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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
Your vehicle is amongst one of your prized possession and in order to secure this beloved possession, you opt for car insurance. You get a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to motor insurance in UAE. These car insurance companies also offer a variety of coverage options to the customers so that you can have a maximum level of insurance for your vehicle. While you take up car insurance in UAE compare all the additional covers offered by various insurance companies before choosing anyone. The additional coverage or addons in motor insurance in UAE extends the amount of coverage on your policy and provides various kinds of extra protection to your prized possession. This is the reason why you should not skip addons while taking up car insurance.

Even if you have taken up comprehensive car insurance, then also you do not have all the things required included in it. The additional coverage helps you fill the gaps for the situations that are skipped in the basic insurance policy plans provided by motor insurance in UAE.

Nevertheless, addons seem to cost more money while purchasing car insurance, especially when you wish to save money and hence you consider it wise to skip them altogether. However, even if you could be able to save some money now by not taking the addons, in the long run, if you end up facing these instances, then you will have to bear losses out of your own pocket which will at the end cost you more than what you have saved. So it turns out that skipping the additional coverage while buying an insurance policy is not a very sane option.

Listed below are a few ancillary covers on car insurance which you can opt for your vehicle based on your need while purchasing the motor insurance in UAE 

Personal Accident Coverage

In personal accident cover, both the passenger and the driver get coverage. This additional cover can be included with your already existing car insurance policy.

Agency Repair Facility

Agency repair is another addon provided by a lot of insurance provider companies. Under this, the insurance provider offers agency repairs for 5 years starting from the date when the policy was issued.

Offroad Cover

As per this addon, the policyholders get an opportunity to enjoy offroad coverage against any incident that might take place off the road.

24 Hours Assistance on Roadside

 In case if any emergency arises, or the insured vehicle breaks down, then the motor insurance in UAE provides a facility of 24hour roadside assistance.

Windscreen Damage Coverage

There are some insurance companies in the UAE, that provide window damage or windshield repair cover. In case of sports or luxury cars, without insurance, such damage could dig holes in your pockets.

Car Hire Coverage

Car hire cover is one of the most common add-ons for car insurance in the UAE. Under this cover, the insurance company pays off the renting cost of a spare vehicle.

The benefit of Car Cash

Some of the insurance companies in the UAE provide car cash to their policyholders during the time the insured car goes through the required repairs. The policyholder can rent another car at that time and its expense will be borne by the insurance provider.

Cover on Large Third-Party

Under this additional cover, the policyholders can get a huge third party coverage of up to AED 5 million.

Cover on Natural Calamity

A lot of insurance companies provide this addon, under which, they provide coverage in case of natural calamities.

Personal Coverage

Some insurance companies provide personal coverage under which the insurer provides the policyholder with coverage of personal belongings of up to AED 5000. The personal belongings will also be covered in case of theft.

Free Drop-off and Pickup

Free pickup and dropoff services on the airport are provided under this addon for the policyholders in some insurance companies.

Emergency Medical Expenses Coverage

The policyholders also get a facility of availability of emergency medical charges by the insurance company of up to AED 3500.

Emergency Expenses on Accommodation

In case the car is immobilized because of accidental damage, emergency expenses on accommodation are also offered by the insurance company.

Grace Period for Renewal

Some of the insurance provider companies offer the policyholders a grace period of one month so that they can renew their car insurance plan after the policy has lapsed.

Oman Cover/GCC Cover

The insurance company also provide an optional benefit called GCC or Gulf Cooperation Council cover and an Oman cover which is compulsory for the car owners who drive frequently to the neighboring countries. The member countries of GCC are Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates.

Over to you

Having additional covers with your car insurance provides a protective shield in case of unpleasant events. However, there is no need to spend uselessly on buying additional covers that are of no use. Since these ancillary covers come for an additional cost, you should carefully check your insurance needs and as per your unique requirements, choose your additional cover or addon wisely. If chosen wisely, these add-ons can help you avoid paying a lot of money in case of damage to your vehicle.

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