5 Easy Ways to Pay Traffic Fines in Dubai without Visiting Traffic Department

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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
Owning a car is no longer a luxury as it has become a necessity for people especially in a city like Dubai where travelling from one place to another takes a huge amount of time. But with that in mind, there are quite a few things that you need to do before you drive your car on the roads of Dubai. One of those things is buying a Motor Insurance Dubai.

Whether a used car or a new car, all vehicle owners are legally required to opt for a car insurance policy from a reliable car insurance company before the registration of the car. Well, it might be a quite confusing situation for many people as there are various auto insurance providers in the market, banks, and brokers that offer Motor Insurance Dubai. In such situations, you can purchase online car insurance Dubai by comparing different car insurance quotes on the basis of their coverage, features, add-ons, and insurance premium.

But do you know that opting for car insurance is not enough to drive your car on the roads of Dubai? Besides opting for the right Motor Insurance Dubai, it is very essential to understand and follow the traffic rules to become a responsible driver. Traffic rules are made to prevent drivers of vehicles from causing accidents or hurting others. And if you don’t obey the traffic rules then you might have to pay a hefty amount of penalty as a traffic fine.

So, if you have ever got a parking ticket for driving law violation or you just want to know the method of paying traffic fines online then this article is especially written for you. In this article, we have mentioned a different method of paying traffic fines in Dubai without visiting the Traffic department.

How to Pay Traffic Fines in Dubai?

You won’t have to go to traffic courts in order to pay your traffic fines if in case the traffic police sent you a notice at the doorstep for violating traffic rules. A number of Smartphone applications as well as websites enable residents to pay their traffic fines online until and unless directed to visit the traffic & license department in person.

Well, there are several methods of paying traffic fines online. Some of them are as follows:

Through the Website of ‘Ministry of Interior’:

The ‘Ministry of Interior has a ‘centralized federal payment system’ that enables drivers to check for traffic fines. Drivers just need to provide either the information of their driving license or their plate number.

Please note that you can also make the payment by using the mobile app of ‘Ministry of Interior. You can download this app either through Google Play or App Store.

Through the Website of RTA:

Making online payment is indeed a simple and quick process. You can check for Salik and Dubai traffic fines on the official website of the ‘Roads & Transport Authority & follow the instructions.  Then, you need to provide information about your vehicle and license in order to check traffic fines. After that, you are required to confirm the traffic fines to be paid & provide your card details.

Through the Website of Dubai Police:

You can visit the official website of Dubai police & click on the option –‘Traffic services’. After that, you need to click on the “Fine Payment”. Just fill in the required details to proceed further.

Through the Dubai Police Smart Application:

Dubai Police enables drivers to pay their traffic fines using its smart application. All they need to provide the details of their driving license number, car plate number, etc. Dubai Police smart app for traffic fine payments is available for both Android and iPhone users. 

Through the Dubai Smart Government’s mPay Application:

The ‘Dubai Smart Government’s mPay app enables drivers to make payment for their traffic fines, utility bills, and Salik charges in a hassle-free manner. After downloading this app, you need to create an account on this app by providing your personal as well as payment details.

Important Note:

  1. RTA (Regional Transport Authority) has made it mandatory for drivers to settle all of their traffic fines before renewing their car registration.
  2. Majority of the traffic fine payments can be done online easily. However, there are few offenses which may require the driver to be present in the traffic & license department in person.

The Final Thought

Obeying the traffic rules is as important as buying the right Motor Insurance Dubai. Make sure, you follow the traffic rules to prevent yourself from paying a hefty amount of fines and in order to become a responsible driver.

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