Mitsubishi Service Centers in UAE

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation has a rich history dating back to 1870. Founded in Japan, the automobile manufacturer has become a prominent name in the automobile market worldwide. It has been present in the UAE since 1983 through its partnership with Al Habtoor Motors, which sells a wide range of Mitsubishi vehicles and is its exclusive distributor in the country. more

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With Mitsubishi cars in the UAE, you can enjoy power-packed performance as well as top-notch luxury. On top of that, you can also avail of excellent after-sales support from dedicated Mitsubishi service centers.

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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

Let’s take a look at the official Mitsubishi service Centers UAE and check out their location and contact details, services offered, and so forth.

Mitsubishi Service Centers in Dubai

Getting your Mitsubishi car serviced at an authorised service Center is the best way to make sure that it receives the highest quality of care. Mitsubishi service Centers in Dubai and other emirates have trained technicians familiar with your vehicle's requirements and use genuine Mitsubishi parts. This can extend the life of your car and keep it running smoothly.

Check out the table next for the Mitsubishi service Centers in Dubai and other emirates -

Location Address Contact Number
Dubai  Al Habtoor Motors, Dubai Industrial City 048996966
Dubai Al Habtoor Motors, Dubai Investments Park 048103900
Dubai Al Habtoor Motors, Al Garhoud 042308700
Dubai Al Habtoor Motors, Umm Ramoul 042531700

Mitsubishi Car Service Center in Al Ain

Location Address Contact Number
Al Ain Al Habtoor Motors, Al-Ain 037034600

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Mitsubishi Auto Service Center in Fujairah

Location Address Contact Number
Fujairah Al Habtoor Motors, Fujairah 092232885

Mitsubishi Service Center in Ras Al Khaimah

Location Address Contact Number
Ras Al Khaimah Al Habtoor Motors, Ras Al Khaimah 072058204

Mitsubishi Car Service Center in Sharjah

Location Address Contact Number
Sharjah Al Habtoor Motors, Sharjah 065146404

Mitsubishi Service Centers in Abu Dhabi

Location Address Contact Number
Abu Dhabi Al Habtoor Motors, Musaffah - Abu Dhabi 025059000
Abu Dhabi Al Habtoor Motors, Al Quoz 043845400

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Reasons to Choose Authorised Mitsubishi Service Centers UAE

Here is a list of the benefits that you can enjoy by opting for an official Mitsubishi service Center in Dubai or your respective emirate for your car’s servicing and maintenance -

  • Extensive preventive maintenance: The authorised service Centers strictly adhere to the factory recommendations and specified standards, which ensures that your car performs efficiently and consistently after servicing. Technicians conduct comprehensive preventive maintenance, which helps them identify potential issues and address them before they escalate into major problems.
  • Latest services: As the mentioned Mitsubishi service Centers are regularly updated with respect to services and offerings, they can provide high-quality car services as per the latest standards.
  • Utilisation of specialised tools and genuine parts: The service Centers utilise factory-designed technological tools specifically intended for the servicing of your Mitsubishi vehicle. On top of that, only genuine parts are used at these Mitsubishi service Centers UAE. Both these features ensure your vehicle’s safety, optimal performance, and longevity. 
  • Highly skilled technicians: The service Centers employ trained technicians with extensive knowledge and expertise. These professionals regularly update their skills through workshops conducted by Mitsubishi as well as in-house training sessions, which allows them to provide the highest standard of care to your vehicle.
  • Workmanship and parts guarantee: Every repair commitment made by the service Centers has an exclusive guarantee for both workmanship and fitted parts. This guarantee remains valid for 3 months or 6,000 km (whichever comes first).
  • Warranty approval processing: The official Centers simplify the warranty approval process for any in-warranty work required on your vehicle. Such an efficient service minimises the hassle and reduces delays in getting the necessary repairs covered.
  • Complete service history documentation: The service Centers keep a record of the entire service history of your vehicle. This documentation includes their service advisor's authorised stamp and signature in your car service booklet. A documented service history proves regular maintenance and care of your car, which can also be advantageous in the next scenario.
  • Enhanced resale value: A less-known benefit of choosing authorised Mitsubishi service Centers UAE is that you can maintain your vehicle's resale value. This is because getting your vehicle serviced at these Centers adds credibility and reassurance for potential buyers by instilling confidence in its maintenance history.
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Exploring the Scope of Mitsubishi Services

