least 60 days.

The Closing Thought!

Not just Dubai, but while driving anywhere in the world, you need to ensure that you drive carefully and follow all the traffic laws. This is essential in order to reduce the number of casualties that take place because of road accidents.

It is advised that you get the best car insurance in Dubai for your vehicle. Comprehensive insurance with necessary add-ons will help in securing you and your car.

You can avail online car insurance after checking which one is the most suitable. However, only car insurance will not protect you and your precious car. Go through the amended federal traffic laws and follow them for improving road safety in the Emirate of Dubai.