When to buy Travel Insurance in the UAE & Why?

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Accidental Death coverage
Accidental Death coverage
Emergency Medical Expenses Coverage
Emergency Medical Expenses Coverage
Loss of Baggage coverage
Loss of Baggage coverage
Trip Cancellation Cover
Trip Cancellation Cover

Travel insurance is often regarded as optional insurance to take. However, more and more travelers are now understanding the importance of a travel insurance plan. Buying health insurance is evidently important, but when to buy it is the next big question. Many travelers ponder over the right time to buy travel insurance in the UAE and are left feeling confused due to limited resources. That is why finding the perfect time to buy travel insurance in the UAE can be a bit tricky. Apart from the benefits and plans, there are several other factors that you need to consider before figuring out the right time to buy travel insurance.

When to Buy Travel Insurance – The Right Time

The right time to buy travel insurance in UAE for an upcoming trip is to buy it as soon as you can. Technically you can buy travel insurance any time before your departure. However, an appropriate time is approximately 15 days from the date of departure or immediately after booking your tickets. This becomes even more important if your trip is non-refundable. Travel insurance would cover any circumstantial cancellation charges of your trip up to the insured sum amount. So, it is best to get travel insurance in the UAE as soon as you have booked and paid for your trip.

How Far in Advance Can You Buy Travel Insurance in the UAE?

Some travelers tend to wait for the last moment, while others like to get done with the travel checklist as early as possible. Theoretically, you can buy travel insurance 30 days before your trip departure if you are getting annual trip insurance. Single trip travel insurance plans can be bought about one year in advance. The coverage starts from the day you buy the cover and ends on the last day of your trip as long as you get back home. Another kind of special kind of travel insurance made for long-haul trips can be bought 60 days in advance. These covers last for about 2 years and end on the last of your trip.

Benefits of Buying Health Insurance Early

As evident, you can enjoy a series of extra benefits if you buy your travel insurance in the UAE ahead of time. From getting additional benefits that are not available to the people who wait for the last moment to get a travel insurance plan. Let’s see what potential benefits you can count on getting when you buy travel insurance in the UAE early.

Cancellation Benefits

Trip cancellation benefits are available in a more comprehension form when you buy travel insurance early rather than later. As a cherry on the cake, trip cancellation or postponement are two of the biggest claim reasons for travel insurance in the UAE. Trip cancellation benefits only work for accidental situations though – cancellations that you could not predict. Cancellation benefits are not given if you take travel insurance after getting an impression of an upcoming cancellation. For example, if you go and buy your travel insurance plan after a warning of climatic changes that can affect flight timings and schedule is issued, your provider will not pay for it. If a situation like this occurs, you will have to incur a huge loss given flights as well as accommodation cancellations. So, it is best to buy your travel insurance in the UAE early to utilise this very important cover ideally.

Better Customisation Options

When you buy travel insurance in the UAE early, you get to customize your plans the way you want without any limitations. Several benefits travel insurance companies in the UAE offer too early, not to mentions – discounts as well. Last-minute shopping for travel insurance will not come with an option of choosing or eliminating the benefits that you do not want.

Enough Time to Examine the Cover

Travel insurance plans are as complicated as any other type of insurance. There are several layers that you need to see and examine and numerous benefits that you get. From big and main ones like emergency medical treatment and public liability to small ones such as pet care benefits, there is a lot to go through when you are selecting a travel insurance plan. When you get to it early, there is enough to carefully analyse the coverage of the travel insurance plan. You also get to add some riders such as adventure sports cover.

Increased Protection Against the Unforeseen

When you have more comprehensive travel insurance in the UAE, you get a higher level of protection against uncertainties. Travel is susceptible to unforeseen cancellations, postponements, and whatnot. If you buy your travel insurance in the UAE right after your travel bookings, your trip will be covered against all uncertainties from beginning to end. A bigger and better insurance coverage period is always better when it comes to non-refundable or even semi-refundable bookings.

More Options

Last-minute insurance shopping will not allow you to have a lot of options for coverage. Most insurance companies are not able to offer very comprehensive covers to the last-minute buyer. If you like to have a few choices when buying travel insurance in the UAE, you will need to buy your plan a bit earlier.


The final word here can be, buying travel insurance in the UAE as early as possible is always better to buy it last minute. You can of course take your time and choose the plan diligently. But even then, you will have to get on the task early. It not only allows you to get as many or as few benefits as you need but also eliminates the probability of forgetting to buy insurance last minute. Find your sweet spot and complete the task of getting travel insurance when you finish other major things related to your trip.

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