As we saw above, Mitsubishi’s services cover extensive options related to the maintenance and repair of your vehicle. Here are the services generally provided at the authorised Mitsubishi service Centers UAE -

  • Check and replacement of engine oil
  • Brake system examination
  • Air filter maintenance
  • Car wash
  • Tyre inspection
  • Coolant check
  • Transmission fluid change
  • Examination of shock absorbers and exhaust system
  • AC system maintenance
  • Battery replacement

Significance of Mitsubishi Car Insurance

Having looked at the maintenance services offered by the authorised Mitsubishi service Centers UAE, let’s turn our attention to getting cars repaired in case of accidents and other damages.

As a Mitsubishi driver in the UAE, you must have a valid car insurance plan to legally drive in the country. The benefits of Mitsubishi car insurance are plenty — besides adhering to the law, you can have financial coverage against damages or losses caused by accidents, theft, and more.

With a plan regarding car insurance Dubai, your insurance provider can cover the repair expenses in case your vehicle is damaged in an accident. This way, you can be freed from the stress of hefty expenses involved in vehicle repair in such cases.

When searching for car insurance in Dubai or other emirates, you will mainly find plans as per the following two categories -

  • Third-party car insurance - Third-party liability car insurance is the fundamental minimum car insurance requirement for car owners in the UAE. As the name suggests, this type of car insurance Dubai only covers the damages caused to a third-party individual or property by the policyholder in the event of an accident. Although more affordable than comprehensive car insurance policies, third-party plans don’t cover any damages sustained by your own vehicle.
  • Comprehensive car insurance - If you want more benefits than a basic third-party plan, you can simply opt for a comprehensive car insurance policy. With this plan, you can get coverage for your own vehicle along with third-party liabilities (death, injury, or property damage) in case of an accident caused by you.

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Features and Benefits of Comprehensive Car Insurance

As mentioned earlier, comprehensive car insurance comes with extra benefits compared to third-party car insurance. While the inclusions of a comprehensive Mitsubishi car insurance plan will depend on your chosen plan as well as your insurance provider, here are the general features of comprehensive car insurance Dubai -

  • Third-party injuries or death
  • Third-party property damage
  • Accidental damages sustained by your own vehicle 
  • Coverage for damages due to fire or explosions
  • Theft cover

Car Insurance Add-Ons

Listed below are the add-ons that you can find with most comprehensive Mitsubishi car insurance plans. By securing any of these add-ons at nominal prices on top of your basic premium, you can enhance your plan’s coverage.

  • Natural disasters cover
  • Roadside assistance
  • Oman extension
  • Personal accident cover for the driver
  • Replacement of vehicle (for 5, 10, 15, 20, or 30 days)
  • Personal accident cover for passengers

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Wrapping Up

By and large, selecting authorised Mitsubishi service centres UAE can bring numerous advantages for Mitsubishi owners. 

These service centres prioritise comprehensive preventive maintenance to ensure optimal performance and consistency of your vehicle. Their fully trained technicians as well as specialised tools and genuine parts guarantee the best technical expertise and high-quality service. Additionally, getting your vehicle serviced at authorised service centres contributes to the maintenance of its resale value and provides full-service history documentation. 

By choosing authorised Mitsubishi service centres UAE, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your vehicle will receive top-notch care from dedicated professionals.

To get the best Mitsubishi car insurance plan, you can head to the ‘car insurance’ section on our site.

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